Chimney Rebuild Alternatives And Replacement Options

Here, we will discuss options for a chimney rebuild and how to go about the alternatives. Rebuilding a chimney is often the last resort taken when considerable damage has been caused. Such damage may be due to adverse weather conditions like hurricanes & tornadoes or natural disasters like earthquakes. Damage can also be caused when … Read more

Does A Chimney Need A Flue Liner? [10 Reasons To Install One]

Are chimney liners necessary? Do you need one in your chimney? Let’s go through why you should install one. Chimney lining is primarily installed to enhance the safety of your chimney. What more? When it comes to property transfer, part of inspection requirements includes having a chimney liner installed. As the name suggests, a chimney … Read more

Coal Burning Fireplace – Fuels, Usage & Alternatives

Coal fireplaces have been used to warm homes for several generations and continue to be useful to this day. If you’re concerned about creosote buildup in your chimney, you may want to consider the coal alternative. Our discussion focuses on coal fireplaces and the benefits derived. Also, we’ll be finding out if there are any … Read more