7 Powerful Bed Bug Sprays For Travel And Luggage

In this guide, we will look at bed bug travel sprays, the best commercial brands, and what to looking for before buying one for your luggage.

Having bed bug problems can be very embarrassing and scary. These pesky bloodsuckers can cause severe discomfort and follow you wherever you go.

So, imagine checking out from a hotel room and by chance finding these bugs on your clothes or luggage!

You’d have been very lucky as you can prevent an infestation from happening in your home by treating your luggage and clothing. Now, this narrative simply seeks to highlight the importance of quick treatments for bed bugs problems.

With a bed bug spray travel size, you can always exterminate these bugs wherever you find them.

Are These Products Necessary Without A Bed Bug Problem?

Bed bug travel sprays are necessary to have especially if you travel frequently. Consider the scenario we earlier discussed when you find one in your hotel room.

Consider purchasing this product as a preventive measure as these bugs easily hop onto your luggage or clothing when you travel.

What to Look Out For In Bed Bug Travel Sprays

To find the best bed bug travel spray, there are certain things to look out for. These include the size and toxicity check.

What do these refer to? Let’s explain each briefly;

  • Size

Bed bug travel sprays should be portable enough to easily fit them into your luggage.

Sprays coming large containers won’t fit your needs, plus, these will only make your luggage bulky. The ideal size of a spray should be 3 ounces. You won’t be struggling to get these into your luggage.

  • Toxicity Check

Toxic sprays not only harm bed bugs but also pose health risks to you. A question you’re likely to consider is; why or how will a toxic bed bug travel spray be allowed?

Well, toxicity can come in different forms especially when such a product has a noxious smell. This is toxic enough and shouldn’t be bought

You should be able to apply the spray on your bed and not have to move out of the room due to a strong chemical smell.

Preventive Treatment

For bed bug travel sprays to be effective, you’ll need to apply the preventive method of treatment.

This includes performing a visual inspection of your hotel surroundings. If the light isn’t bright enough, get a torch and shine around and across the bed area.

Another preventive treatment has to do with applying or creating an invisible barrier. How is this done? It’s easy!

You only need to give the mattress a spray even when you can’t find a single bug. The sides or edge of the sheets should be well sprayed.

The effects of most travel sprays will linger on, thus keeping bed bugs at bay while you sleep. Your luggage will need to be safeguarded as well. Repeat the same treatment by spraying around such luggage and beneath.

Such invisible barrier will keep these bugs away.

Best Bed Bug Travel Sprays For Luggage, Clothing Etc

Having explained the need to have this product, we’ll focus on some of the best product brands to get.

There are tons of different travel sprays for bed bugs. Each of these manufacturers or brands make bold claims about the efficacy of their products.

Knowing whether these travel sprays are truly reliable depends on customer reviews. Based on such reviews, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bed bug travel sprays for your consideration;

  • Rest Easy Natural Bed Bug Spray

This travel spray is environmentally friendly and poses zero health risks to humans and pets. Not only is it effective in killing bed bugs, but it can also kill other small insects such as bed mites.

Another great feature is that it gives off a pleasant fragrance.

  • Harris Bed Bug Killer Spray

This product is also ideal for travelers. It is an odorless and non-staining formula so you don’t have to think about stains being left behind after the surface is dry. This travel spray will kill bed bugs including their eggs, thus ensuring you won’t have to worry about possibilities of eggs clinging to your luggage.

  • JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus

This is an excellent bed bug travel spray that kills on contact. The best part is, it provides up to 12 weeks residual effect or protection against bed bugs. It is also effective in killing roaches, dust mites, and ants.

  • Eco Defense Natural Bed Bug Killer

This product exterminates bed bugs on contact. Plus, it is made of natural and non-toxic ingredients. It does not matter what stage of development such bugs are. Eco Defense Natural Bed Bug Killer will destroy eggs as well as adult bed bugs and nymphs.

What more? It will perfectly fit into your travel luggage with no hassle.

  • Proof Natural Bed Bug Spray

With proof of natural bed bug spray, you get total protection from bugs as well as dust mites. This plant-based bed bug exterminator is highly effective and can be used safely on mattresses, carpets, furniture, and curtains without issues.

Proof natural bed bug spray also has a residual effect. Such effect lingers on for about 2 weeks killing both adults and eggs. You’ll only need to follow the product instructions for the best results.

  • Avenger Organics Natural Bed Bug Killer

This product gives you total protection from bed bugs without staining your bedding. It is made from natural extracts and is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

You don’t have to worry about an unpleasant odor as it has a pleasant aroma. You can pick this product and begin using it right away without having to worry about combining mixtures.

  • Hygea Natural Exterminator Spray

This product is effective against bed bugs and other crawling pests. Plus, it fits perfectly into your travel luggage.

Hygea natural exterminator spray is safe around kids and pets, is odorless and stain-free, and can be applied without needing the help of anyone. It is the perfect traveling companion as it helps keep bed bugs at bay.

These are some of the best bed bug travel sprays you can get and use. We’ve stated the fact that preventive measures are more reliable. Hence, these products should be applied whenever you spend the night in a hotel or wherever you travel to.

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