If you’re planning on moving out, one of the things you’ll need to figure out is how to have your unit cleaned satisfactorily.

This is a requirement by law backed by a bond deposit that is refundable after the cleanup. This type of cleaning is very thorough and needs to be performed by professional cleaners.

Bond Cleaning Prices

The need to know the expenses involved is vital for planning.

With this knowledge, you’re able to make informed decisions on who to hire, how much to save up for the procedure and how to get the best cleaning deal.

Why You Need A Bond Cleaner

End-of-lease cleaning is no joke. Here, a whole lot of cleaning must be performed covering all areas of your unit.

Although this might seem attractive to some as a DIY project and a way to cut down on cost, it involves more than you think. As such, you could be overwhelmed plus, the job may not be done satisfactorily.

There are several advantages to hiring a bond cleaner irrespective of the costs involved.

First off, the bond cleaner is more experienced and thorough, gets the job done faster, gets the assurance that a good job will be done, and you stand to redeem your bond back guarantee.

Bond Cleaning Prices

Bond cleaning prices have a lot to do with the size of your property.

It’s common knowledge that property sizes vary. The smallest will be a studio while some other properties or apartments have as many as 5 bedrooms or more.

The smaller the property size, the less you pay for bond cleaning.

On the other hand, larger properties (those with several bedrooms will attract higher bond cleaning prices. To have a better idea of what we’re talking about, a single room usually attracts a bond cleaning fee of around $85.

For a studio (1 bedroom and 1 bath), cleaning costs will range from $120 to $200.

For a 2 bedroom apartment consisting of 1 or 2 baths, the bond cleaning price for such will be between $200 and $350. A larger property such as a 3 bedroom apartment with 1 or 2 baths will go for around $300 and $450.

Bond cleaning prices go higher for 4 bedroom apartments and higher. For a 4 bedroom apartment with 1,2 or 3 baths, expect to pay around $400 to $550.

Cleaning prices for a 5 bedroom apartment and above will start from a minimum of $450.

  • There Are Other Aspects Relating to Bond Cleaning Prices

The bond cleaning prices provided above only take into consideration one part of the picture. You’ll need to consider the other aspects of the job. In other words, bond cleaning involves a lot more processes than it seems.

With such processes come additional costs. Certain cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning and window cleaning may be charged separately. In other words, you’re likely to attract additional costs for some types of cleaning.

To be certain, you’ll need to discuss this with your cleaning technician.

Cleaning includes window washing, carpet vacuuming, mopping of floors, thorough dusting, cleaning of the kitchen area, cleaning bathroom(s), and wall washing among others.

In a nutshell, the unit or property needs to be cleaned to the recommended standard. Anything less than that shouldn’t be acceptable.

Is there A Way to Cut Down on Bond Cleaning Costs?

In readiness for cleaning, a bond cleaning service comes around to assess or estimate your property. These companies have a pricing structure or model with which they use to estimate cleaning jobs.

A quote is usually given to you at the end of such an estimation.

Now, it’s left to you to negotiate on such costs or simply look for a cheaper alternative. Certain tips can be used to reduce or lower bond cleaning prices. One of them includes avoiding hourly cleaning rates.

The DIY option is also available. You can also get volunteers to perform the job together.

  • Lower Bond Cleaning Costs by Avoiding Hourly Rates

Remember, cleaning needs to be thorough. This could take a lot of time to complete.

In situations where hourly rates apply, cleaning prices could add up significantly. It’s not a good idea to allow for hourly billing of bond cleaning jobs.

The process should be flexible enough to take into account the different aspects of the job. Such considerations will include the size of your property, job difficulty, and the number of areas to clean.

You want estimations or a pricing structure that serves your needs.

  • DIY Cleaning Will Help Lower Bond Cleaning Prices

If you feel you can get the job done yourself, then by all means do so. With DIY bond cleaning, there’s no need to call a bond cleaning service as all the work is handled by you.

However, you must be up to the task as the whole cleanup process can be overwhelming.

The good thing is, you won’t have to incur any cleaning costs. This is the cost-free way to handle bond cleaning. DIY cleaning will be most ideal for smaller housing units such as studios.

Again, we say this must be done properly to be considered a good job.

  • Getting Some Helping Hands will be a Great Idea

If your friends or relatives are willing to join, that will be a great idea. You can enlist their help to clean up the property at the least possible cost (there could be some refreshments).

Typically, a bond cleaning service charges separate rates for each technician involved in the cleanup. Here, you have the benefit of having extra helping hands and paying nothing at all!

Be Wary of Ridiculously Low Bond Cleaning Prices

Sometimes in a bid to get the job done at the best price possible, you’ll find cleaning services offering to do the job at very low costs. In most cases, the prices sound too good to be true.

You should be extra careful here as you may fall victim to novices claiming to be experts.

Bond cleaning prices are adequately captured by the details supplied above. Whatever the size of your property, you’re able to have a fair idea of what you’re likely to incur in terms of cleaning costs.

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