Is Attic Radiant Barrier Worth It?

Is a radiant barrier worth it for an attic? Attic radiant barriers serve the function of limiting radiant heat transfers from the underside of roofs to other surfaces within the attic. This is a form of insulation aimed at controlling heat transfer. This article takes a critical look at attic radiant barriers to find out …

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Is Mold In Attic Common?

Is mold in the attic a big deal? Should I worry about mold in my attic? A lot of times, mold issues in homes are common with certain areas like crawlspaces, showers & bathtubs, as well as in walls & floors. Mold In Attic Mold can also be found growing in sinks & toilets, kitchens, …

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Who Installs Attic Fans?

Who should install an attic fan? As a homeowner in need of attic fan installation, there are lots of options available. The options you have are mostly tied to your location. In other words, where you live determines who gets called for an attic fan installation job. As always, there are independent professionals as well …

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