Are Spiders Good Or Bad In The House? [Pros Vs Cons]

Spiders are generally considered many as pests. Do you consider them good or bad insects?

This is likely due to the stinging features of certain species, such as the brown recluse, red widow, Brazilian wandering, wolf, brown widow, and yellow sac spiders, among several others.

Another possible reason is due to their woven webs around a home.

However, one aspect of spiders that continues to amaze researchers is the fear people have for them. These arachnids are considered scary by many people who try as much as possible to keep them as far off as possible.

So, are these arachnids really that bad? Is there some good about them?

These will form the basis of our discussion as we unveil common beliefs and determine if spiders fit into such a narrative. You’ll want to read through till the end to learn as much as possible.

The Movies Tell a Lot

This might sound a bit weird to some readers, but the age-old interactions between spiders and humans have impacted how these arachnids are perceived.

As a result, a lot of spider-related movies have emerged. A few include The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), Arachnid (2001), and Eight Legged Freaks (2002).

Some other movies include Arachnophobia (1990), Tarantula (1955), Kingdom of the Spiders (1977), and The Fly (1958), to name a few. While some movies depict these arachnids as heroes, others show them as villains.

Getting back to our main discussion, are spiders good?

Are Spiders Good or Bad? You Decide!

To better answer this question, it will be necessary to consider some facts about spiders. We won’t be better positioned to give a verdict about how you should perceive these creatures.

Instead, we’ll only give you the facts and let you decide.

Why the Negative Perception?

We mentioned briefly that spiders are primarily seen in a bad light due to three key reasons; their venomous bites (for venomous spiders), their scary look, and the webs they weave.

Outside of these, there’s no apparent reason why spiders should be detested. Are these points reasonable enough? We’ll have to discuss this further.

  • Venomous Bites

Not all spiders are venomous.

However, even the most venomous do not attack until they feel threatened. Spiders will generally keep their distance as much as possible but won’t hesitate to give a nasty sting when danger is sensed.

Due to such bites, people mostly generalize spiders as harmful, which isn’t true.

  • Scary Looks

There’s no denying the fact that spiders look scary to most people.

Also, most people will freak out when spiders land on their bodies. Now, such people have every reason to feel the way they think.

This brings about the desire to clear a home’s surroundings of all spiders, whether harmful or not.

  • Scattered Webs

One of the valid reasons people prefer to have spiders removed from their dwellings is the scattered webs found around the property.

This is primarily the case for homes that have been empty or without occupants for a considerable amount of time.

Even homes with occupants need to be cleared of spider webs occasionally.

With multiple spiders come more webs.

Spiders aren’t entirely Bad, you Know.

If you’ve had situations where you’ve struggled to place spiders in either the good or bad category, this section will be necessary. We’ve looked at the reasons why spiders are detested.

Now, we’ll consider why they might be helpful to humans.

First off, spiders eat pests which can also be tied to preventing certain diseases. The field of medicine relies on venomous spiders for the manufacture of anti-venoms. Contrary to what you think, spiders rarely attack humans.

These arachnids are beneficial to the environment.

  • Spiders Prey on Insect Pests

This might sound contradictory because spiders themselves are considered pests by many.

That’s true! However, you’ll also need to consider that they feed on a wide range of unwanted insects. These consist of most bugs.

Examples of insect pests are mosquitoes, flies, moths, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, ants, earwigs, and roaches. Spiders will even feed on their own kind as well.

This is interesting because they provide a beneficial service.

Through such feeding behavior, you have fewer pests hanging around your home. This, in turn, reduces the spread of diseases. Consider a problem like a mosquito.

Female mosquitoes have caused millions of deaths worldwide through malaria spread through their bites.

  • Their Venoms are Useful for the Production of Anti-Venoms

A lot of anti-venoms are actually made from venoms extracted from the animal. The same applies to venomous spiders. The pharmaceutical industry uses its poisons to develop an effective response to spider stings.

  • They Rarely Attack Humans

One good thing about spiders is that they rarely attack humans. These shy creatures try to keep as far off as possible from human interaction. However, some people may find themselves stung by these creatures.

This is common when spiders encroach on human dwellings.

A venomous spider may be hidden in a shoe that hasn’t been worn for a long time. This increases the possibility of someone sliding their legs right in without shaking off the shoe.

Most venomous spiders only attack when they feel threatened.

  • They’re Beneficial to the Environment

Spiders play an essential role in the ecosystem. This is seen in their ability to hunt down more minor pests that could pose problems.

Spiders are known to feed on a wide range of bugs destroying plants.

You be the Judge!

It’s left for you to decide what spiders mean to you.

The pros and cons mentioned above tell a lot about spider presence around your home. Of course, there’s a need for self-preservation which is why most people will call for help when spiders are seen.

You Can Fight Back an Infestation

Several measures will prove helpful in combating a spider infestation.

Begin by blocking all points of entry, including cracks and crevices. Keep firewood outdoors and only bring in the needed amount for fireplace use.

Some over-the-counter insecticides will work. Also, eliminate all other pests attracting spiders to your property.

Have you found answers to the question above? We have provided you with ample information to enable you to make a decision. There’s never a wrong or right answer to this subject matter.

It all depends on perspectives.

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