Order Peonies Online – How And Where To Buy Near Me

Are you searching for the best place to buy peonies online?

Blooms are great plants to have in your garden as they’re large, fragrant, and romantic plants to have around.

Peonies quickly come to mind when thinking about cultivated plants in the garden or around your home. In this article, we’ll be discussing all buying peonies and essential tips to adopt.

Because there are lots of variants, we’ll be looking at some of these in addition to other details like the cost, buying tips, and more. Also, knowing what growing zones support your peony plants will be necessary.

At the end of this article, you should have the needed guidance for making the right buying decision.

Mature Peony Plants For Sale

Peonies easily fall among the most popular ornamental perennial plants you’ll find.

They’re either grown as border plants or produced for their cut flowers. There are between 25 to 30 different species of peonies, each having unique features and appearance.

The more appealing or sought-after peonies tend to have shorter growing seasons than the others. These ornamental plants thrive best in conditions of even moisture.

With this overview, it’s necessary to get into specifics on what to look out for when buying peonies.

Before Buying Potted Peonies

When buying peonies, several factors need to be considered. These range from the variety, the cost, ideal growing conditions, where to buy online.

Also, you’ll need to be attentive to customer reviews and how to order. Also, the growing zones are essential. All of these will prove crucial to getting the perfect peonies for your needs.

  • Peony Variety

As stated earlier, there are different kinds of peonies with known varieties ranging from 25 to 30.

The most critical varieties include raspberry sundae, Festiva maxima, Shirley temple, Sarah Bernhart, and red charm. Others have a bowl of beauty, coral charm, and red charm.

Apart from the different varieties, you can buy hundreds of sub-varieties of peonies. These are classified based on the bloom formation.

Based on this characteristic, peonies are divided into different types that include semi-double, single, anemone, Japanese, double, and bomb.

  • Costs

The cost angle of things is a piece of information you need to figure out before making a purchase. As stated above, the different peony varieties come with their unique costs.

To give you an idea, the cost of the coral sunset peony ranges from $18 to $37, while honey gold peony ranges from $23 to $49.

The cherry hill peony will cost anywhere from $26 to $56, while the coral charm and alertie peonies go for $16 to $34 and $17, respectively. The joker peony, white cap, and Mme calot peonies cost around $49 to $99, $34 to $59, and $17 to $39.

There are also the fawn peony, the edulis superb peony, and gay paree peony having average costs of $19, $15, and 22 per piece.

If you want to go for the Peter brand peony, the blush queen peony, or the officinalis anemoniflora Rosea peony varieties, you’re likely to spend around $22 to $44 $34, and $19 to $39, respectively.

The cost information provided gives an idea of what’s obtainable.

We’ve mentioned only a few varieties of the many available. One of the ways to get a good deal is by asking for estimates from 3 to 5 different nurseries.

Nurseries have different pricing structures; it allows you to choose the best deal available.

  • Ideal Growing Conditions

Certain growth conditions are essential for peonies to thrive.

Here, we’re looking at the planting location, soil conditions, as well as root systems. In terms of the planting location, it’s best to have peonies grown in either full sun or partial shade areas.

Continuous shade isn’t necessary as it might affect the average growth of these ornamental plants. When it comes to the type of soils to be used, peonies do better in well-drained soils and those rich in organic material.

However, they’ll still grow in all kinds of soils as long as such soils are well-drained.

To ensure your peonies survive, you’ll need to water frequently when the plants are young. In spring, these will require watering, mainly when the plants produce flowers.

Another condition you should be mindful of is having peonies grown in their final locations from the beginning.

Moving them when fully matured will affect the health of the plants. It’s likely to take several years for peonies to recover when moved late.

  • Where to Buy Peonies Near Me

Several nurseries sell their plants online. As such, it’s never difficult to find one to buy from.

While this is true, it’s essential to ensure you’re careful with who you buy from. One of the ways to find the best online peony sellers is by reading reviews about different suppliers.

These reviews are written by customers about their experiences with the dealer.

With this information, you’re able to go with sellers with the most positive reviews. The rule of thumb here is to stick with sellers having the most positive reviews.

  • Order Peonies For Delivery

Once you’ve found you’re your seller, proceeding from there isn’t difficult.

These sellers provide detailed information on the cost per unit and type, as well as easy-to-follow buying procedures. You’re also provided details on when they will deliver the products to you.

Customers get to track their purchases in addition to getting email updates on the status of shipment. On average, it takes about two days for your shipment or order to arrive.

  • Growing Zones

Knowing the growing zones of peonies is essential as you can choose species that are easily supported by your location. The ever-increasing zones are primarily determined by the peony species or variety you go for.

For example, most peonies will thrive in growing zones 2 to 8. More importantly, all such information is provided by the seller. The more comprehensive the details, the more reliable the seller is.

You should be able to chat and ask questions as well.

The above tips will help with buying peonies online. As seen, this isn’t a complicated process at all. However, you need to understand certain aspects of the purchase to avoid problems.

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