What Can I Do?


  • Express concern
  • Offer to help
  • Provide education
  • Negotiate

In true cases of hoarding disorder, mental health treatment may be necessary. Other helpful tools may be crisis intervention, relocation to a controlled environment and family consultation.


  • Lecture, nag, argue, plead or threaten
  • Throw things out without consent
  • Isolate
  • Enable

Remember, stress only contributes to the problem. Also important to know, court orders or jail time (without treatment) are rarely successful.

It’s very important to be positive and supportive when helping someone dealing with hoarding disorder or living in severe squalor. Do your best to let them know that you care and you want to help them get the help that they need in order to lead a safe and healthy life.

In order to get someone proper help and treatment please visit the community resources page to find professionals who can help in our area.