Here is how to buy bamboo online.

Do you wish to alter your landscape by introducing some bamboo plants to your surroundings? You’ll need all the help necessary for making the right decision.

Outdoor Bamboo Plants For Sale

As expected, this article will discuss the costs involved and other vital aspects like where to buy, how to buy, and even how to plant them.

Also included here are details like the benefits and the concerns of growing this plant around your home.

In all, you should avoid any mistakes such as those made by other buyers when shopping for their bamboo plants. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

About Bamboos

First, it’s essential to overview bamboo plants and what they’re about.

This plant belongs to the sub-family of grass with over 1,400 identified bamboo species. There are about 250 or more hardy temperate variants that easily thrive in the United States.

This species is a fast-growing plant that can add about 4 feet of growth each day!

Plus, you can put this plant to a wide range of uses. With this said, it’s time to get into details on the bamboo plant’s cost and other essential aspects.

Cost of Bamboo Plants

One of the primary things you need to know when making a purchase is the cost involved. Here, you want to make the best possible deal in addition to saving as much as you can.

When it comes to the cost of the plant, the bamboo type or species matters; for timber bamboos, you’re likely to pay anywhere from $120 to $160.

Timber bamboos can grow to a height of 35 to 50 ft and about 2 to 4 inches in diameter. It’s logical to expect larger bamboo plants to be more expensive than smaller ones.

As such, smaller-sized bamboo plants measuring around 22 to 38 ft. in height are likely to be sold for about $60 to $100.

Bamboo species is another purchase consideration you should have.

The clumping variety with species includes the Chinese dwarf bamboo, golden goddess, timber black, giant buddha’s belly, Alphonse Karr, and Murray island.

These aren’t fast-growing bamboo varieties.

They cost anywhere from $60 to $160 and only grow to a maximum height of 15 feet when fully matured.

Before You Purchase Bamboo

It’s necessary to assess your needs and preferences before purchasing your bamboo plants.

As stated earlier, these are great plants to have around the home. However, you’ll need to know what you want to achieve with these plants.

Whether you want to grow bamboos as a hedgerow or wish to include them as potted plants on your balcony, knowing what species to go for will be necessary.

When making your inquiries, you’ll find different nursery sizes with standard sizes ranging from 1, 2, 3, 15, and 25 gallons.

About three culms per plant are included for each gallon. So, you’ll have to know what exactly to buy for your landscaping needs.

  • Knowing the Growth Needs of Bamboo Plants

One of the things you need to figure out is the unique needs of your preferred bamboo variety. Different varieties have their individual needs.

The clumping varieties will typically require more sunlight than others. So, your surroundings must have adequate sunlight penetration to grow your bamboo.

  • Where You Buy Your Bamboo Online

Garden centers and nurseries sell bamboo plants.

There are also online sellers of bamboo plants to place your orders. However, it’s also necessary to understand that differences in service may exist between one nursery and the next.

For example, you may find that some nurseries may provide or include care kits, start-up feed, as well as other accessories while others won’t.

With this knowledge, it’s essential to make your findings on the service offerings given by different nurseries. In a nutshell, you shouldn’t be hasty in buying your plants from any nursery.

Another tip on where to buy your bamboo is making the correct findings.

Customer reviews and advice from friends can help you avoid inevitable mistakes. By going through customer reviews, you know what supplier or nursery to avoid and which to patronize.

You should know that it’s almost impossible to have a 100% satisfaction rate among customers. Nevertheless, the positive reviews dropped by customers should be much higher.

It would help if you avoided nurseries with more negative reviews than positive ones.

  • Bamboo Buying Tips

In a bid to make the right buying decision, there are several things you’ll need to consider, such as the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, money-saving considerations, and the outcomes you want.

So what are these about? Let’s have a look;

Not all bamboo varieties will thrive under extreme temperature conditions. However, some will still thrive in winter in temperatures of -24 degrees.

You might want to factor in this characteristic before buying your bamboo.

You can provide some form of protection for those varieties that won’t do well under icy conditions. Here, the use of antifreeze foil will be necessary.

Money-saving tips you can adopt when buying bamboo include buying smaller plants.

Buy from 1 to 5-gallons plants. Here, instead of spending more money buying a larger plant, you can buy several small ones which give you more.

However, it’s necessary to have some patience when adopting this option.

Another money-saving tip you’ll find helpful is asking for multiple estimates. About three to five estimates should be enough. Such assessments allow you to compare the pricing structures of different nurseries, thus choosing the best deal among them.

What outcomes do you want? Different bamboo plants have unique growth requirements. By assessing your specific needs, you’re able to make decisions without stress.

For some, smaller plants may serve their needs to reduce your overall costs to a large extent.

Discuss With Your Bamboo Seller

When visiting a nursery, it’s essential to discuss specialists there about your specific needs. This conversation allows them to provide you with the best recommendations on what you should go for.

You can use the above information to buy your bamboo. We’ve provided several details such as the cost involved, the varieties, and buying tips.

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