Mold In Homes

Does Black Mold Spread?

Mold spread from one location to the next is considered a severe cause for concern due to the dangers posed by such growth. These dangers are in the form of structural damage and health risks posed. Although molds grow in various colors, the black type is notoriously viewed as the most dangerous. We must state …

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Does Mold Return After Treatment?

How quickly does mold come back? Do they really return after remediation? Let’s dig into the facts. For people dealing with mold issues, one of the common questions that get asked is the possibility of mold returning after successful treatment. There have been several situations of mold growth reoccurring after initial treatment has been performed. …

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7 Clear Signs Of Mold In Crawl Space

What does mold in crawl space look like? Here are seven signs of crawl space mold infestation. A lot of times, homeowners are oblivious to mold presence in their crawl space until the problem degenerates significantly. Without urgent action, mold issues are likely to worsen. An effective preventive strategy requires understanding common signs and symptoms …

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