Basement Ventilation System For Fresh Air Exchange

Here is how to circulate air in basements using proven ventilation systems. Due to their position in the house, basements could get really stuffy. If you use yours as a living space, then stuffiness could make your stay there less pleasant. Fresh Air Systems For Basement The key to solving these problems is to employ … Read more

Stone Basement Walls Crumbling – Causes, Signs, And Solutions

Here we’ll be discussing stone basement walls crumbling, the possible causes, the signs, and definitely the solutions. Stone basement walls have been around for a good number of years, which is why they are more commonly found in very old homes. They are very sturdy and can serve for long periods, but just like any … Read more

5 Common Health Risks Of Basement Mold

Is a moldy basement dangerous? Can it make you sick? Yes. Here is a list of health risks of basement mold. Whenever there’s a moisture problem in a basement, mold issues are never far off. Mold In Basement Health Risks Now, the prime conditions for mold growth include moisture, poor ventilation, and dark surroundings.  Such … Read more

How To Waterproof Basement Windows [Seal Wells & Covers]

Are you dealing with a leaking basement window below grade? Here is a practical guide to waterproofing a basement window. How To Seal A Leaking Basement Window Imagine what a basement would be like without widows – Dark and gloomy! With a window in your basement, you will create the much-needed space for some fresh … Read more