Cedarcide Original Insect Repellent Spray – Ingredients, Usage, Cost & Side Effects

Most homeowners that have dealt with one pest issue or the other are likely to have crossed paths with Cedarcide Original.

This is an all-natural and non-toxic insecticide and repellent that’s used for a wide range of pest issues.

For persons interested solely ineffective natural bug treatments, read through to gain a better understanding of this product.

Cedarcide Original Insect Repellent Spray Composition

If you’ve wondered why the name Cedarcide was given to this pest control product, you only need to look at its main active ingredient. Cedarcide’s main active ingredient is cedar oil, hence the name.

It contains other ingredients tools and works by suffocating and dehydrating bugs when applied to them.

According to the product manufacturer, it uses earth-conscious ingredients in its composition. These include lemongrass oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, food-grade diatomaceous earth, and sodium citrate.

Others include ethyl lactate, polyglyceryl oleate isopropyl myristate, sodium lauryl, and glycerin.

Also used are hydrated silica, mineral oil, soybean oil, and water. These ingredients are used in varying compositions to produce this potent insect repellent spray.

How it Works

To try out this natural insecticide spray, you’ll need to know how it works.

When applied or sprayed, the main active ingredient (Cedarwood oil) in addition to others, works to suffocate, dissolve, dehydrate and disorient bugs and their eggs.

What Insects Does Cidarcide Original Repellent Spray Kill?

When it comes to its repellent effects, Cedarcide Original will readily kill and repel a wide range of pests including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and ants.

The good thing about this product is that it can be used on pets for pest treatments without putting them in harm’s way.

This carefully tested formulation serves as protection from these pest issues without the toxic effects of chemical-based pest control treatments.

What Makes Cidarcide Unique

According to the manufacturer, Cedarcide Original is the outcome of green chemistry were naturally sourced plant-based products are used with the aim of total pest control.

Your pets are totally safe as Cedarcide Original can be used on them without a problem.

Plus, the Cedarcide Original brand is into worthy causes with a portion of its sales going into different charity projects. With such direction, it’s easy to see why the attraction to this brand has grown steadily over the years.

Is Cedarcide Original Made in Concentrate Form?

While lots of insecticide products come in concentrate formulations, Cedarcide Original isn’t anything like that.

This natural insect repellent product comes ready to use. In other words, no dilution is required. You have absolutely no worries about what ratios to mix this product.

You only need to start using it immediately after purchase.

However, you’ll need to follow its use instructions on the product label. Following such instruction enhances the results obtained. Plus, your home gets that fresh cedar aroma that lingers on after each application.

Does Cedarcide Original Repel Bed Bugs?

It’s common for people having bed bug issues to ask questions about the efficacy of this insecticide.

Unfortunately, bed bugs aren’t included as being among the pests killed by Cedarcide Original. Plus, there’s no verified information affirming such.

You’ll have to look for alternative measures to combat your bed bug problems. It’s also important to state that bed bug infestations are difficult to get rid of through DIY methods.

You should go for more reliable treatment options such as calling a trained and experienced pest technician.

To What Degree is Cedarcide Original Effective?

A good number of chemical repellent products are known to only kill pests at certain life stages especially after the egg stage.

For those that kill pests at all life stages, such insecticides leave behind a toxic effect on humans and pets. With Cedarcide Original, the story is much different.

This repellent product eliminates ticks, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, mites, etc at all life stages with zero toxicity to humans and pets. Speaking of the life stages, this includes from egg through adulthood.

It’s a comprehensive natural treatment designed to give quick relief without the attendant negative side effects common with chemical products.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Cedarcide Original’s Use?

Although Cedarcide Original Insect Repellent spray is made from natural plant-based ingredients known to be mostly safe, there’s never a guarantee of being free of side effects.

Some people have allergies to certain products which are normal.

However, what isn’t normal is the continuation of its use even when it’s clear that there are allergic reactions to Cedarcide Original.

In other words, it’s important to discontinue its use when you notice a negative reaction to the product. Also, it’s necessary to seek medical attention for such.

Over-the-Counter Repellent Spray for DIY Pest Treatment

Cedarcide Original is an over-the-counter natural repellent spray that’s ideal for DIY pest treatment. Despite being designed for such use, it’s important to thoroughly understand its directions for use.

You cannot simply apply this natural repellent product without following its guidelines and expect excellent results.

There are instructions for its application that also double as safety precautions. By following such instructions, you end up getting desired results.

Can I Use Cedarcide Original Insect Repellent Spray Outdoors?

This product is solely designed for indoor use.

To have the desired effect, Treatment must be performed within an enclosed environment. Indoor application of Cedarcide Original helps maintain the ideal concentration levels necessary for eliminating targeted bugs.

However, when Cedarcide is sprayed directly on pests found outdoors, it has the same repellent impact. While that is true, it won’t do a good job as when applied indoors.

Is Cedarcide Original Insect Repellent Affordable?

This product is designed to be affordable and accessible to all.

It comes in varying sizes each having different price points. Starting at $17.99 for its small spray can, a gallon of Cedarcide Original Insect Repellent Spray goes for $109.90.

You get to decide the quantity you wish to purchase. For major DIY pest treatments, smaller-sized containers may not be enough. You may have to go with its gallon.

These are the basics about Cedarcide Original Insect Spray. This natural insecticide product has come to be widely accepted by homeowners due to its efficacy.

However, you may need a more comprehensive and drastic treatment when faced with a severe pest problem. Pest management services will have to be called upon.

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