Chimney and fireplace inspection cost is what we seek to discuss.

Every time an inspection is scheduled, it involves the mobilization of basic tools of the trade. Labor is also another consideration among other things. All of these cost money.

Of course, the cost implications are borne by the homeowner calling for such service.

This is a vital area most homeowners want to know of to prepare their budget. There’s no gainsaying that chimney and fireplace inspection is a basic necessity that must be performed as frequently as necessary.

Factors Influencing Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Cost

Whenever you call for a chimney and fireplace inspection, several factors will influence how much your eventual costs are. There’s the cost per flue, cost by type, camera inspection, as well as inspections plus cleaning or repairs.

So, what are these about? Stick with us to find out.

  • Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Cost Per Flue

It’s common to find chimney and fireplace inspection costs being influenced by the number of flues. Confused?

You don’t have to be. Some chimneys have multiple flues that connect to various devices such as an HVAC system, a fireplace, and woodstove, etc.

During an inspection, each of these vents or flues may be inspected. However, inspection largely depends on the level of inspection. It’s common knowledge that there are three levels of inspection.

These are known as levels 1, 2, and 3.

Generally, the intensity or thoroughness of inspection increases with a higher level. So for instance, level 2 inspection is more thorough than level 1, while level 3 is more thorough than level 2 inspection.

More on this will be discussed under the next point.

It’s logical that the higher the number of chimney flues to be inspected, the more the cost. Performing a level-1 inspection on a single flue will cost around $85 to $250. The same inspection level performed on 2 flues costs a bit more at $150 to $550.

Level 1 inspection performed on 3 flues will fall within the $450 to $750 range. The same level of inspection carried out on 4 chimney flues will amount to about $550 to $950. Moving on to a more detailed inspection (level 2), carrying out the process on a single flue costs around $150 to $400.

The cost of level 2 inspection performed on 2 flues ranges from $300 to $600. The same level of inspection performed on 3 flues goes for $500 to $800. For 4 flues (using the same inspection level), the cost of an inspection will be around $600 to $1,000.

i. Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Cost By Type

So far, we’ve been discussing the different inspection levels. The inspection level performed on a chimney and fireplace determines how much cost is incurred.

Let’s discuss each inspection level to have a better understanding of what they represent.

  • Level 1 Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Cost

Although a brief explanation has been provided about levels of inspection in the previous section, it will be necessary to further explain what they’re about.

Homeowners who just moved into their new property will need level 1 chimney and fireplace inspection.

This type of inspection is mostly visual without the use of specialized equipment such as cameras. Here, the aim is to find out if the chimney is ready to use and in good condition.

In most cases, this is performed simultaneously with a chimney cleaning.

Using a flashlight, a chimney sweep takes a look at visible exterior surfaces as well as the interior. All signs of disrepair such as creosote buildup and excess soot are checked.

Level 1 chimney and fireplace inspections cost around $85 to $950.

  • Level 2 Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Cost

This level of fireplace inspection is more thorough than level 1 and costs around $150 to $1,000 to perform. This level of inspection is only necessary when level 1 inspections show signs that need to be further investigated.

Heavy storms or adverse environmental conditions caused by climatic forces will also require this level of inspection. Here, the use of more specialized equipment like cameras is common.

These are deployed for a more thorough or close-up assessment of the chimney and fireplace condition.

The interior of the chimney is focused on with both sides (flue opening and fireplace) being inspected.

  • Level 3 Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Cost

The only time level 3 inspection will be necessary is when chimney sweeps suspect significant structural issues with the chimney. Sometimes, level 2 inspections will reveal structural defects that need to be further inspected.

Unlike the other two, this level of inspection is invasive and requires the removal of some chimney and fireplace components for better access to the flue and structural condition.

This is quite extensive and will cost around $500 to $5,000 inclusive of repairs.

  • Camera Inspection Cost

A camera inspection is mostly required for level 2 inspection.

Here, the state of the flue and liner needs to be closely assessed. When a chimney sweep uses this specialized tool for the job, you’re likely to end up paying around $150 to $400 for each flue being inspected.

ii. Chimney Inspection Plus Cleaning and Repairs

Chimney inspections are just one part of the job.

Repairs will be necessary when issues or chimney defects are noticed. In such cases, the same chimney service will come ready to carry out any repairs to have the problem fixed.

The repair cost depends on the part of the chimney and fireplace found to be faulty. This article categorizes such repairs under masonry repair, liner replacement, and general repair costs.

Masonry repair will include repointing, tuckpointing, and the likes. This will cost around $1,000 to $3,000.

Actual costs may vary from one chimney service provider to the next. Chimney liner replacement will cost around $1,800. Whether your lining materials consist of tiles, clay, or metal, they’re replaced with the most appropriate material.

General chimney repairs on components like chimney crown, cap replacement will range from $350 to $900.

Several things are involved when determining chimney and fireplace inspection costs. These have been covered above. It’s necessary to always call a reputable chimney service to perform the inspection procedure.

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