How much does it cost to install an attic fan?

Attic ventilation is considered very critical to the prevention of moisture issues. Also, it helps prevent heat-trapping which is common with attics with little to no ventilation outlets.

Looking for the cost to install an attic fan?

How Much Does Attic Exhaust Fan Installation Cost?

Now one of the most popular attic ventilation systems is the fan. If you wish to have this installed, you’ll need to figure out the cost which is what we’re focusing on.

Provisions like attic fans have proven to be very helpful to ventilation and moisture management. Installation costs are among the primary concerns of people seeking to have these installed on their property.

With this said, what do you need to know about the cost details? Pretty much everything!

Fixing Your Heat and Moisture Problems

When it comes to the uses of attic fans, two vital benefits are derived; lowering of heat, as well as moisture management. In summer, the cooling needs of homeowners increases.

This is mostly brought about by a rise in heat that may get trapped in the attic. Without an outlet, such a situation will lead to increased energy costs in homes.

More conditioning will be necessary to lower the temperature. Plus, your air conditioning units will have to work tirelessly and more frequently than necessary. This type of situation will hurt their lifespan.

Without the attic fan, there’s likely to be a buildup of moisture.

When it happens, all sorts of moisture problems could develop. With mold presence, there’s a drop in air quality which affects the living spaces in a home. This is likely to lead to all kinds of health issues.

Now, we’ll shift our focus to the main issue under discussion; the cost of attic fan installation.

So How much is labor for an attic fan?

Average Cost Of Attic Fan Installation

The national average cost for this procedure is $450 with an average range of $225 to $850. At the minimum, an installation fee of $75 might be charged. Maximum installation costs could climb as high as $1,500.

While these are the baseline costs, there are other cost details you should know about.

These include the labor costs involved, cost of installation by location, and installation costs by fan size. Each of these points is crucial to a better understanding of how installation costs are charged.

Find below the finer cost details touching on each of the points mentioned.

i. Labor Costs

The installation process for attic fans involves labor. Labor makes up a significant portion of cost considerations. Attic fans to be installed on rooftops will require the services of a roofer.

The typical hourly cost for attic fan installations demanded by roofers is around $75.

For electric, solar, or dual-powered fans, labor costs are a bit pricier. This will require the service of an electrician. Hourly labor rate charged by an electrician will range from $40 to $120 per hour.

Of course, this installation process will include wiring and a thermostat.

Labor costs are vital for understanding attic fan installation costs due to the amount of work to be done. This will require climbing to the rooftop (for roof fans) or may require accessing your gable.

Whatever it is, a significant amount of work is required.

The longer it takes to hook up or install the fan in place, the more costly it’s likely to be. Remember, labor costs are charged on an hourly basis so time spent on the job is a major consideration.

ii. Attic Fan Installation Costs by Location

Installation costs by location have to do with positioning.

Attic fans can be installed in one of three areas; the roof, the gable, or the ridge vent. We’ll have to take a look at each location as well as the respective applicable installation costs.

  • Roof Attic Fan Installation Costs

The cost of installing a roof fan ranges between $300 and $1,000 and as earlier stated, it requires climbing up the rooftop. Most roofers recommend installing the fan closest to the roof peak.

This should sit centrally to the attic area. In most situations, this results in enhanced ventilation.

  • Gable Attic Fan Installation Costs

Another type of attic fan installation is one where the fan is mounted on the gable.

Here, vents located in the triangular section of the wall are targeted for attic fan installation. Installation costs for this type of job range between $75 and $450.

  • Ridge Vent Attic Fan Installation Costs

For a ridge vent mounted fan, expect to attract installation costs within the $300 to $1,000 range. This type of installation is most suitable for areas with high humidity.

Overall, your installer is likely to advise on which installation type or location to adopt. Each of the locations discussed serves a purpose.

iii. Attic Fan Installation Cost by Type

When it comes to determining attic fan installation costs, you’ll need to determine what type is involved or required. Multiple types are ranging from solar fans, passive fans, electric exhaust fans, and roof turbines.

Others include dual-powered fans and exhaust fans.

As the name implies, this fan is designed to work independently without grid energy. The cost of installing this type of fan is around $300 to $1,000.

  • Passive Fan Installation Costs

Passive attic fans are the cheapest to install. These require no form of electricity but work naturally with wind, yet it’s quite effective. Installation costs are around $75 to $100.

  • Electric Attic Fan Installation Costs

Homeowners will incur installation costs of around $100 to $450 for an electric attic fan installation job. With this type of fan, there’s the added monthly cost of energy bills you’re likely to incur.

  • Roof Turbine Fan Installation Costs

Roof turbines are great for attic ventilation and service for both new buildings as well as re-roofed attics. Having this installed will cost around $100 to $150. They do not require electricity but work or spin with the natural wind.

  • Dual-Powered Fan Installation Costs

Dual-powered fans are also called hybrid systems because they’re hooked to both solar and electricity. This allows them to function in all situations.

The cost of installation for these fans ranges from $300 to $1,000.

iv. Installation Costs by Fan Size

Attic fan size is another determinant of installation costs.

Sizes are chosen based on the roof slope and are measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A 700 CFM fan covers or ventilates a 1,000 sq. ft area, while a 1,400 CFM rated fan will ventilate a 2,000 sq. ft area.

These cost details of attic fan installation cover several areas that provide an overview of what’s necessary. With these, you should have a better idea of how pricing works.

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