Chimney Water Repellent – Benefits & Best Products To Buy

This guide is focused on water repellents for chimneys. One of the things many homeowners dread is to have water or moisture issues with their chimneys. Part of the requirements for maintaining a functional chimney is to ensure it is properly waterproofed. Now, there are lots of water repellent products for chimneys you can easily … Read more

Gelco Chimney Caps – Materials, Sizes, Prices & Buying Guide

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How To Get Birds Out Of Chimney And Fireplace

Once in a while, you may be faced with the problem of birds getting into your chimney. Here is what to do. These chimney sweeper birds may even penetrate as far as your fireplace. There’s an issue with such a situation because chimneys are designed to direct smoke away from the fireplace or stove. How … Read more

Exterior Chimney Painting – Pros, Cons & General Considerations

Are you considering giving your chimney a facelift? Quite a lot of homeowners not only consider painting as a way to achieve that but actually implement such. There are also doubts as to the impact of painting on chimneys. Some people also paint fireplace surround. Do chimney paints do more harm than good? All such … Read more

Chimney Tuckpointing Guide – Process & Benefits

One of the maintenance actions performed on chimneys is tuckpointing. This action seeks to replace deteriorated or worn out mortar. Not only will this action improve a chimney’s structural integrity, but it also enhances its appearance. We’ll be discussing extensively on chimney tuckpointing. The process, as well as materials used, will be discussed as well. … Read more

Wood and Gas Fireplace Fan Blower System – Benefits & Installation Kit

Here is all about installing blower fans on wood and gas fireplaces. The different components of a fireplace all work seamlessly towards the smooth functioning of the system. One of those includes fireplace blowers. These blowers are either installed inside the unit (but outside of the firebox) or on the fireplace exterior. This vital component … Read more

How To Clean A Woodstove Chimney

Here is all about cleaning a woodstove chimney. Chimney maintenance is one activity that must be frequently performed to guarantee its hitch-free operation. Cleaning is one of the key maintenance actions and this is where most of our discussion will focus on. Persons with a wood stove chimney will find this article an interesting read. … Read more