How much does it cost to remove rodents from your attic? Find out.

Rodent presence in a home can be an overwhelming experience as all sorts of damage result from their activity.

These pests have evolved ways to surmount measures aimed at curbing their presence or activity. For any real results, you’ll need to adopt a more professional control method.

The cost of professional rodent control is what we’ll be focusing on for the most part.

However, brief mention will be made about DIY rodent control measures and the likely costs incurred. With the details provided below, you should have a better idea of what it takes to perform a comprehensive rodent treatment.

Why Homeowners With Rodent Issues Should worry

Before we get into the cost specifics of rodent control, it’s important to highlight the issues caused by rodent presence.

With these pests around, you’re likely to experience damage to wire insulations, burrowed holes, finding gnaw marks on furniture, damage to electrical appliances, and damage to insulation.

All of these are destructions caused by mice which can further expose your home to the likelihood of fires among other dangers. Overall, it’s never a great idea to have rodents within your property.

When urgent steps aren’t taken, the problem is likely to worsen.

It’s important to state that rodent problems consist of most members of the rodent family. The most notorious of these include squirrels, rats, and mice.

Cost of Rodent Control in Attic

Attics are considered safe spots for rodents to thrive. Without urgent action, your home may be overrun by them.

Before calling for professional rodent control, it’s important to understand the cost implications. The national average for rodent control is about $750. When it comes to the average range, you’re likely to pay anywhere from $500 to $800.

At the minimum, pest control services may charge a fee of $300.

This mostly applies to less severe cases of infestation. However, when dealing with a difficult rodent infestation, treatment costs are likely to cost as much as $1,200.

Different Aspects of Rodent Control Costs

When it comes to rodent control, a lot of situations need to be considered. There are methods of removal which have varying costs, as well as removal or cleanup of rodent droppings in the attic.

Rodents may also find in attic fans a suitable nesting ground. Getting rid of them may incur certain fees.

When rodents die in attics, they have to be removed and the area decontaminated. This attracts certain removal costs as well. Also to be looked at are the cost factors influencing rodent control in attics.

You’ll need to hang on for further cost details on these and more.

i. Attic Rodent Control Cost by Method

Although there are lots of rodent control strategies, not all are equally effective. In other words, certain methods are considered more effective than others.

Some of the methods used include installation of funnel doors, the use of repellents, deployment of rodent traps, bait, as well as ultrasonic repellents.

  • Installation of Funnel Doors

Also called one-way doors, funnel doors are installed by pest control technicians for purposes of the exclusion. This is an effective rodent control strategy that seeks to prevent these pests from returning to the attic.

When excluded, the entry points are sealed up as a permanent control measure.

The use of funnel doors for rodent control typically costs around $300. This includes labor costs. Sometimes, multiple control methods may be combined for better results.

  • Use of Repellents

Repellents have one objective, to keep rodents at bay. You don’t want them returning to your attic again. For this to be possible, the attic needs to be made unattractive to these pests.

Pest control services may charge around $100 for use of repellents.

  • Deployment of Rodent Traps

Rodent traps are the most popular. However, due to how clever rodents are, they’ve often found ways to evade such traps. With professional help, rodent traps can be made more effective in catching rodents.

The average cost for trap used is around $300.

  • Bait

Rodent baits are only as effective as the way they’re deployed. With professional treatment, pest technicians understand how to make baits more successful in catching rodents.

The average cost for using this technique is around $200 inclusive of labor costs.

  • Ultrasonic Repellents

Ultrasonic repellents are designed to deter rodents using ultrasonic sounds which the human ear cannot pick up.

There have been debates about the efficacy of ultrasonic repellents with no real conclusion on whether they work excellently for rodent control or not. You may want to seek the opinion of your pest control technician.

ii. Rodent Droppings Cleanup Cost

After a successful rodent control measure has been fully implemented, what remains is cleaning up the attic area. Rodents are generally messy and scatter their droppings around your attic.

To clean up and decontaminate the area, your pest control service may charge around $250.

  • Rodent Removal from Attic Fans

Attic fans provide a ready opening for rodents to access your attic area. As long as this remains accessible, rodents will keep coming.

Pest control specialists will normally have vents installed on attic fans to prevent passage. This does a lot to keep your attic safe and free of rodents. The cost for this procedure (fan vent) is about $50.

iii. Cost of Removing Dead Rodents from Attics

One of the most disturbing situations caused by rodents is when they die in your attic. A lot of smell may result from the decomposing rodent carcass when not removed immediately.

This also contaminates the area. Pest control services will charge a removal and decontamination fee of around $200.

iv. Cost Factors Affecting Attic Rodent Control

There are the costs influencing factors for rodent control you’ll have to deal with.  They include accessibility, multiple visits, and also rodent diseases that will require minimizing exposure to the use of special tools.

There’s also the location where you live. Rodent control tends to be higher in certain areas due to higher living costs.

You’ll need to call for an inspection of your attic and the issuance of a quote for your job. One way to get the best deal is by asking for multiple quotes.

It’s also important to state that DIY control isn’t a strategy you should consider as it’s likely to fail.

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