6 Chimney Types In Homes [Features, Structures & Efficiency]

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Chimney Cap Installation Guides For Single-Flue & Multi-Flue Units

Here, we’ll be discussing chimney cap installation. All properly installed chimneys have caps at the very top of the chimney systems. These serve several functions among which are the prevention of embers or sparks from escaping and the prevention of windy downdrafts among others. How To Install A Chimney Cap A chimney cap will normally … Read more

Animal Stuck In Chimney – Expert Removal Options

Ever heard of animals targeting the warmth and “coziness” of chimneys? This isn’t a new thing at all. Persons with chimneys are likely to have encountered such problems once or multiple times. First off, chimneys aren’t designed as animal shelters. They’re built to serve as vents for combustive gases such as smoke. Not only do … Read more

Prefab Chimneys And Fireplaces – Features, Lifespan & Maintenance

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Chimney Parts & Components – Interior & Exterior Anatomy

Our discussion will be centered on the various chimney parts and their structures. A chimney system comprises various interdependent parts or components. These all work to expel smoke from a house. Asides from the expulsion of smoke, a chimney draws in the air into the fireplace or stove to support combustion. We’ll be discussing these … Read more

Clay Chimney Flue Liners – Functions, Benefits, Tile Sizes, Fuel & Buying

Here we will be discussing clay liners for chimneys. A chimney is a unit with several components all working as a system. These components include the chimney cap, crown, stack, flashing, roofline, masonry, flue, flue liner, and mantel. Other components include the smoke chamber, the damper, throat, and smoke shelf. As expected, all components play … Read more

Fireplace Repair – Reasons, Process & Fixes

In this article, we’ll be discussing all things relating to fireplace repair. The information contained here should enable you to take appropriate steps to address any fireplace-related issues you may be faced with. Every home with a chimney at some point will need some form of maintenance work. Such maintenance work may cover the entire … Read more

Differentiating Chimney Vents, Flues, And Connectors

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How To Burn Green Wood

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