Here is a general church cleaning checklist.

The volume of people visiting churches for worship makes it necessary to put things in order. Among the several things required to make a church function effectively are cleaning and maintenance.

To properly clean a church building, one of the key tools to have is the checklist.

A church has different sections the entrance and lobby area, fellowship hall and kitchen, nave & sanctuary areas, staff administrative offices, classrooms, and nurseries, as well as bathrooms.

Tasks can also be scheduled according to daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning. These, in addition to the different sections of the church that should be covered during cleaning, will be discussed.

Church Cleaner Duties

To provide comprehensive cleaning, you’ll need basic cleaning equipment.

These include sponges and scourers, yellow dusters & microfiber cloths, glass polishing cloths, and cleaning brushes. Others include a mop and bucket, dustpan & brush, protective gloves, and a plastic caddy.

There are lots of cleaning products on the market. Get the needed ones like bleach, all-purpose cleaners, toilet cleaner, degreaser, mildew cleaner, disinfectant, and floor cleaner among others.

Daily Church Cleaning

Under this the daily cleaning arrangement, basic cleaning services are provided. These aren’t complex or difficult tasks, yet they are very vital to keeping the church premises and surroundings clean. They include;

  • Cleaning Entrances and Lobby Areas

These parts witness an influx of people during church events or services.

To clean these entrances and lobby, interior floors must be checked and vacuumed or swept. The lobby areas should be properly dusted and floors sweep including stairs leading to them.

  • The Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

Here, all surfaces should be wiped clean. Floors should be swept and mopped with trash discarded in the trash can.

All dirty plates and dishes in the kitchen should be washed clean and countertops wiped clean. Empty the trashcan and replace new liners in such cans.

  • Classrooms and Nurseries

This section of the church shouldn’t be left unattended to.

Start by sweeping floors or vacuuming carpets. Crib sheets should also be changed and surfaces disinfected. Also, ensure that non-toxic cleaning products aren’t used here or elsewhere within the church building.

Cleaning the classroom and nurseries should conclude with emptying the trashcan with new liners replaced.

  • Nave and Sanctuary

The nave area which is meant to accommodate a greater portion of worshipers should be cleaned. Begin by sweeping floors and vacuuming carpets. All pews and railings should be wiped clean.

  • Staff and Administrative Offices

The staff and administrative offices should be included in your cleaning tasks. Specific actions should include sweeping office floors and vacuuming carpets as needed. Next, all touch-points will need to be wiped clean and sanitized.

  • Bathrooms

Bathroom floors should be swept and mopped with trashcans emptied. Surfaces will also need to be disinfected including toilets. Replace and wash dirty towels and refill soap dispensers.

Weekly Church Cleaning Tasks

Certain cleaning tasks will need to be carried out every week. All the areas mentioned in daily cleaning are covered but in greater detail. Tasks include;

  • Entrances and Lobby Areas

All entrances and lobby areas will need to be cleaned.

First, clean all floor mats and vacuum carpets. Floors should be swept and doors wiped clean and polished. Window glasses should also be cleaned and polished. All furnishings and shelves should be dusted clean.

  • Classrooms and Nurseries

In cleaning this area of the church, all surfaces and windows should be targeted for cleaning.

This should be followed by polishing. Toys should be inspected and cleaned while those which are damaged should be kept aside for repairs.

  • Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

The fellowship hall and kitchen backsplashes should be wiped clean. Sinks should be washed and sanitized too. What more? Close inspection will need to be undertaken to check for signs of mold especially under sinks and lower cabinets.

If found, such areas should be cleaned and sanitized.

  • Staff and Administrative Offices

A proper dusting of office furnishings should be carried out and followed by polishing the same. The office shelves and cabinets should be tidied.

Accumulated dust on equipment should be wiped clean too.

  • Nave and Sanctuary

Cleaning the nave and sanctuary areas of the church should begin with a dusting of furnishings, cleaning windows, and polishing the same.

Next, clean floors and vacuum carpets where necessary. Pews should be arranged including the altar and choir areas of the building.

  • Bathrooms

The bathroom mirrors, doors, chrome fixtures, stall walls, and hardware should be cleaned and polished.

Tidy up storage spaces such as drawers and cabinets. Difficult-to-access areas of the bathroom should also be included such as underneath sinks and behind toilets.

Monthly Church Cleaning

Monthly church cleaning includes more deep cleaning tasks. These aren’t everyday tasks, yet are very important to carry out in due time. They include;

  • Entrances and Lobby Areas

Cobwebs should be removed and walls, including baseboards, wiped clean. Next, cleaning and polishing of multiple surfaces should be carried out.

Such surfaces include an entry door, wood doors, window hardware, and hand railings. It will be necessary to also check for conditions of doors to determine if they need repairs or not.

  • Staff and Administrative Offices

This section of the church building should be cleaned thoroughly starting with the furnishings.

If there are stains on upholstery, such areas should be spot cleaned and treated with stain removers. Wipe down walls and baseboards and inspect connecting cables to gadgets for signs of wear.

  • Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

Remove all Cobwebs and wipe down walls and baseboards. Refrigerators should be emptied and cleaned with contents checked and arranged in an orderly way. Shelves, drawers, and cabinets will need some cleaning and tidying too.

  • Classrooms and Nurseries

The classroom and nursery areas should be cleaned with non-toxic cleaners. We also recommend that the same approach is applied to other areas of the church. Wipe down walls and baseboards and clean crib frames.

General furniture such as kid’s tables and chairs should be wiped clean and mattress covers changed.

  • Nave and Sanctuary

In cleaning this area, all wall trims, wooden pews, and hand railings should be wiped clean and polished. More thorough cleaning will be needed in cleaning pews. Extend your cleaning to over underneath pews.

  • Bathrooms

The bathroom area should be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected.

Areas to pay more attention to include floors, tile walls, and counters. Plumbing should be inspected to ensure proper functioning. Toilets should be scrubbed clean and disinfected with sinks washed clean and cleared of all stains.

These are basic church cleaning tasks that should be included in your checklist. These enable you to focus on the task at hand and increases productivity and efficiency.

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