Chimney Cowls For Wood Burners – Benefits & Types

Chimney cowls play an important role in the proper functioning of the chimney system. This will form the basis of our discussion as we consider chimney cowls for wood burners.

Here you’ll find all the basic information about how it works among other things.

Your Wood Burner Needs The Right Cowl

For wood burners or stoves to function effectively, they’ll need the right cowl installed. So, what roles do chimney cowls play? They are ventilators installed at the top of chimney pots and perform vital functions.

Such vital functions include the removal of smoke from your living room, preventing birds from nesting, keeping your home odor-free, keeping out rain, and the reduction of the draft. Now, wood burners are increasingly becoming efficient.

Newer designs combine convection and radiant heat using a convection chamber that is wrapped around the firebox. What happens is a situation where cool air is drawn into the convection chamber, warmed before it’s circulated back into the room.

For this to be possible, a good chimney cowl will need to be installed as it contributes to the effective functioning of your chimney.

Types Of Chimney Cowls For Wood Burners

Are you thinking about what chimney cowl type to get for your newly installed wood burner?

The truth is, you’ll be spoiled for choice as there are tons of categories. Each of these categories has a long list of chimney cowls to pick from.

Because there are lots of these, we’ll only focus on the categories you can pick from. Common categories include Chimney Terminals, Chimney Rain Cowl, Tulip Chimney Cowls, Noise Reducing Chimney Cowls, Bird Spike Chimney Cowls, Pot Hanger Chimney Cowls, and Hexagonal Chimney Cowls.

Others are Twill Wall Cowls, Crown Pot Chimney Cowls, Birdguards, Aluminium Chimney Cowls, Gas Birdguards, Buff Chimney Cowls, Solid Fuel Birdguards, and Black Chimney Cowls. More chimney cowls for wood burners include Chimney Caps, Stainless Steel Chimney Cowls, Chimney Terminals, and Terracotta Chimney Cowls.

There’s more! These include Chimney Liner Terminals, Chimney Fans, Square Chimney Cowls, Chimney Rain Cowls, Anti-Downdraught Cowls, and Spinning Cowls. These are all excellent wood burner chimney cowl categories to pick from.

As earlier stated, there’s a long list of chimney cowls under each category. You can proceed to make your pick after reading through the whole article.

What Do I Benefit by Installing Chimney Cowls for my Wood Burners?

We earlier listed some benefits of using chimney cowls for wood burners. However, we didn’t go further to expand on these benefits. This section will do so by clearly stating the numerous advantages derived from the use of chimney cowls.

These chimney components help with the reduction of the draft, keeps your home odor-free, eliminates smoke from your living room, keeps rain out, and stops birds from nesting;

  • Reduction of Draft

A lot of homes having chimneys are faced with a common problem; draft!

This is a situation that results when a strong wind is blown down your chute and into the living room. What results is an uncomfortable situation where your room becomes colder.

However, with chimney cowls for wood burners, this problem is fully resolved. Anti-downdraft cowls are available to eliminate draft problems.

  • Keeping your Home Odor-Free

How is chimney odor produced? It results from smoke coming out of wood burners. Without the right chimney cowl, such odor remains and permeates your entire surroundings. You should not wait for this to happen.

The right chimney cowl fitted or installed on your chimney top should get rid of any bad odors. This solves the problem of smoke flowing down back into the home.

  • Eliminates smoke from your Living Room

Smoke in the living room is yet another common issue faced by homeowners.

This all starts from downdrafts which push in not only cold air but also smoke. This constant activity of strong winds makes your home smoky at all times.

However with the right chimney cowl installed, all smoke issues should be fully solved. You get the relief you seek when everything’s in place.

  • Keeps Rain Out

Rain and moisture penetration into the chimney system calls for very urgent measures. This is a significant cause for concern as it can cause serious damage. However, with a chimney cowl installed for your wood burner stove, you should find relief.

Wood burners easily rust away as long as rain or significant moisture continues to find its way through the chimney. With the chimney cowl, rain is blocked out while your wood burner lasts longer. This is the benefit you get by having cowls fixed.

  • Stops Birds from Nesting

Birds are notorious for nesting in spots that might result in damage as well as the transfer of diseases. Such nesting spots may include chimneys as well as rooftops. The former is more critical and needs to be resolved immediately!

When birds get into the chimney, their safety is threatened; such birds might end up in the wood burner if urgent action isn’t taken. One reliable way to stop these birds from nesting in and around your chimney is by installing the chimney cowl.

Your chimney chute is free from these birds and functions effectively.

Having A Good Chimney Cowl Extends The Lifespan of Wood Burners

Wood burners need the right chimney cowls to function effectively. This is seen in our discussions so far. Without a chimney cowl, your chimney chute is open which means anything entering into the chute may end up in your wood burner.

That isn’t a nice situation and should be avoided at all costs. Rainwater and moisture are common conditions that result when the chute is left exposed. As a result, rust ends up damaging your wood burner, thus incurring potential costs for getting a new wood burner.

There’s also damage to your flue and its liner which may lead to even bigger chimney problems. All of these situations must be avoided. You don’t have to deal with such problems when you can install the right chimney cowls for your wood burners.

So far, we’ve discussed the importance of chimney cowls for wood burners. This has seen us providing a list of chimney cowl categories that are perfect fits for wood burners. You shouldn’t have any chimney cowl-related issues from here on.

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