We’ll be looking at the pros and cons of each arborist helmet type, among other things.

Arborists handle tree-related tasks ranging from pruning, checking for diseases, planting trees, and all sorts of tree-related care.

Arborist Climbing Helmets

Essential to these actions are the tools and equipment needed to enhance efficiency and safety.

These essential tools include safety equipment like helmets, gloves, eyewear, boots, ear protection, and chain-resistant pants.

Others include harnesses, climbing ropes, carabiners & snap hooks, work positioning lanyards, and loads of others. Of the several tools mentioned, we’re more concerned with helmets.

This safety tool is a must-have for arborists as it helps protect their scalps from falling debris and tree limbs. We take a closer look at the different products available to pick from as well as basic features.

What’s the Best Arborist Helmet to Buy?

Often, buyers ask many questions, including those seeking the best arborist helmets.

Due to unique buyer preferences, it won’t be easy to point out a particular helmet brand as the best. So, features that check all the requirement boxes of one buyer may not impress another.

In other words, the best product is usually subjective. For an arborist helmet to be considered among the best, it must have multiple features that meet the needs of more buyers.

Some helmets have been identified to have such features. These quickly make up some of the best there is.

Before Buying an Tree-Cutting Helmet

Investing in a helmet requires making informed decisions.

Such informed decisions consist of checking the certificate of compliance and safety features and determining if the helmet can withstand vertical and horizontal shocks.

Can it be easily adjusted? This is among the primary considerations to be made.

Also, a lightweight arborist helmet should be preferred as it helps you avoid headaches and neck strains even when worn for a long. Does it sit nicely on your head?

A good helmet will perfectly fit into your head without having to force it in.

You might also want a helmet with high-density wire mesh at the front. Why is this important? It helps protect you from any form of abrasion that may result.

How ventilated is the helmet? A good arborist helmet should have provisions for ventilation at the sides and rear.

Comfort is of vital importance when it comes to wearing a helmet. Does the helmet have soft cushions or pads? Having sweat absorption capacity is another plus.

These tips help you choose the fitting arborist helmet to buy.

What Features Do Arborist Helmets Come With?

Arborist helmets may all have similar designs in shape or look but are differentiated mainly by a wide range of features.

Such features include provisions for attaching ear muffs, visors, and neck balancing. Also, arborist helmet designs may include innovations that help with sweat absorption.

Arborist helmets also come with shock absorption and rear neck protection, are lightweight, and are built for heavy-duty use. While some features, like shock absorption, may be uniform across the board, others may be found in certain products. It largely depends on what you go for.

To help you make the right pick, we’ve listed great arborist helmets below with safety features you might find exciting. All you have to do is sift through the list to find one that meets your requirements.

Apart from the information provided here, you can also consult an arborist for tips on what to go for.

Top Arborist Helmets for Sale

When making the right pick, you’re likely to get better results by focusing on some top brands.

We’ve only included and discussed a few of these top brands to help streamline your search. There are still tons of great products not included here.

The top arborist helmets we’ll discuss include Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet, Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet, and Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet; the Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist helmets come in multiple variants distinguished by their colors.

i. Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet

This arborist helmet has a streamlined headlamp clip and an adjustable chin strap, and is lightweight.

It features ventilation provisions on both sides that help with air circulation. In terms of safety, the polycarbonate material the outer shell is made from makes it highly durable.

The EPA foam within the helmet serves to enhance comfort in addition to efficient shock absorption.

In addition to other advantages, the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet provides low-profile suspension. The only downside of buying this helmet is the lack of a visor attachment system.

In other words, you won’t find an attachment system to clip or hang your eye protector. So does the absence of this feature disqualify the helmet from being among the best?

Not at all! Every arborist helmet, when closely examined, has its cons.

ii. Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet

The design of this arborist helmet helps provide adequate ventilation for users.

Also, sweat absorption provisions are made to provide added comfort. This light arborist helmet is designed for heavy-duty usage. You can easily adjust your ear muffs from the two slots provided.

The Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet comes with a headlamp clip, is durable, lightweight, and has a 4-point suspension strap.

The only downside we’ve observed with this helmet is the higher price it attracts compared to those mentioned.

ii. Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet

We’ve earlier stated that there are multiple variants of this arborist helmet by color.

They include black, red & yellow, and white & grey. Each has many benefits, including a swept-back helmet design and a large front view for enhanced visibility.

Other pros include head and neck protective gears, the adoption of crash absorber technology in design, and a safety ventilation gateway. On the flip side, this arborist helmet has no chin protection, and the wire mesh protection it comes with isn’t durable.

The discussion so far has provided ample details on shopping for arborist helmets. We’ve seen the tips for choosing the right product and some of the best helmets you’ll find.

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