Bedroom Deep Cleaning Checklist And Guidelines

Here is a bedroom cleaning checklist that gets the job done thoroughly.

One reliable way to make your bedroom cleaning tasks more productive and less difficult is by using a cleaning checklist.

Due to an increase in interest in simple tools like the cleaning checklist, we’ve decided to make this available to help you perform your bedroom cleaning task effectively.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

There are basic bedroom cleaning tasks performed each day such as clearing clutter, cleaning the floor, and making your bed. However, deep cleaning will require much more effort as well as the right tools and supplies.

The supplies for bedroom cleaning aren’t out of reach. You probably have all or some of these around. They include the vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, microfiber mops, and cleaning products.

Cleaning products will include glass cleaner as well as an all-purpose cleaner. With these, you’re good to go!

Tasks In Cleaning Your Bedroom

The real task of cleaning your bedroom involves several actions. You’ll learn all you need to know here to give your bedroom that perfect clean. It is important when cleaning to start from the top down.

Daily, weekly and monthly bedroom cleaning tasks include;

  • Open the Windows to Let in Fresh Air

Before you commence any cleaning tasks, open your windows, and raise the curtains. This not only lets in fresh air to enhance ventilation, but it also allows natural lighting thus creating increased visibility.

  • Getting Rid of Cobwebs

When last did you remove or clean cobwebs around your room?

If it’s been a while, you should check around for these and remove them. Inspecting for cobwebs only requires performing a visual search on the ceiling as well as around room corners and behind your door. Also, check behind furniture.

  • Dust Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan accumulates dirt in the form of dust over time. When deep cleaning your bedroom, climb onto an elevated surface or use a ladder and dust your ceiling fan.

  • Clean Vents

Vents are very crucial to the circulation of air within a building. However, dust is accumulated in such vents after some time. Vent inlets are either installed above (on the ceiling) or below at the window level.

To clean such vents, first, turn off the power connected to the air cooling or heating system. Next, unscrew the cover to the air duct. Using a brush, do a thorough cleaning of the grates.

After this, you’ll need to vacuum the vent duct thoroughly and screw back the cover securely.

  • Wipe Down Walls

For thorough cleaning of your bedroom, you’ll need to wipe down your walls. Such walls are likely to hold dust.

Doing this clears up such dust. To create more space for wiping down your walls, pull furniture away to the middle of the room to enable you to clean the walls.

  • Clean Light Fixtures

Light fixtures will need proper cleaning. Get a damp cloth and dust such light fixtures. This includes lampshades as well as reading lamps.

  • Dust All Surfaces

All surfaces around your bedroom will need to be dusted clean. These include furniture surfaces among others.

Common targets for dusting should include bed headboards, TV stands, nightstands, dressers, decorative items, picture frames, and alarm clocks.

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of items to be dusted, these items and other similar furniture and accessories should be cleaned. The aim is to get rid of dust lying on such surfaces.

This is one of the easiest duties on a teenage bedroom cleaning checklist.

  • Polish Wooden Furniture

Having wiped wooden furniture clean of all dirt, polish such surfaces to enhance the looks and further preserve them. This activity doubles as furniture maintenance.

This contributes to the general appeal of your bedroom as it looks and feels cleaner and welcoming.

  • Clear Side Tables and Dressers of Clutter

Apart from picking up clutter from your bedroom floor, other areas you should de-clutter include side tables and dressers. These can easily be included among areas in a bedroom that require frequent cleaning.

Get things organized and arranged and return items that aren’t supposed to be there to their original place.

  • Remove Bed Linens for Washing and Replace with Fresh Ones

When deep cleaning your bedroom, existing bed linens, and pillow covers should be removed for washing. These should be replaced with fresh ones. Remember a lot of dusting has been done which has probably settled on existing bed linens.

Still using such bed linens without washing them will put you at health risk especially for asthmatic patients.

  • Vacuum and Flip Mattress

The next step to take is to vacuum your mattress. Whether you know with or not, there’s a dust buildup on mattresses in addition to mites that feed on dead skin cells. Thorough vacuuming of your mattress helps remove both dirt and tiny insects and microorganisms.

Also, flip the mattress to use the other side. With a new surface to sleep on, you’re likely to feel more comfortable.

  • Thoroughly Vacuum Carpets and Rugs

Detailed vacuuming is needed for floors. This should cover underneath the bed and every corner of the carpet or rug. If your rug or carpet is badly stained or has accumulated lots of dirt, washing the same may be your best bet.

Now, you can either wash your carpet or rug yourself or pay a laundry service to get the job done for you. To make it less stressful, going with the latter will be much better. Nevertheless, you can still get the job done if you seek to save some money.

For wood or laminate floors, simple tasks like sweeping and mopping should be carried out. When mopping, caution should be exercised with the amount of water that comes in direct contact with the wood floor.

Too much water is likely to damage your floor. Therefore, water shouldn’t be allowed to sit for more than a few minutes on the wood floor. Avoid wet mops and only use a damp mop when cleaning.

  • Empty Wastebasket and Wipe Clean

The wastebasket should be emptied of its contents and washed clean. After drying out, new liners should be replaced.

This bedroom cleaning checklist has provided ample information covering a variety of cleaning tasks. Each of the listed tasks can be performed without much difficulty.

Also, you’ll need to organize your cleaning schedule into daily, weekly, and monthly time frames.

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