There are several methods to eliminate bed bugs at home. One such is the use of bed bug bombs or foggers. We will discuss the various types, how they work, how long their effects last and how to choose the best brands.

Are bed bugs causing you sleepless nights at home? Do you need a very effective method to deal with the pests once and for all at home? Bed bug bombs might just be the answer you have been searching for.

This article explains in detail how to eliminate bed bugs from your house using foggers.

The size of bed bugs makes the critters one of the smallest pests around the house. However when it comes to causing troubles, this small size does not in any way limit them, rather it allows them to hide in the tiniest spaces; in cracks and crevices of houses where they cannot be easily spotted.

Do Bed Bug Bombs Work?

The essence of bug bombs is to eradicate bed bugs, including those hiding in places we have difficulty in accessing due to our size as humans.

But do they completely wipe out critters once they are activated in a room?

Do bed bug foggers work? The truth is, bed bug bombs work. They can be very useful in killing off bugs from the house. However, they have their limitations. Just like every other bed bug elimination strategy out there.

The challenge with foggers is in their reach. Foggers normally contain insecticides that form a kind of fog in the air within your house when activated. This fog-like clouds will be suspended in the air for a few minutes before it settles down on the floor or any surface in the room.

While in the air, the fog kills any insect it comes across. The same goes for when it finally settles on the ground. It keeps killing bugs even after a prolonged period.

However, foggers only kill on contact.

And since bed bugs are not known to fly, the only way they can be killed by foggers is through direct contact on the ground. If there are no bed bugs within the area the fogger is activated, chances are the impact of the fogger will be very minimal. Unless you apply it directly on the bed bugs in your home, a whole lot of them may remain untouched.

Why? That is simply because the effect of bombs once applied, may not get to the bugs living within the mattress and crevices of the house. That also means that the bed bug eggs may not be touched by foggers, creating the need for the room to be treated again in just a few weeks after the first exercise.

However, when an apartment is systematically treated using “aerosols” as they are also called, it will go a long way to help, especially, if special attention is paid to the cracks and crevices of the house.

How Long Does The Effect Of Bed Bug Bombs Last?

A major factor that determines how long the effect of a bed bug bomb will last is the content of the fogger itself. The chemical often contained in the foggers is the major thing that determines if the treatment will be effective and how long the effect will last.

Most manufacturers boast of the effects of their products lasting up to 4 weeks after treatment. While this can be true for some, for the majority it won’t be up to that.

Two weeks is the average.

How To Use Bed Bug Bombs To Eradicate Bugs From Your House

One of the conditions that determine if your efforts to eliminate bugs using aerosols will be fruitful or not, is how you apply them.

Getting a good fogger is not enough. You must apply it in the correct way to achieve more. Below is how to do that.

  1. Find Out Which Room Is Infested

This will ensure you do not waste valuable time, efforts and resources; treating rooms that are not infested. While the bedroom is usually the first place to treat, it is not the only place.

Bugs can live anywhere, including the sitting room. You’ll find them hiding in many areas such as inside sofas and upholstery.

Finding a specific room with bugs will help you stop it while it is still early, especially before the infestation spreads to other rooms and becomes more difficult to control.

  1. Cover The Surfaces You Wouldn’t Want To Be Touched

If there are surfaces you wouldn’t want mist from the bombs to settle on, cover them up completely. You can cover them using old newspapers or nylon bags. These materials will prevent the fog from settling directly on them.

Electrical appliances are one of those things you must properly cover before activating foggers in your rooms.

  1. Remove Pets And Kids From The Room

Before you activate the bed bug bombs, ensure that pets and kids are removed from the room.

The chemical contents in the foggers may be dangerous when inhaled by pets and very young people. Even adults may be affected by it when inhaled in large quantities.

CHECK: Pet Safety When Using Bug Bombs

  1. Remove Edibles From The Room

Edibles like fruits, food items, etc, must be completely removed from the room or properly covered before activating the fogger. Allowing them in the room can be disastrous, leading to food poisoning.

  1. Close All Entrances And Exits

Doors and windows must be well closed and should only be opened after the treatment are over. This will allow the fogger to work well.

  1. Activate The Bed Bug Bomb

Activate the bed bug bomb at the center of the room. You may have to get a table and place it on top of it. Ensure that the table is at the center of the room. That way, the mist can spread across the room once the fogger is activated. After that activate the fogger and give it time to work.

For maximum results, you may have to apply it directly to cracks and crevices of your room to kill any bed hiding there, including their eggs.

Choosing The Best Bed Bug Bomb For The Money

When it comes to eliminating bed bugs using foggers, we must put a lot of things into considerations.

Some of those factors are listed below.

  1. Brand

The brand is very important because some brands are known to perform much better than others.

Pest control companies like Hot Shot, Black Flag, etc, have built a reputation for making pest control products that truly work.

  1. User Reviews

User reviews should play a very important role when it comes to choosing a bed bug bomb to use at home.

If there is one thing that can save you from wasting money on products that don’t work, it is what people who have used them have to say about them.

Always check out the ratings and reviews users leave online before deciding on the product to buy.

  1. Cost

Bed bug treatment using a bug bomb is not always a one-time thing. In most cases, you will have to repeat the process two to three times a month to achieve the best results.

This is one reason you should consider the price before buying since you will eventually have to buy more of such foggers.

Best Bed Bug Bombs For Effective Results

Below is a list of some of the most recommended foggers to buy for complete eradication of bed bugs.

  • Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger

Hot Shot is a well-known brand when it comes to pest control. The company has several pest control products that are highly recommended by users. Their Bed bug & Flea Fogger is one of the best you will come across out there.

The product has received lots of good ratings and reviews on Amazon to merit being on this list. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the label to get rid of bed bugs from your home.

Based on the degree of infestations in your home, you may have to apply this bomb more than once before the bugs will be completely gone.


It is less toxic. You don’t have to worry about your health if you follow the instructions carefully.

– It kills other insects also.

– It is quite affordable compared to other brands.


You may have to treat the house at least twice before you can notice any tangible result.

  • 4 X MINI Fogger (Smoke bomb) Spider, Flea, Bed Bug & Cockroach Killer

This bed bug bomb works very effectively against adult bed bugs. The bomb releases a chemical smoke inside the room which kills bed bugs and other insects on contact. You can trust it to wipe out insects crawling all over your house.

The challenge with this fogger though, is that it doesn’t eliminate the eggs, so you may have to repeat the treatment at least twice to completely wipe out the pests.


– It works against several other insects.

– It is fast-acting, starts working as soon as applied

– It is highly affordable.


– It doesn’t kill bed bugs in cracks and crevices.

In Summary

Bed bugs are not always easy to control. You have to treat them using different methods. One of the most effective methods to use for that purpose is bed bug bombs.

In this article, we have discussed how to eradicate bugs using foggers.

Are bed bugs giving you a tough time at home? I hope you find the information in this article useful.

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