In this article, we’ll be discussing all moisture meters for firewood.

A moisture meter is an essential tool for determining the moisture content of the wood.

Whether you’re testing for seasoned firewood or involved in woodwork, having accurate information on the moisture content will help with more efficient use of wood.

Why is it necessary to know the moisture content of wood? Proper combustion will only be possible when moisture is below a certain threshold (15%) when used for fuel.

With the moisture meter, you’re able to determine if your firewood is ready for use or not.

Shopping for a Firewood Moisture Meter

Several factors come into play when choosing or selecting a moisture meter to buy.

These help with better selections. Specific questions must be asked and satisfactorily answered to guide you on what to pick. They include the materials to be measured.

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It’s evident from the topic that firewood meters are the target. With that said, the following point you want to figure out is how far into the material (firewood) the measurement will be taken.

Specific moisture meter designs are suited for measuring deep into firewood for moisture, while others aren’t.

What more? The degree of accuracy of your measurements is another factor you’ll need to consider when going for a moisture meter.

Getting the proper moisture meter will also require going through customer reviews. These reviews provide a lot of information on product quality.

Types of Moisture Meters

Additional information needed when shopping for moisture meters for firewood is the types available. There are three types of meters for measuring moisture.

They include the pinless moisture meter, pin-type moisture meter, and all-in-one moisture meter.

  • Pinless Moisture Meter

Moisture meters in this category are non-invasive because they don’t require inserting any component into firewood.

These operate on the principle of electrical impedance. Pinless moisture meters can be used for moisture reading depths of ¾” or 1” into the subsurface.

Pinless moisture meters can be used on both wood and non-wood surfaces. The readings for wood materials follow a wood scale of %MC at 5 to 30%.

For non-wood materials, the reading scale is usually between 0 and 100.

Since you’re interested in a moisture meter for firewood, it doesn’t matter if the meter is an invasive type or not.

In other words, it makes no difference whether a firewood meter is pinless or a pin-type as long as it gives the correct reading. How does the pinless meter compare with the pin type?

Let’s find out.

  • Pin-Type Moisture Meter

As the name implies, pin-type moisture meters for firewood have two pins attached to the reading device.

These pins are designed for invasive moisture reading. In other words, they’ll need to penetrate the firewood at the desired depth to take the task.

The %MC (% moisture content) is determined by the depth of the head of these contact pins. So what’s the typical moisture reading depth for these meters?

Pin-type meters will usually read up to 5/16” deep. Apart from firewood and other wood types, pin-type meters can also be used for reading moisture on different substrates.

These include painted surfaces, concrete, drywall, ceiling tiles, et. c, but that isn’t our focus.

With pin-type moisture meters, there’s a low range, mid or moderate range, and high or saturated range for moisture reading.

Because the meter measures %MC between 5% and 40%, the low range measurement falls within the 5 to 12% range, while the moderate moisture range is within 15 to 17%.

17% and above represents the saturated or high range moisture content.

The pin-type meter offers a more reliable reading for moisture in firewood than the pinless moisture meter.

That is because it measures deeper into the wood due to its invasive method of use.

  • All-in-One Moisture Meter

The all-in-one moisture meter combines pin and pinless moisture measurement methods.

This tends to give a better moisture assessment as multiple methods can be applied using this single piece of equipment. The versatility offered to the user makes for a more efficient moisture assessment.

Moisture Reading Accessories can be of Help.

Using pinless, pin-type, e, or all-in-one moisture meter designs won’t always guarantee accurate readings of moisture content in firewood.

However,r when combined with certain accessories, results tend to be much better than using these tools without accessories.

For example, wanting to measure more profoundly into the firewood may require using longer-insulated contact pins. To use these, holes must be drilled to the desired depth into the firewood and inserted with pins.

Readings are then taken of the moisture content from the tip of these pins.

Best Moisture Meters for Firewood

Before shopping for moisture meters, it’s necessary to have an idea of what the top-rated products are.

While there are tons of them, we’ve included a few themes to help narrow your search. Are these the only reliable products? Not at all! However, they’re among the most efficient.

These moisture reading tools include, in no particular order Stihl Wood Moisture Meter, Tarvool Wood Moisture Meter, Proster Wood Moisture Reader, General Tools Digital Pinless Moisture Meter, and General Tools Moisture Detector.

Let’s give a quick rundown of the basics of some of these.

i. Stihl Wood Moisture Meter

This high-accuracy moisture meter can take a moisture reading on firewood and other substrates.

The reading of the Stihl moisture meter includes a -2% and is portable and easy to carry around. Plus,s it can be held with one hand.

ii. Tarvool Wood Moisture Meter

This moisture meter has a pin-type moisture detector with 5% to 60% readings.

Its solid design makes it easy to handle,e plus it’s pretty affordable. Apart from wood, Tarvool moisture meters can be used on various substrates, including construction materials.

iii. Proster Wood Moisture Reader

Poster Wood Moisture Reader has a pin-type detector that can take moisture content readings within the 0% to 99% range.

It can be used on firewood and other substrates like construction materials, paper, and cardboard. It’s also quite affordable.

Moisture meters for firewood offer a reliable assessment of moisture content. We’ve seen the different types in terms of designs and some of the best products available.

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