In this handheld stump grinder review, I will be looking at some high-quality brands that would catch your interest.

There are several ways to get rid of a stump after your tree has been cut, you could:

  • burn it,
  • use chemicals, or
  • grind with a stump grinder.

Traditional stump grinders are big, heavy machines that grind up tree stumps into tiny pieces, but there are also handheld stump grinders available in the market.

Handheld Stump Grinder Review

If you decide to go for the latter option, then keep reading on the different models of stump grinders for sale.

Read on!

How to Select the Best Handheld Stump Grinder: Factors To Consider

Handheld stump grinders are also known as walk-behind stump grinders. They are a lot smaller than the traditional stump grinders and are best for domestic stump grinding duties.

Before you head out to buy or rent one, you need to consider a few factors first.

These include –

The amount of work you will be doing: All handheld stump grinders are not the same, some are larger (or smaller) than others. Before you get one, be sure of the type of work you will be needing it for.

Are you taking out one stump or a lot of stumps? You also need to determine the size of the stump and make sure the size of the handheld stump grinder you are getting will be able to carry out the task.

If it’s just one small stump you plan to grind, then a smaller model of a handheld stump grinder will be suitable. On the flip side, if you have a large stump to get rid of, then the larger stump grinder will be your best bet.

Your safety: A stump grinder is a high-powered machine with very sharp blades. Before you even turn it on, you need to be sure you understand how it works and takes all the necessary safety precautions.

Be advised to first read the user manual and get some tips from the store you are buying or renting from.

Check to see if the machine is working perfectly to avoid any accidents. Also, be sure there is no debris clogging the pathways so that the chipped wood won’t get stuck.

Keep your body parts away from the blades, as they are very and can cause severe bodily injuries.

Safety first before use!

Maintenance: When buying any piece of heavy machinery, you have to consider how easy or hard it would be to maintain. The same goes when buying a handheld stump grinder.

If you are renting, then you wouldn’t care so much about its maintenance, since it’s a one-time thing. But if you’re buying, then I assume you have long term plans for it. For this reason, you need to buy a handheld stump grinder that will be easy to maintain.

Portability: The handheld stump grinder you buy needs to be easy to move to the site and away from it.

Stump grinders are indeed heavy machines, but some models are much lighter than others. Be sure that the wheels roll smoothly so you can maneuver with a lot more ease.

Size and storage: When the stump grinder is not in use, you have to put it away somewhere. If the handheld stump grinder you buy is too big, then you will have trouble storing it, as it would take up too much space.

A smaller sized stump grinder would be easier to put away. It would also be easier to maneuver around tighter spaces.

Keep in mind though, if the tree stump you plan to grind is large, then a small stump grinder will not work for you. You will have no choice but to buy a model that is suitable for such a huge stump.

Nonetheless, you have to make provisions for storing your handheld stump grinder.

Find a spot free of moisture and dust to keep it when not in use. It would also help if you covered it up with a tarp to protect it from dust.

Cost: As always, you have to consider the cost of any long-serving machine before you buy it. On average, you could pay up to $100 to rent a stump grinder for a day’s use. But if you are looking to buy, then have a budget of at least $1,500.

The cheaper models of handheld stump grinders would most likely be sub-par when compared to the more expensive ones, so if you’re buying the cheaper ones, make sure they are suitable for the task.

Always get the best value for money though. Being more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean being better. It all depends on what you want to use it for.

Best Handheld Stump Grinder Models: Review

With all factors taken into consideration, let’s check out the best handheld stump grinders you can find in the market.

  1. North Star Handheld Stump Grinder

If you are looking for a handheld stump grinder that offers great value for money, then I recommend you check out the North Star Handheld Stump Grinder.

It is suitable for both domestic and commercial tasks, and it rips through stumps with ease.

It weighs 135 pounds, and that’s fair if you ask me. You shouldn’t have too much trouble moving it about.

This gas-powered handheld stump grinder has a powerful 160cc engine, and a stump diameter capacity of 10 inches above grade, and 9 inches below grade.

You would be please to hear that the manufacturers placed 2-year parts and 2-year labor warranty on this product.


  • It is lightweight and compact so it is easy to transport
  • It has a powerful 160cc Honda engine for maximum efficiency
  • Compared to other handheld stump grinders with the same features, it is fairly priced


  • This handheld stump grinder isn’t self-propelled, it must be moved manually
  • It is compact so it is not ideal for large stumps
  • If it is tipped up, oil can get into the combustion chambers and produce smoke
  1. Samson Machinery Handheld Stump Grinder

Unlike the North Star stump grinder, this is a more powerful machine meant grinding larger stumps. It has a rugged 15 horsepower 420cc motor, so you can imagine the kind of damage it’ll do to that large tree stump of yours.

Thanks to its size, it weighs 220 pounds. It also has a stump diameter capacity of 20.25 inches tall and 9 inches below ground.

The manufacturers placed a 1-year warranty on this product.


  • It has a very powerful engine and is suitable for grinding larger stumps
  • It is fairly priced when you consider the many good features it has
  • It has a thick, rugged cutting wheel that makes grinding very easy


  • The cutter wheel needs to be redirected if it hits a stone or a hard material
  • You have to walk it since it isn’t self-propelled
  • At 220 pounds, this machine is on the heavy side so moving around could be tough
  • It will consume more storage space
  1. Power King Handheld Stump Grinder

Coming in at 396 pounds, this handheld stump grinder is a real heavyweight. This might seem like an issue, but the nature of the job for which its design demands it.

It has a 14 horsepower engine and it was made for grinding large tree stumps. It is perfect for both domestic and commercial use.

This handheld stump grinder is powered by gas and it has a stump diameter capacity of 20 inches tall and 9 inches below ground.

Besides having very sharp blades and high cutting speed, it also comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • It has one of the most powerful engines any handheld stump grinder has to offer
  • It is designed with safety shut-off features in case of an emergency
  • It grinds faster than most models in its class


  • Weighing over 300 pounds, it is quite heavy to move around
  • It has a long throttle can which can get in the way
  • Some users have complained that the wiring is too thin
  1. Bluebird GX390 Handheld Stump Grinder

This is the last handheld stump grinder on my list, but it doesn’t make it the least. It weighs 350 pounds so you can place it in the heavyweight category.

It is built with a 13 horsepower gas-powered engine and it has a stump diameter capacity of 12 inches deep. It also comes with a 3-year warranty so it’s a good deal.


  • Thanks to its powerful Honda engine, it grinds stumps quickly and neatly
  • The blades cut very deep
  • It has safety features and technology
  • It comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • It is very expensive when compared to other stump grinders in its range
  • It is pretty heavy


Those are my top 4 picks!

I am sure you’ve spotted a model that suits your needs in this handheld stump grinder review.

Make sure you handle the stump grinders with care, as they can cause bodily harm of care isn’t taken.

Stay safe!

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