Join us as we discuss Clark’s pest control prices for a variety of its services.

Known as one of the largest pest control companies in the United States, Clarks Pest Control has established achieved decades of providing exceptional services. Its track record of excellence has earned it the reputation of being among the most reliable pest control services.

With an ever-growing client base, one of the primary things first comers want to find out about Clark’s services has to do with its rates or prices.

If you’re interested in knowing about the cost of its services, you’re at the right place.

How Much Does Clark Pest Control Service Cost?

Before we delve into details on cost, it’s necessary to, first of all, provide the types of pest control services offered by Clark. Services provided include residential termite inspection & control as well as residential pest control services.

Under Clark’s residential pest control category are additional services. They include spider control, bird control, rodent control, ant control, bed bug treatment, yard & garden services as well as year-round pest-away service.

Several other household pests such as cockroaches, ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas, etc are handled by Clark Pest Control. All of its pest removal services are also backed by a guarantee.

Commercial pest control services are also offered by Clark to businesses and industries. The company has witnessed significant growth in the number of new and satisfied clients. Since we’re more concerned with Clark’s pest control prices, we’ll quit wasting time and get into details right away!

Clark Prices for Pest Control

The process followed by Clark in the provision of pest control solutions begins with an inspection and treatment. The inspection comes at no cost to the client.

In other words, Clark pest control does not charge you for a pest inspection.

Having spotted the pest problem, the cost for initial treatment starts at $99. This can go significantly higher based on several factors that will be explained as you read on.

Certain pest problems will require follow-up treatments. Clark’s charges about $55 for such.

  • Maintenance

After the initial treatment of an existing pest problem, Clark pest control provides maintenance service. This is entirely at the discretion of the client. That is, you get to choose whether this service should be provided to you or not.

The price for Clark’s maintenance treatments starts from $45. This price can increase significantly based on multiple factors such as the size of property and maintenance strategies adopted.

  • One-Time Move-In Treatment

When moving into a new property, it’s expected that you treat for possible pests to avoid moving into an infestation.

For such a service, Clark Pest Control will charge you a starting price of $350. This too is likely to increase depending on the situation on the ground.

  • Clark’s Termite Control

Termites are among the most destructive of pests.

This is a pest problem you don’t want to allow to linger on. Clark Pest control charges a fee that ranges from $400 to $1,100 or more based on severity and accessibility among other factors.

  • Wildlife Removal

When your personal space is invaded by wildlife, Clark Pest Control is just a call away to help remove the intruder(s).

The price charged by this pest control service ranges from $150 to $250. This price isn’t static and may be reviewed based on factors such as number, and nature of wildlife.

Factors That Influence Clark Pest Control Cost

Before a final price is determined for a specific pest issue, Clark Pest Control will use multiple parameters to assess the cost of pest removal. These factors may vary from one pest problem to the next and includes the type of pest as well as the size of your premises or property.

Other factors include the frequency of treatment, ease of access to the affected area, and the type of pesticide used for the job.

  • Type of Pest

Pest activities differ. For some, extreme measures aren’t required for their extermination.

In other words, getting rid of such pests is pretty much straightforward. The same cannot be said for certain pest categories such as termites and rodents.

Removing or getting rid of these will require much more effort and use of specialized equipment and supplies or chemicals.

Taking these differences in pest behavior into consideration, such as reflected in Clark’s Pest Control prices.

  • The Size of Premises

The size of your property is key to determining the cost of pest removal services provided by Clark Pest Control. During the inspection process, a service technician from Clark will factor in the coverage area of the pest problem.

As such, the bigger your property is, the more likely you are to incur a higher cost of service. This is always used as one of the parameters for determining pest control prices.

Knowing this gives you an idea of what to expect. Based on this factor, there is never a static price for all pest removal services offered by Clark.

  • Frequency of Treatment

Clark Pest Control offers significant flexibility that helps clients choose how their pest issues will be addressed. This comes in the form of a one-time treatment (usually backed by a guarantee to redo the job should the pest problem persist) as well as periodic or scheduled visits.

Difficult infestations usually require scheduled visits to properly tackle the problem.

One thing you must know is that for scheduled visits, the initial or first visit by Clark Pest Control is usually pricier. However, the price drops for subsequent visits.

  • Ease of Access

Ease of access to an infested area is usually one of the main determinants for Clark’s pest control pricing. While certain locations are easier to treat, others may be out of reach, hence may require the use of specialized equipment.

Some other places may need to be torn apart and treated (mostly in the case of a termite infestation) before being rebuilt. This adds up significantly to Clark’s pest control prices.

  • Type of Pesticide Used

After inspecting a pest problem, Clark technicians will determine what pesticides best fits the job.

Not all pesticides will be effective for all pest problems. Some of these insecticides are in liquid form (sprays) while others are in powder form. The insecticide used will reflect in the cost of treatment.

These are vital information that will go a long way in helping you gain insight into Clark’s pest control prices. While some prices have been made available, others will need further assessment of the problem to come up with an exact figure.

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