How Much Does Attic Rat Removal Cost?

Here is the average cost of removing rats from your attic.

The thought of having rodents in your attic can be worrisome due to the nature of damage they cause. This is especially true for homeowners using their attic space for storage.

Every homeowner will want to take urgent action to expel rodents from their space. Unfortunately, removing them from an attic is more difficult than it sounds.

Rats In Attic Removal Cost

This is why professional rat removal is recommended due to its numerous benefits. When licensed and experienced pest technician is involved, they know just what to do due to their understanding of rat behavior.

Professional rat removal costs money and we’ll be discussing the costs of such interventions.

Dangers Posed by Rat Presence in Attic

Before we get to the cost of rat removal, it’s necessary to determine the dangers posed by their mere presence in your attic.

There are three major reasons to be concerned about rat presence; these include ruining your insulation material, creating bio-hazards, as well as destructive activities.

  • Ruining your Insulation Material

One of the first things you’ll notice as a homeowner is the ruining of your insulation material. By their nature, rats will soil your attic insulation with their droppings and urine. They don’t stop there.

These rodents are also likely to chew through such materials and use them as nesting materials.

  • Creating Bio-Hazards

Bio-hazards are among rat issues considered risky to humans. This involves the droppings and urine of these pests.

Such urine and droppings are likely to contain a wide range of viral diseases such as hantavirus, Lassa fever, leptospirosis, Omsk fever, plague, tularemia, salmonellosis, and so many more.

  • Destructive Activities

Rats will readily chew through wires, wood, paper, and any other chewable material they can find in your attic.

This is in addition to burrows created. There have been situations where house fires have been ignited from chewed electric wiring insulation. A bridging of these wires easily ignites fires.

Cost of Rat Removal From Attic

One of the definite things homeowners dealing with rat issues wish is to take back control of their homes. The national average for rat removal and extermination in attics is around $350 with an average range of $200 to $800.

The least you’re likely to pay for rat removal is around $150 while the maximum cost is about $1,200.

For an in-depth understanding of costs, you’ll need to consider other details like the removal method used, the severity of the infestation, as well as frequency of the problem.

Other cost considerations include labor costs, exclusion costs, dead rat removal, and emergency removal costs.

  • Rat Removal Method Used

Methods of rat removal are crucial to the success of the removal process.

There are numerous strategies to implement such as rodenticides, snap traps, electric rat traps, rat glue traps, bait, and live traps among others. Each of these attracts certain costs ranging from $100 to $300.

The particular control strategy or method used will determine the removal cost. For specific cost details, you’ll need to speak with your technician to find out what applies to your attic rat situation.

  • Severity of Infestation

Rat infestations in attic vary by degree of infestation.

During the earliest stages of their presence, it’s easier and cheaper to treat compared to situations where there are lots of rodents to deal with. Plus, rats could spread to other parts of a home when urgent action isn’t taken.

The degree of infestations can be categorized into three; small, large, and severe. As expected, removal prices increase as the situation worsens.

During small infestations, homeowners are likely to pay around $150 to $400 for removal. Large infestations will attract higher costs with prices in the region of $500 to $800.

The most severe rat cases will normally attract removal fees within the $1,000 to $1,200 range. The only way to determine the stage of infestation or its severity is when your attic is inspected by a licensed pest technician.

  • Frequency of the Problem

If you live in a rat-prone area, the likelihood of experiencing re-infestation is quite high. To keep up with their activity and keep your attic and home free, pest technicians may recommend scheduled visits.

One-time visits cost around $200 to $500 while scheduled visits may cost around $150 to $300 per visit. Visits may be scheduled on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Labor Costs

Experienced and licensed technicians will charge labor costs during attic rat removal.

These are charged on an hourly basis. Sometimes, a flat rate may be given. Flat rates are mostly within the $200 to $500 range while hourly ranges go from $20 to $60 per hour.

  • Exclusion Costs

After successful rat removal from your attics, pest control pros may put exclusion measures in place.

This is a preventive strategy to keep these rodents from returning. Here, all entry points such as cracks or burrowed holes are sealed up. There are several types of sealing materials used for such jobs.

The cost implication for rat exclusion is usually around $200 to $600. These pros know where to look for openings or passageways used by rats.

  • Dead Rat Removal Costs

When your attic becomes a home for rats, it brings up several problems.

One of them is the possibility of some rodents dying. As part of efforts to remove rats from your attic, dead rodents also need to be evacuated. There is a possibility that these rats died of a disease.

Whatever the cause of death, it’s not advisable to have them removed yourself. Trained pest technicians can better and safely handle dead rats by having them removed.

Removal costs for dead rats are within the $150 to $250 range.

  • Emergency Removal Costs

There may be times when you may need emergency rat removal services. This is most common in situations where damage seems to be increasing with each passing day.

With emergency removal, pest control services show up at a moment’s notice. Emergency removal costs are mostly higher than in other situations with such ranging from $300 to $500

Your rat situation can be contained by calling the pros. Before you contact pest control services, working up a budget is important. Here, we’ve provided you with as much information as necessary for proper budgeting.

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