Chainsaw Bars: Functions, Materials & Best Models to Buy

This article will provide detailed information on chainsaw bars, the different types, and how to match bar size to motor size.

Answers will also be provided on the universality of chainsaw bars; In a nutshell, you’ll find this article exciting and educative.

Whether you’ve worked with a chainsaw in the past or frequently do, one of the critical components you should know of is the bar.

Also called chainsaw blades, these bars help with the efficient functioning of chainsaws. Like all chainsaw components, they must be maintained to remain functional for longer.

  • Professional Chainsaw Bar

Ch chainsaw bars come in varying designs, sizes, and brands.

While it may be confusing for some buyers to make their pick, you only need to narrow your search to certain key features; the intended purpose, brand, material, and durability.

Other key features to look out for include weight, size, bar clutches, coating, and anti-vibration.

With all of these critical features considered, you can make a better selection of your chainsaw replacement bar.

Let’s further discuss each of these features to understand better what they’re about.

i. Intended Purpose

When shopping for your chainsaw bar, one of the primary things you need to consider is the intended purpose of this tool.

You’ll find varying chainsaw bar designs that suit different needs. Here, the width and length of the chainsaw bar matter. There’s also the weight to consider.

ii. Brand

As stated earlier, there are tons of chainsaw bar brands, with some of these known to be more reputable than others. Knowing your chainsaw brand is also vital when shopping for a chainsaw bar.

You’ll find compatible brands in the market, including Sun Joe, Oregon, Makita, Husqvarna, Jonsered, and Stihl. You’ll need to research to know exactly what you’re going for.

iii. Material

Chainsaw bars are made from a wide range of materials that offer varying levels of durability.

These materials also impact the cost. Some popular materials you’ll find for chainsaw bars include titanium alloy, steel, aluminum alloy, and carbide-tipped steel bars.

Each of these offers certain benefits. You’ll have to research these to know exactly what fits your needs briefly.

iv. Durability

One of the key features to look out for when buying a chainsaw bar is its durability.

This chainsaw component experiences a lot of strain due to its attachment to the motor. Luckily, most materials used tend to be durable.

While that is true, some materials are more durable than others.

Chainsaw bars made from forged steel are more challenging than other materials. You’ll do well to seek out chainsaw bars made from the most durable materials.

This help extends its lifespan.

v. Weight

Another vital buying tip for chainsaw bars includes weight.

Here, not only should the component be lightweight, but it should also be durable. Luckily there are renowned chainsaw brands that tick all of the boxes.

Not only does the lightweight design make for more efficient functioning, but other benefits relating to control, power, and speed are also derived.

However, specific jobs will be best performed by heavier chainsaw bars.

This is especially true for thicker logs or lumber. The benefit of heavier bars is seen in their being more stable and not having frequent upward jerks like light bars.

vi. Size

Size also counts when making your pick for a chainsaw bar.

The size or lengths vary and suit different uses. Chainsaw bar sizes range from 16 to 36 inches. These fit other benefits from the general consumer to professional services.

For example, bar sizes ranging from 18 to 20 tend to be more suitable for consumer use. 24-inch bars, on the other hand, are more suited for professional chainsaw models.

There are commercial types that require larger bars measuring around 36 inches.

vii. Bar Clutches

Understanding the clutch system of chainsaws is vital.

This is essential to proper functioning. As always, every piece of equipment requires a thorough understanding if you must attain the expected results.

So, understanding clutches on the bar is crucial.

viii. Coating

Apart from coating found on chainsaw chains, it would help if you looked out for bars such layer.

The coating on chainsaw bars helps extend the lifespan of this component. You’ll do well to be attentive to its design and whether your chainsaw is coated or not.

ix. Anti-Vibration

Improvements in engineering and chainsaw design help boost performance and efficiency.

Anti-vibration systems are among several improvements to make the work much easier and less stressful. In a nutshell, you should look for a chainsaw bar with anti-vibration features.

Best Chainsaw Bars for Sale

How do I know what chainsaw bar to buy?

Not everyone knows exactly what to get or the reputable brands available. If you fall into this category of buyers, there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

While there are tons of reliable products to pick from, we’ve only included a few of these to start you on your journey to find some of the best products.

These include the Oregon 20-inch Chainsaw Bar, Husqvarna 18-inch Chainsaw Bar, and the Forester 20-inch Bar and Chain Combo.

Others include the Stihl 20-inch Laminated Chain Saw Bar and the Oregon 16-inch Bar and Chainsaw Blade. Let’s further discuss some of these.

i. Oregon 20-Inch Chainsaw Bar

This chainsaw bar is made from durable steel with Lubritec system technology, allowing for less use friction. It’s compatible with most Stihl chainsaws and has a narrow kerf.

Combined, these features make for the smooth operation of the chainsaw.

ii. Forester 20-Inch Bar & Chain Combo

As the name suggests, the Forrester Bar is a combo that includes the chainsaw chain.

It’s compatible with most Stihl models and has a sturdy and durable construction. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty woodwork.

The chainsaw bar is user-friendly, easy to control, sharp, and fast cutting.

Your buying decisions don’t have to be haphazard. With the information supplied here, you should be able to narrow your search by looking out for certain features, as mentioned above.

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Personal research goes a long way in helping you pick the right chainsaw bar.

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