Attic Mold Encapsulation Guide – Considerations, DIYs & Sealant Paint

Does encapsulating attic mold work? The appearance of mold in your attic is a wake-up call and a sign of moisture issues that need to be addressed. A variety of measures are used to combat mold problems. One of the basic approaches involves dealing with the moisture problem first before focusing on the mold itself. … Read more

Can Rats In Attic Get Into The Main House?

Can rats get into your house through the attic? One of the most common pest issues people deal with has to be rat infestations. A lot of times, people implement different control strategies with little to no result. This is mostly the case with DIY rodent control. This article focuses on the potential for rats … Read more

Black Mold On Attic Insulation – Features, Growth & Treatments

Can attic insulation mold? Attics are prone to moisture problems which are likely to result in mold growth. Now, mold growth is one issue a lot of homeowners dread due to its many negative side effects including risks posed to health. Mold growth might appear anywhere within your attic including on insulation. Mold On Insulation … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Finish An Attic?

Here is the average cost finish attic per square foot. Attic renovation involves a wide range of details that may include the installation of windows, wood rafters, flooring, insulation, plumbing, and a lot of other things. The cost of renovation largely depends on what’s covered in the renovation work. Price variations for the project can … Read more