In this guide, we will be looking at some businesses that need cleaning services. We’ll be reviewing companies and offices that often need cleaners, as well as how to position your venture to benefit from such places.

Hygiene is a basic human requirement. Not only does it help keep germs and diseases at bay, but it also enhances the appeal of an environment or business.

Here, we’ll be discussing businesses in need of cleaning services. So, why does this sound a bit weird? Is cleaning not a basic need for all businesses?

Well, surprisingly, there are lots of overlooked businesses that aren’t given the needed attention when it comes to cleaning. You might be surprised by some of these businesses we’ll be mentioning shortly.

As a cleaning business, you should pay more attention to these businesses as they hold a lot of potentials.

One thing every business cannot do without is the demand for its services. You want to dedicate your marketing efforts towards attracting new clientele. Not only do you need clients in need of janitorial services, but you also want to retain them.

Repeat patronage is highly essential to the overall profitability of a cleaning business. This is what all successful cleaning businesses do while seeking additional clients. The same can be true for your business if you know where to focus your attention on.

Who Needs Cleaning Services?

Everyone! Just That! A lot of people are stressed up with the rigors of cleaning their homes and businesses.

Although they might not realize it, this worry can be taken off their shoulders by positioning your business to lessen their burdens.

It all depends on how you craft your message.

Marketing isn’t something you simply embark on without knowledge. The right message needs to be passed. In other words, you’ll need to have an understanding of what the unique cleaning needs of your target clients are. Since we are talking about businesses, you have to find what cleaning problems your potential clients face.

You might want to hire marketing experts to help out with organizing your marketing campaign. Not only that, but the message must also reach those it is intended for. Most businesses will readily outsource their cleaning obligations to competent cleaning services.

This opportunity can be tapped into if you’re ready.

First Things First!

Before delving into details on businesses in need of cleaning services, we’ll first provide a structure upon which our discussion will be built on.

This article will be divided into two major parts.

The first discusses businesses in need of cleaning services while the second part focuses on ways to get clients for your cleaning business.

Companies and Small Businesses In Need Of Cleaning Services

A whole lot of businesses both new and old require cleaning services.

Our goal here is to help you identify such businesses and offer your service. You are likely to be tempted to look out the usual places.

However, the good news is that the potential clients listed here offer many more options.

  • Archiving Facilities

Archiving facilities or buildings are nice places to advertise your cleaning business. This archive all sorts of documents for institutions and companies. Hence, the need to keep these tidy and in proper order.

If you’ve provided cleaning services in this niche area in the past, then this opportunity shouldn’t be that difficult.

Also, archiving facilities won’t be needing cleaning services every day.

As such, you’ll only need to provide such services on scheduled days each week. This means cleaning contracts with archiving facilities won’t be taking up your entire time. You can serve other companies looking for janitorial services too.

  • Fitness Centers

The need for cleaning services in the fitness industry is huge and growing.

This is an opportunity you shouldn’t let slip by. Fitness centers are venues where people work out and in the process sweat out a lot. Such places will need to be kept fresh for the next day or fitness session.

Fitness centers in major towns or cities tend to be more lucrative as there are lots of clients working through their doors. You can capitalize on this by providing top professional cleaning services. Some prior experience will help you attract more cleaning jobs and contracts.

  • Retail Stores And Businesses

You might want to consider adding retail stores to your list of potential clients due to its enormous potentials.

At the end of a typical day of business, or major shopping holidays such as Black Friday, etc, there’s a significant level of dirt buildup that needs to be cleaned. You should consider looking for such cleaning opportunities to take advantage of.

You might as well enter into a contract especially with major retail chains to keep their stores clean. The best part is that retail store cleaning doesn’t take up many resources compared to other types of cleaning jobs.

Sometimes retail cleaning jobs will be most suitable for small businesses.

However, large retail chains offer better prospects for cleaning services.

  • Bars And Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are among businesses in need of cleaning services.

However, you should be more particular with high-end restaurants as these form the bulk of demand for your type of service. At the end of each day, such bars and restaurants will need to be cleaned in time for the next day’s business.

In keeping up with health regulatory standards, bars and restaurants require professional cleaning services.

You’ll need to prove and demonstrate your capability in providing such services. Prior experience will be most preferred by your potential clients.

  • Medical And Dental Offices

You should consider looking at the direction of medical facilities for cleaning contracts. These places need to be kept free of filth. If you’ve provided such jobs in the past, then satisfying the needs of this market won’t be difficult at all.

There’s a basic standard of cleanliness expected of all health facilities.

You should be able to meet up with such standards and also demonstrate the capacity to meet the needs of your clients. The bigger the health facility, the better for your business.

  • Schools

When in session, schools see a lot of activities. This places it among the top businesses in need of cleaning services.

It does not matter the type of school as long as it involves hygiene. These range from college or university campuses to high schools etc. You’ll need to send your business to such clients for possible patronage.

Sometimes, certain schools will have existing cleaning contracts with cleaning services. However, not all such janitorial companies offer satisfactory school cleaning services.

Hence, your business may be considered for a cleaning contract at the expiration or termination of existing contracts.

  • Government Buildings

These are considered the most lucrative by cleaning companies. The reasons are simple! Government contractors (of all kinds) are paid better. However, getting cleaning contracts with this client doesn’t come easy. There are lots of red tapes you’ll need to breakthrough.

However, on the brighter side, there is never a shortage of bids. Although you’ll need to compete with countless other businesses for such contracts. Being highly competent and experienced goes a long way in enhancing your chances.

Also, you’ll need to abide by all the terms and conditions set forth to be considered. Many offices need cleaning services in government establishments.

How to Find Businesses Looking for Cleaners

Clients are the lifeline for any cleaning business. Having listed some of the many businesses in need of cleaning services, we’ll show you ways to attract clients fast for your business.

Here is how to find companies looking for cleaning services near you.

  • Develop An Effective Marketing Plan

We’ve included the word ‘effective’ due to the impact it has on a cleaning marketing plan. You’ll need to reach out to potential clients by compellingly selling your cleaning business. Doing this requires getting things done the right way. Such things include using the right tools.

Business cards go a long way in helping you reach clients. Flyers and small banner ads are also effective marketing tools for exposing people to your cleaning service. These (fliers and banners) will need to be placed at conspicuous spots for ease of visibility.

  • Asking For Referrals

Do you have happy clients?

You sure would want to take advantage of their satisfaction with your service by encouraging them to refer your business to their friends and family. Word of mouth marketing plays a major role in referring to a cleaning business or any business for that matter.

  • Try Coupons And Discounts

Limited time discounts and coupons have a magic effect on potential clients. The same applies to existing clients referring to your business. This strategy has been used to drive increased sales and continues to be effective.

  • Have A Live Chat Feature On Your Website

When visitors come to your website, they might have more questions they need answers to. Having a live chat feature enables them to easily get these answers.

However, the time you’d be present online must be clearly stated.

  • Social Media Presence Is Essential

If you wish your cleaning service to be taken seriously, a strong social media presence will be necessary. This is where a lot of people spend most of their time. Some paid social media ads will also go a long way in reaching your target audience.

The above information on businesses in need of cleaning services has listed a few of the many available. Also, we’ve gone further to include ways to get clients for your cleaning business. This too is essential to reaching your target market.

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