Spray Foam Insulation Vs Fiberglass – Properties, Efficiency & Durability

Is spray foam better than fiberglass insulation? Is it more expensive? Is it worth the cost? In the construction industry, insulation is one of the vital aspects that engineers and builders are concerned about. There are obvious benefits that can readily be attributed to insulation namely savings on energy bills, a warmer home, as well … Read more

Crawl Space Encapsulation Vs Vapor Barrier

Here is a comparison guide between crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier. Moisture control strategies are quite varied and address several problems. They all serve the purpose of waterproofing a structure, thus preventing moisture issues like seepage, condensation, high humidity levels, and a whole range of others. Now, there are times when debates about the … Read more

How Much Does Basement Floor Lowering Cost?

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How Much Does Bowed Basement Wall Repair Cost?

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Exterior French Drain Basement Waterproofing

Here, our focus is on discussing how French drains serve exterior basement waterproofing needs. One of the most efficient waterproofing techniques for basements is that provided by French drains. French drains are called by several names including foundation drain, weeping tile, drain tile, curtain drain, and perimeter drain. Basements with moisture problems or water leaks … Read more

How Often Should A Sump Pump Run?

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How To Keep A Basement Dry [Without A Dehumidifier]

This guide would focus on how to keep basements dry, including ways to reduce humidity without using dehumidifiers. When the April rains approach, most homeowners gear up to face the battle of keeping their basements dry. Going by recent research, around 60% of homes in America have damp basements. This figure shows just how common … Read more