How much is labor for an attic fan repair? How much does it cost to replace an attic fan?

Attic ventilation systems are vital to proper moisture and humidity control. Two system categories include passive and active.

Attic Fan Replacement Cost

Attic fans belong to the active category and work to regulate the heat level of your attic by pushing out hot air from within. These come in different variants with those having either manual or automatic switches being quite common.

Our focus isn’t on discussing the working principles of attic fans, but rather to find out the cost of repair of these fans. With continued use, attic fans are most likely to develop problems at some point.

When they do, they’ll need to be fixed. This is where the cost implications arise.

Cost Details To Repair Or Replace Attic Fan

Lots of factors need to be considered when discussing attic fan repair.

However, before taking a look at what they are, we’ll need to provide a cost overview of general repair. The national average cost for fixing a damaged attic fan is $235 with an average cost range of $100 to $500.

The cheapest repair cost you may incur will be around $60, while at the high end, you’re likely to pay around $1,000. To get into the finer details, you’ll need to consider the type of repair to be made.

Here, anything could go wrong or affect the normal functioning of attic fans.

Issues may arise which require roof vent replacement, thermostat replacement, cap replacement, and a whole lot of other fixes. Each of these procedures attracts a fee.

To give you a better idea of costs, we’ll be looking at each of the different types of attic fan fixes.

Repair Type and The Cost To Replace Attic Fan

Different issues might come up that affect the normal functioning of an attic fan.

Some of these fixes might include component replacements while others might require identifying the faults and rectifying them.

For a better idea of what the costs might be, we’ll be looking at various types like fan mount repair, and fan blade replacement costs.

Others include fuse replacement, electrical wiring repair, fan motor replacement, fan grill replacement, cap replacement, switch or fan belt replacement, as well as thermostat replacement.

There are other fixes like roof vent replacement and complete attic fan replacement.

  • Fan Mount Repair Costs

The platform on which an attic fan sits is known as the fan mount.

This could develop issues resulting from improper installation or simply be unstable. Performing this fix is likely to incur a fee of between $50 and $80.

This can be performed by a handyman with desired results obtained.

  • Fan Blade Replacement Costs

Sometimes, an attic fan may be way past its lifespan. Such fan blades need to be replaced as their efficiency is significantly reduced.

Having attic fan blades replaced is likely to cost anywhere from $300 to $900. Here, the type and size of the fan blade matter. A trained technician should be called for such jobs.

  • Fuse Replacement Costs

A sudden power surge could burn out your attic fan’s fuse.

Luckily this isn’t a major repair as a new fuse simply needs to be replaced the cost of having the fuse replaced ranges from $150 to $200. The fan should be running normally once the fuse replacement is completed.

  • Electrical Wiring Repair Costs

There may be faults with the wiring system of your attic.

To have the problem addressed, an experienced electrician will need to be called for such service. This is likely to cost you about $80 to $200 in repair costs.

Cost increases with more significant damage.

  • Fan Motor Replacement Costs

Attic fan motors may develop problems. Because there are different types and sizes of motors, your particular type will determine how much it will be fixed.

The motor alone costs around $50 to $250. Added with labor, you’re likely to spend anywhere from $150 to $650.

  • Fan Grill Replacement Costs

If your attic fan has a damaged or faulty shutter or grill, then it will have to be replaced.

Carrying out such a replacement is likely to cost around $100 to $300. Again, it’s best to have a professional perform this type of fix to avoid improper installation.

  • Cap Replacement Costs

Your attic cap or cover could get lost or might simply be damaged.

This type of situation calls for replacement. In terms of cost, you may incur a fee of around $90 to $250 depending on the type of cap.

  • Switch or Fan Belt Replacement Costs

Fan belt or switch replacement may be the type of fix needed for some attic fans. A trained and experienced technician is likely to charge anywhere from $60 to $100 for repairs.

  • Thermostat Replacement Costs

Some attic fans are connected to thermostats which trigger the device on and off. When such a thermostat breaks down, the cost of replacement will be around $80 to $300.

  • Roof Vent Replacement Costs

Roof vent replacements typically cost more to fix. You may likely be charged a fee ranging from $150 to $750. It’s important to have a professional perform this procedure.

  • Attic Fan Replacement Costs

When fixing attic fans becomes impossible, the replacement option is considered. The cost of replacing the old fan with a new one will cost between $300 and $900.

Can Repair Costs be lowered through DIY Fixes?

DIY fixes may present a whole range of challenges as it would require climbing up your attic and being knowledgeable about attic fan repair.

However, only minor fixes are recommended even for staunch DIY’ers. While repair costs could significantly be reduced through the adoption of this repair method, there may be several downsides when fixes aren’t properly done.

It’s best to go with a professional who understands the problem and performs a thorough job. You also get to discuss with the technician and find out what caused the problem and how best it can be prevented in the future.

Know Your Fan’s Lifespan

When an attic fan reaches or exceeds its lifespan, the chances of frequent malfunctions tend to be more common. It’s necessary to keep a record of its lifespan to enable you to determine whether it’s time to have it replaced or not.

These are details regarding attic fan repair costs that will prove helpful to homeowners seeking to fix their faulty ventilation systems. With this information, you’re able to budget better.

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