24-Hour Emergency Pest Control – Around The Clock 24/7

In this guide, I’ll be discussing 24-hour emergency pest control that is often available around the clock 24/7.

Have you ever found yourself in urgent need of a pest control service?

Imagine looking under your mattress and finding an army of bed bugs lodged under, or opening your kitchen cabinet and finding too many roaches to count?

24/7 Emergency Pest Control Options

A sight like that would surely freak you out, and calling a pest control service would be one of the very first thought to cross your mind.

But what if it’s in the middle of the night, would a pest control service come to your aid at once?

What Is A 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control?

A pest control service is a business that deals with the extermination and prevention of pests in the home or garden. They are professionals who have experience in exterminating a wide variety of pests, using tested and trusted pest control products and methods.

If you notice an infestation in and around your home and you call on a pest control service, they will visit your home at an appointed time and assess the situation.

After their assessment, they will tell you the steps needed to be taken and the products they will be used to treat your unique infestation.

Disinfestation usually begins at a date later than the day of assessment.

This may not be suitable for those who have infestations that cannot be tolerated for another second. In this case, you would want to hire the services of a 24-hour pest control service.

These emergency exterminators are ready to swing by your house as fast as they can and help you tackle the problem.

Around the clock pest control services may cost you more, but they will help you sleep well at night, knowing your home has been freed of the annoying pests.

Dealing With An Emergency Pest Infestation

Upon noticing the infestation, there are a few things you should and should not do.

Follow the tips below.

Never Panic

It is easy to get freaked out and make drastic, uncalculated moves when a pest infestation becomes an emergency.

Panicking will not help, as this can force your hand to take steps or use substances that could only make matters worse.

You could begin to spray toxic insecticides indiscriminately, even in areas where children and pets have access to. Amid the rush, you could also be careless with storing the spray can after use.

If not put away from reach of children or pets, they may play with it and accidentally inhale or ingest its contents.

Consider this the first rule in the case of a pest emergency.

An extra tip that can help you remain calm is this – most insect pests are not deadly. They may be irritating and annoying, but they can’t kill you. Even the ones that bite like bed bugs will not kill you.

Just remain calm and plan your next move.

Identify Them

In your state of calmness, you will be able to identify the pests that have infested your home. After identification, you will be in a better position to decide on how best to approach the problem.

If you’re dealing with a stinging insect like a wasp, then it would be wise to distance yourself from them and their nests or hives. If you’re dealing with a pest that clings on to your body or clothes, like a bed bug for instance, then you would want to first remove your clothes right there and have a quick shower to get them off your body.

In this case, it would be unwise to leave the room with the same clothes on and sit on a chair in another room. Doing this will only spread the infestation to other areas of the house.

Call The Professionals

Remember, you are dealing with an infestation emergency, for this reason, it is best you call those who know exactly what to do, and those who are ready to come to your aid as fast as they can.

These would be a 24-hour emergency pest control service.

Employing DIY methods may not be the best option. This is because of one simple reason – You are not an expert at pest control and you could make mistakes if you try to eliminate them yourself.

This is not to say you cannot handle a pest control emergency yourself, but since it’s an emergency, why not leave it to a 24-hour emergency pest control service to handle?

Being that they have more experience, they are better equipped, and they can identify the pests and their weaknesses better than you can.

Find 24-Hour Emergency Pest Control Service Near You

If you are in the middle of an emergency pest situation and you need to find a professional that would quickly come to your aid but don’t have any in mind, then below are some useful tips on how you can find an emergency exterminator near you.

Search The Internet

The fastest means to find any business nowadays, large and small is by doing a simple Google search. Among the search results, you will find one or more emergency pest control services that are not far from where you are.

Use the keywords when you enter your search so only the desired results will pop up. You also need to be area-specific, so the emergency pest control services that will pop up in the search will be those in your area.

Here’s a simple example –

If you live in Brooklyn, New York, and you are searching for an emergency pest control service near you, then you should type in “emergency pest control service in Brooklyn”. You can be more area-specific by typing in the particular area of Brooklyn you reside in.

Let’s say you live in Brownsville, Brooklyn, then when you type in your search, you should type “ emergency pest control service in Brownsville, Brooklyn”.

Doing this will pull out any emergency pest control services in your area, or the ones closest to it.

If you were to use only these words in your search – “emergency pest control service”, then you will find many services from all over the country popping up in the search.

Be area-specific to find the closest 24-hour pest control services closest to you.

Ask Your Neighbors

At different points in time, most homeowners would have had to deal with a pest control emergency. Your next-door neighbor may have had a similar experience in the past, so you can knock on their door and inquire from them.

If they have experience with a situation, then they will be in a good position to recommend a 24-hour emergency pest control service to you.

Besides the recommendation, they will also be able to give you a fair idea of how much the emergency extermination service would cost.

Always Have A Reliable 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Service Contact

No one hopes to have a fire outbreak, but yet we all keep fire extinguishers in our homes just in case. Apply the same philosophy to emergency pest control.

If you’ve never experienced an emergency pest control situation before, then you may think you’re good. Not necessarily, it only takes the right environment or food source to attract pests into your home.

For this reason, you should have a 24-hour emergency pest control service contact saved in your phone or sim memory, because you’ll never know when you’ll need to call on one.

Advantages Of A 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Service

Many advantages come with hiring an emergency exterminator. I will list them out below.

They Solve The Problem Immediately

Calling on an emergency exterminator means they will come equipped with the basic materials they will need to handle the situation quickly. After you’ve described the nature of the pests over the phone, they will be sure of the pest control chemicals to bring along.

Being that they are experts, they will know how to eliminate the pests in the quickest possible time.

You Won’t Have To Make Contact With The Bugs

Not everyone can stand the sight, let alone the touch of bugs. It would be worse if the bugs are found late in the night and there’s no one else around to help you.

In this case, a 24-hour emergency pest control service will gladly come to your rescue.


24-hour emergency pest control services have spared so many homeowners the nightmare of having to deal with bugs late in the night or during the weekends.

They may cost more than the regular pest control services, but as long as they get the job done, then it would be worth the extra dollar spent.

I trust this piece has been informative.

Good luck!

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