Our discussion is going to dwell on the pros and cons of decorative chimney caps, as well as the best shroud models to buy.

Chimneys offer an important function to structures. These are ventilation channels that direct or guide products of combustion such as smoke and other gases through the roof and out.

While getting the benefit of such ventilation, you want to make the visible parts of your system look attractive using custom chimney caps.

The visible parts of the chimney system include the mantel, firebox, hearth, and cleanout door. These are found indoors. Those found seen outside include the flashing, the chimney crown, and the cap.

The chimney cap is also known as the shroud. Therefore, these two terms will be used interchangeably.

To add aesthetics to your chimney, you’ll need these, as they make your chimney beautiful. You must know that chimney shrouds or caps offer three main functions; increase draft, keep rainwater out and keep unwanted guests out.

Pros And Cons Of Installing Decorative Chimney Caps

When it comes to installing a decorative chimney cap, there are several advantages as well as disadvantages that may result. This is understandable as some problems are likely to emerge during installation or long after one has been installed.

  • Benefits

The added beauty a decorative chimney cap or shroud offers your home is an important consideration to make.

Suppliers of good decorative chimney caps ensure that not only does rain stay out of the chimney, but the damper and lintel are also prevented from rusting.

What more? The mortar crown and exterior brick are well shielded from the elements. Asides from rain, moisture penetration is also limited. Decorative chimney caps will keep out critters and beds. These are notorious for taking up residence in exposed chimneys, thus causing further problems.

By perfectly fitting to your flue and chimney top, such caps increase the lifespan of your chimney while also ensuring that it remains in perfect working condition.

Costly repairs are avoided by using full coverage of decorative chimney caps or shrouds. Most chimney problems are known to arise from using ordinary and ineffective flue caps.

These are known to be limited in efficacy and won’t protect against common chimney issues that may result.

As such, maintenance repairs will be more compared to when a decorative chimney cap is used. Some of these repairs include relining, and even a full tear-down and rebuilding of the chimney.

All of these can be prevented by simply installing a decorative chimney cap or shroud.

  • Problems with Decorative Chimney Caps

Decorative chimney shrouds or caps are not entirely without their own problems. These are more common when decorative shrouds are untested and unlisted. When these are installed, you’re likely to have issues such as the uneven dissipation of heat at the chimney top.

When this happens, heat is then reflected onto the metal chase cover which could then lead to the ignition of combustible wood framing found underneath. You don’t want to be dealing with such issues.

While such problems are real and could happen to anyone, not all decorative chimney use results in such. You’ll need to ensure your decorative chimney shroud is well tested and listed. One way to begin is by ensuring only the best chimney service handles its installation.

There are lots of chimney services that offer the installation of chimney caps. Consider reading through online reviews to help guide you on the right pick and pricing for the job.

Types of Decorative Chimney Caps

When it comes to selecting your preferred decorative chimney shroud pick, you’re spoiled for choice. You’ll need to go through a long list of decorative chimney designs to settle for. There’s no need to rush when it comes to doing so.

Plus, you might want to discuss with the manufacturer to find one that perfectly fits your needs.

Some of these decorative chimney caps and shrouds include; Venetian Custom Chimney Cap, Gothic Peaks Custom Chimney Shroud, Moroccan Palace Custom Chimney Shroud, and Rustic Tent Custom Chimney Shroud.

Others include Estate Custom Chimney Shroud, Six-Light House Custom Chimney Shroud, Orleans Custom Chimney Shroud, Silo Custom Chimney Shroud, and Queen Anne Ridge Custom Chimney Shroud.

There are still more! These include Igloo Custom Chimney Shroud, Military Custom Chimney Shroud, Mountaintop Vista Custom Chimney Shroud, Modern Cube Custom Chimney Shroud, Fortress Custom Chimney Shroud, and Dome Custom Chimney Shroud.

Additional chimney shrouds include Castilian Sage Custom Chimney Shroud, Burnished Prague Custom Chimney Shroud, Cloudy Range Custom Chimney Shroud, Vintage Cerulean Custom Chimney Shroud, Antiqued European Custom Chimney Shroud, and Old England Custom Chimney Shroud.

When it comes to the roll-call of decorative chimney crowns, the list goes on and on. It’s an almost inexhaustible list of various caps that come in varying designs and sizes.

In making your pick, you’ll need to consider the size of your chimney to find the right decorative cap for it.

Home Architecture May Determine Your Decorative Chimney Cap Pick

Your home design is important when choosing a decorative chimney pick. Not all decorative chimneys will fit perfectly or enhance your home’s beauty or appearance. Such will come in various colors and sizes.

While going through the different ones on offer, you’re likely to find one that perfectly fits your needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Decorative Chimney Shroud

On settling for your preferred decorative chimney cap pick, you’ll need to consider the type and how it will easily fit into your chimney.

Such considerations will include looking out for chimney decorative caps that fasten to the flue exterior, and decorative chimney caps that fasten to the interior.

Other things to watch out for include identifying the type of chimney you have. Is your chimney prefabricated or a masonry chimney? What’s its shape? How many flues are there?

These questions are important.

You must know the chimney caps available to determine what fits in or doesn’t. You’ll need the appropriate measurement for the right size of chimney cap will need.

Additionally, the material such as a decorative chimney shroud is made of should count in your decision-making process. These are vital information regarding the installation of decorative chimney caps.

We’ve seen that a whole lot of processes go into making the right choice for your decorative chimney cap.

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