Looking for the best mattress protector for bed bugs?

Here is how to choose the best encasements and the brands to buy.

When bed bugs infest your home, the usual hotspot area(s) in the bed. It’s easy to see why. These nocturnal parasitic creatures feed best when you’re still and fast asleep.

Of course, the bed is where you rest or spend the night.

Mattress Covers For Bed Bugs

These tiny bugs can make an otherwise restful night very unbearable.

Part of many possible solutions to bed bug issues is the use of mattress encasements. Mattress encasements have proven to be highly efficient in bed bug control.

They envelop your mattress and cover box springs making it impossible for trapped bed bugs to feed, thus dying of starvation.

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Work?

A lot of times, people wonder how effective mattress encasements are. They want to be certain that these provisions will indeed keep bed bugs already in the mattress from getting out.

So, does it really work?

This question is best answered by looking at varying factors such as its breathability and being dust-mite proof.

Of course one other major factor an effective bed bug mattress encasement should have is that it must be bug proof. The bug should be unable to get to the mattress or get out of it.

It should have a zipper cover, in addition to noise-canceling capabilities.

With these, you’re certain that your bed bug mattress encasement will work.

  • Two Key Functions of Mattress Encasements

Understanding how bed bug mattress encasements works are crucial to getting the best product available.

Any current bed bug presence on your mattress is contained by trapping such bugs from leaving and access to food, thus leading to their death.

The second attribute is that these encasements also keep away or prevents incoming or new bed bugs from access to your mattress.

Their preferred nesting areas are out of reach, thus significantly cutting down on problems caused.

Choosing the Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

There are tips you’ll need to consider in choosing the best bed bug mattress encasement. Such include the material, size, lab tests, and zipper features.

So, what are these about? Let’s have a look.

Tons of mattress encasing products are available today with a lot of promises of efficacy. However, the truth is that not all of these work effectively.

To get the best product, you’ll need to look out for certain features such as the noise level, the bed bug protection level as well as dust mite protection level.

Additional features you may need to also consider include its waterproofing level.

With this said, let’s discuss each of these key features for more understanding.

  • Noise Level

What does noise level have to do with bed bug control? Not much, in terms of controlling bed bugs, but a lot to do with your sleep cycle.

Due to the materials (waterproofing and dust-mite protection) most mattress encasement is made of, they tend to make a lot of noise that can significantly disrupt your sleeping cycle.

You want to go for one (bed bug mattress encasement) that doesn’t make a lot of noise, yet is effective in providing the needed protection from bed bugs.

You may have to read through product reviews in your search for one with a low noise level.

  • Bed Bug Protection Level

This is a primary factor when it comes to the choice of a bed bug mattress cover.

You need a mattress encasement that effectively locks bed bugs in, thus preventing them from causing the usual irritability due to their feeding activity.

The protection level should be such that you’re able to sleep peacefully.

So, how does one know the protection level? We’re going to be providing a list of some of the best bed bug mattress encasing products to choose from.

Also, it’s important to go through customer reviews on certain products to have an idea about their protection level.

  • Dust Mite Protection Level

While combating bed bugs, dust mites are also among the problems to focus on.

Although these dead skin skin-feeding creatures can never be gotten rid of completely, you want a mattress encasement that provides a significant level of protection from them.

In other words, such encasements should have a double function; protection from bed bugs, and dust mites.

With these two, you’re unlikely to have any issues.

  • Waterproofing Level

Good bed bug mattress encasements are designed to be waterproof. This helps keep out accidental spilling of all types of fluid on your mattress.

However, not everyone thinks of waterproof mattress encasements when faced with a bed bug problem. You’ll have to go with what works for you.

  • Material

There are different things to look out for in a good mattress encasement.

First, you want a breathable material and one that’s comfortable to sleep on. More importantly, you want these bugs to be kept at bay while you enjoy your sleep.

Mattress encasements with these features will be those made from cotton and stretch-knit polyester. What more? They should be made of or have a urethane membrane liner.

  • Size

Size is crucial when it comes to choosing a bed bug mattress encasement.

Does it adequately cover your mattress? An improper-sized mattress encasement is pretty much useless as it won’t properly cover your mattress.

You want to first determine the size of your mattress before shopping for one.

  • Lab-Tested

To choose the best product, go for those which have been independently tested and certified. By doing a little research, you should get the perfect fit.

  • Zipper Features

Bed bugs can crawl through zippers especially when unfed. As such, it’s important to seek additional protection such as Velcro flaps among others.

Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Brands to Buy

When it comes to highly effective mattress encasements, there are lots to choose from. These are products from reputable brands which have established a reputation for quality.

Some of these top products include SleepGuard Mattress Encasement, CleanRest Mattress Encasement, and SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement.

Other top products to consider include HOSPITOGY Products Mattress Encasement, LINENSPA Zippered Encasement, and Utopia Bedding Mattress Encasement.

So, is this an exhaustive list of the best bed bug mattress encasements?

Not at all! While there are many others, we’ve only mentioned a few due to want of space and time.

The basics of bed bug mattress encasements have been discussed.

With these, you’re better informed on what to go for and what to avoid.

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