Are you planning on moving soon? How much do movers charge for a one-bedroom apartment? This is an important question to ask when contacting moving services.

Cost of Moving a 1-Bedroom Apartment?

In this article, we’ve attempted to answer this question and several others related to moving costs for a one-bedroom apartment.

It’s important to note that moving companies will have varying costs for similar services. That is because a variety of factors are involved.

As you read this cost guide, you’ll find information on factors affecting moving costs and valuable tips on cutting down on driving fees.

  • Moving Costs Are typically Cheaper.

Compared to 2- or 3-bedroom apartments, moving costs for 1-bedroom apartments are typically cheaper for several reasons. Such reasons include less stuff to move, shorter distances to move, and smaller moving trucks required for such jobs.

So, in your bid to figure out the cost implications, it’s essential to know that you won’t be spending as much on moving costs on a one-bedroom apartment.

While that is true, this isn’t always the case. In other words, there are times when you might spend more on moving costs for a one-bedroom apartment.

Under such circumstances, a variety of factors may come into play. Examples include fewer movers (especially during peak moving season) and distance.

Moving more oversized items from a one-bedroom apartment might also attract higher costs. Do you have personal preferences? This might affect moving costs.

  • Is it a Local or Long Distance Move?

One key aspect of moving cost involves looking at the type of move. There are two types; the local move and the long-distance move.

As expected, local moves typically cost less than moves over long distances. Here, distance is the critical differentiator in cost.

To explain better, local moves are usually within the neighborhood. Here, the longest distance might be to a nearby town.

On the other hand, long-distance moves require much more distance than local moves. This type of move costs more as the cost of gas, driver compensation, tolls, etc., must be factored in.

Calculating Moving Costs for a One-Bedroom Apartment

Before contacting a moving company, knowing how moving costs are calculated will help prepare for the expenses involved.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all when calculating moving costs, a basic formula to know about is the base cost and additional costs.

Both base and additional costs, when summed up, will give a total cost of moving for a one-bedroom apartment.

Base costs typically cover transportation, labor, and packing materials for additional charges, including special moving equipment, storage, insurance, packing & unpacking services, etc.

Below is the average moving cost for one bedroom apartment.

Average Cost to Move One-Bedroom Apartment

When moving from a one-bedroom apartment, expect the cost to be around $501 to $985 for local moves and 1,123 to $2,260 for a 250 miles distance.

Expect to pay higher when moving long distances. It would be best to consider other factors while presenting the average moving costs for a one-bedroom apartment.

In other words, distance is just one of several factors that may determine moving costs for a one-bedroom apartment.

Based on these factors, you may pay less or more moving fees for a one-bedroom apartment. So, what exactly are these factors? The following section identifies and discusses each element.

Moving Costs for a One-Bedroom Apartment will depend on these factors

Regarding moving costs for a one-bedroom apartment, various factors come into play, ranging from the moving date, moving add-ons, and travel fees.

Others include the availability of movers, personal preferences, moving supplies, amount of things to be moved, storage, and apartment size.

i. Moving Date

When are you moving? This is a cost-influencing factor you’ll need to consider.

Moving costs tend to be higher during weekends and peak seasons. You might have to adjust your moving date to off-peak periods or seasons to get a good bargain.

ii. Moving Add-On

When moving, there may be a need for certain items to be disassembled, such as furniture. The moving company may include some other types of value-added services.

Usually, you’ll have to pay for the added benefit, especially when certain items need to be disassembled and reassembled.

iii. Travel Fees

Your destination is likely to have an impact on the cost of moving.

If your new location is within the neighborhood or a short distance away, the cost of moving will likely be low. However, the reverse is true for longer-distance moves. Such would attract higher fees.

iv. Availability of Movers

During peak moving season, most moving companies have busy schedules.

This jacks up the cost of their services as there’s more demand to fill. With fewer movers available, the price goes up for most service providers.

v. Personal Preferences

The cost of moving from a one-bedroom apartment is likely to be influenced by your personal preferences.

Customers have unique requirements which must be met. For the most part, these preferences influence moving expenses.

vi. Amount of Things to be Moved

The number of things to be moved permanently has directly hit costs.

The more stuff you have, the more it will cost to transport them to your new destination and vice versa. A moving company will mainly assess your belongings before writing a quote.

vii. Storage

There are times when moving becomes more complicated than expected.

Under such circumstances, there might be a need to have some of your stuff held or stored by the moving company. If this describes your situation, you’ll have to pay more moving fees for storing your stuff.

viii.            Size of Apartment

The size of an apartment will likely impact the cost of moving. That is because larger apartments tend to have more stuff to carry and vice versa.

While that may be true, it isn’t always the case as a moving company will have first to assess your stuff before price negotiation.

How to Cut Down on Moving Costs for a One-Bedroom Apartment

Adopting specific cost-saving measures can significantly reduce moving from a one-bedroom apartment.

These include enlisting the help of friends & family, getting rid of excess belongings, packing your things yourself, and getting quotes from multiple moving companies, etc.

You can start planning immediately after seeing how much movers cost for a one-bedroom apartment. Utilizing the tips provided above goes a long way in taking informed actions.

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