Best Fireplace Mantel Brands For Sale [Buyer’s Guide]

Are you looking for the best fireplace mantels for sale? We’re here to help!

Also known as the chimneypiece or mantelpiece, the fireplace mantel is one key component whose use has evolved over the years. Fireplace mantels were first designed to help catch or redirect smoke.

Today, it does a lot more than that as it also serves as a decorative framework around the fireplace.

Fireplace mantels have traditionally been seen as a luxury symbol. As such, with the mantel placed above the fireplace, only special items are displayed on it.

Such items range from picture frames, decorative plates, candlesticks, mirrors, framed prints, paintings, statues, and decorative boxes.

Other special items include clocks and vases. So, with this provision, you don’t only have beauty, but also the functionality.

Types of Fireplace Mantels

One of the first things buyers need to figure out is the fireplace mantel type that suits the needs. There are different types in terms of materials they’re made from.

So, you’ll find marble, tile, brick, metal, wood, and stone or rock.

Each of these types is designed to either look extremely traditional or contemporary. This creates more options for buyers as they’re spoiled for choice.

So, what features should you be looking at when making your pick for a gas fireplace mantel? The following points will be of help;

Key Features of the Best Fireplace Mantels

The best fireplace mantels are identified by certain features that make them stand out from the pack.

These include quality craftsmanship and finish, packaging, hanging accessories, ease of purchase and delivery, aesthetically appealing, and available in multiple sizes.

  • Quality Craftsmanship and Finish

One of the primary features to look out for before settling for a fireplace mantel is the quality of craftsmanship. The best fireplace mantels are beautifully crafted with excellent finishing.

Your best bet of finding out what product to settle for is by going through as many as possible.

Never be in a hurry to settle for any until you’ve gone through all or as many fireplace mantel products on offer.

Having a second or third opinion may be of help. As such, consider having friends or family around when you shop for a fireplace mantel.

  • Packaging

How’s a fireplace mantel packaged before delivery?

This can be quite tricky as only a sample of the product is displayed. You’ll have to ask the seller to display such packaging or rely on reviews from previous buyers. Is packaging a bit confusing to you?

Here, we’re referring to how the product is wrapped or kept in preparation for delivery. This is vital in cases of delivery as fireplace mantels poorly packaged are likely to get damaged.

The best products come in Styrofoam packaging to ensure they’re delivered safely.

  • Hanging Accessories

A buyer should never be left alone to figure out where or how to hang their fireplace mantel. In other words, the best products should have ample hanging accessories.

This is where online reviews come in handy. They give you an idea of which products or brands come with all the needed hanging accessories.

  • Ease of Purchase and Delivery

As a buyer, you should never have to experience difficulties in purchase and delivery. The best product sellers make sure that buyer needs are fully met.

This includes easy checkout and product delivery. You want to ensure that these obligations will be fully met before making any commitment.

  • Aesthetically Appealing

One of the first things that set the best fireplace mantels aside from the pack is their aesthetic appeal. Every buyer wants to buy the best product. One of the qualifying factors is how beautiful it looks.

To choose the product that best fits your gas fireplace, it’s necessary to compare or match your surrounding environment to the fireplace mantels available.

  • Available in Multiple Sizes

All fireplace mantels are not of similar sizes.

In other words, the dimensions of your fireplace need to be taken into consideration when buying a mantel. With such information, you’re able to choose one that perfectly fits.

  • Pricing

The best fireplace mantels should be pricey right? Not entirely true!

While some of the best are indeed pricey, others aren’t. Now, being pricey depends on who you ask. For buyers seeking fireplace mantels within the mid-range bracket of cost, anything above that is considered costly.

Other buyers are only interested in quality. For such buyers, the cost isn’t considered a barrier as they seek only the best.

Some fireplace mantels may be costly, yet offer little in terms of the qualities mentioned earlier. So, the focus should be more on benefits derived.

Best Fireplace Mantel Brands to Buy

All of our discussion to this point has been aimed at providing a better understanding of what makes the best fireplace mantel. Now, there are tons of products we won’t be able to exhaust here.

However, we’ve provided some of the best mantels to consider.

They include Dulcia Fireplace Mantel Shelf, Dogberry Collections Fireplace Shelf Mantel, Rough Hewn Fireplace Shelf Mantel, and Rustic Fireplace Shelf Mantel.

Others are Henry Fireplace Shelf Mantel, Cecilia Fireplace Shelf Mantel, Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Shelf Mantel, and Alistair Fireplace Shelf Mantel.

More products include Celeste Fireplace Shelf Mantel, Savannah Fireplace Shelf Mantel, The Williamsburg Fireplace Mantel Surround, and Fireplace Mantel Surround.

Other possible picks are Auburn Fireplace Shelf Mantel, The Shenandoah Fireplace Shelf Mantel, The Classique Fireplace Surround, and The Alamo Fireplace Mantel Surround.

You can also go for The Lindon Fireplace Shelf Mantel or The Crestwood Fireplace Shelf Mantel.

As stated earlier, these are only a few of several products you can easily purchase with great value.

Cost Range

Cost is an important factor when looking to purchase the best fireplace mantel. Now, significant variations in pricing are common.

Here, you can find certain products such as Cecilia Fireplace Shelf Mantel going for as little as $87.08 while others like The Classique Fireplace Surround going for as much as $515.

This gives you a rough idea of how much prices for the best fireplace mantels can vary. Your first approach should be finding your most preferred product in terms of quality and design among other features.

Some of the best fireplace mantels for sale have been mentioned with key features also listed. With such details, you’re better informed to make key decisions.

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