Ann Arbor Tree Trimming and Removal Services

Do you have a tree removal or other related job you intend to carry out?

Are you wondering if Ann Arbor Tree Trimming & Removal Services can execute the job? It’s always important to research a service before hiring for a job.

Here, we provide you with details about the services offered by this company.

Ann Arbor Tree Services

Specific considerations must be looked at before hiring a tree service.

These include checking for licensing and credentials and asking for insurance verification. Other requirements include looking for referrals and considering other service options.

It’s also advisable to get quotes, ensure the company is well-equipped, consider safety and tree care, and be ready to ask questions about service costs.

  • Service Coverage Area

We start our discussion with the coverage area of Ann Arbor Tree Trimming and Removal.

This tree service provider covers several areas at 2019 Medford Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. To be more specific, this tree service is ready to travel to your Michigan home or property on short notice.

If you live within Whitmore Lake, Ypsilanti, Saline, Canton, Westland, or anywhere in between, you can call this service for all your tree needs.

So, what benefits does Ann Arbor Tree Trimming and Removal offer?

This takes us to the next section.

Services Offered by Ann Arbor Tree Trimming and Removal

The main service categories covered by this company include tree removal, tree cutting, root removal, and limb and tree branch removal.

Others include tree stump removal, shrub removal, and commercial tree service. Let’s have a closer look at each service category, shall we?

i. Tree Removal

Regarding Ann Arbor’s tree removal services, options include quick small tree removal, fallen tree removal and cleanup, and emergency tree removal.

More tree removal options include large, oak, maple, and walnut tree removal services.

  • Quick Small Tree Removal

Home or property owners seeking to improve their landscape only need to call Ann Arbor.

Not only is this service professionally done, but the company also offers small tree relocation services. The advantage is that this service has all the necessary equipment and expertise to do the job.

  • Fallen Tree Removal & Cleanup

Trees sometimes topple over when you least expect them. This can pose a hazard if not quickly removed. Ann Arbor offers a ready solution.

Its tree removal and cleanup service depends on what you need. You can either have the tree taken away or cut it into manageable slices and leave it for your use.

  • Emergency Tree Removal

Trees can sometimes pose a danger by hanging precariously, falling overnight, or similar situations.

Ann Arbor offers immediate solutions through its 24/7 emergency service. Whether the tree is lying close to a power line or other utility lines, Ann Arbor has the expertise to fix the problem.

  • Large Tree Removal

When dealing with large trees, you must avoid attempting to handle the job.

Ann Harbor offers its expertise in addressing your significant tree removal needs. This company has the tools and experienced professionals who work carefully to provide safe removal.

  • Oak, Maple, and Walnut Tree Removal

Because oak, maple, and walnut trees are common within its service areas, Ann Arbor handles removal jobs involving these trees.

Its fully-insured services help protect you from incurring any expenses due to damage. Your concerns are fully taken into consideration by the company.

ii. Tree Cutting

Ann Arbor also handles all kinds of tree-cutting jobs. These include diseased trees and falling or trees about to fall into surrounding structures.

This tree service also offers tree-cutting solutions for partially dead trees, trees growing into power lines, or near outdoor features, which could pose a problem.

What more? Ann Arbor will also help you eliminate trees that may be standing in areas you plan on building structures.

Services offered by this family-owned business are backed by satisfaction guarantee and safety. Also, a cleanup of the entire area is provided in addition to expert advice.

iii. Root Removal

Roots can sometimes pose a problem when not removed. Ann Arbor Tree Service caters to such needs with its root removal solutions.

You get to save time, money, and the stress of figuring out things yourself. The company professionally and safely handles every root situation.

Also, you get to choose whether to have the root entirely or partially removed. This root is hauled off and discarded, thus leaving a free space for you to use.

Before removal, the root situation is assessed, and an action plan is developed.

iv. Limb & Tree Branch Removal

There are several reasons why using the professional help offered by Ann Arbor is essential.

This is a time and energy-saving measure that’s also stress-free. This tree service provides expert advice about trees on your lot, thus helping with better maintenance.

There are options for professional tree care.

Rest assured that your tree limb and branch removal needs are fully catered to. Aside from limb removal, Ann Arbor also handles the removal and clearance of all resulting debris from a trimming job.

v. Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal can be a difficult task to perform without expert help.

With Ann Arbor, the job is professionally executed. You also get to avoid issues like diseases spreading to other trees. Hazards caused by tree stumps are adequately handled.

What more? Insects are kept at bay by getting rid of the attraction.

vi. Shrub Removal

Using proper tools, equipment & methods, this company’s competent and experienced crew handles dead or dying bushes for removal.

Diseased shrubs are also targeted. The result is peace of mind gets from a job well done. Ann Arbor also offers a shrub replanting service option.

vii. Commercial Tree Service

All kinds of adverse conditions are expected with trees.

Examples include cracking roots, longitudinal cracks in trees, dead trees which aren’t blooming, and cavities in tree trunks. Other conditions include damaged or leaning trees, as well as decaying trees.

Ann Arbor handles all these and other conditions under its commercial tree service. All you have to do is contact the company for immediate solutions.

Has this information been helpful? You can get help with your tree problem by contacting the company for immediate action.

Ann Arbor also provides a free estimate service where you’re given an instant quote by filling in the necessary details about your tree situation.

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