In this article, we look at the differences between mobile home water heaters and regular water heaters.

These distinctions offer a better understanding of the capacity, energy supply, installation prices, heater cost, HUD approvals, and various other comparisons.

Water Heaters for Mobile and Regular Homes

If you’re planning on installing a water heater, you might wonder what heater type best serves your needs. These water heaters come with varying code requirements. So, each class is best suited for a particular use.

In other words, mobile home water heaters won’t be suitable for use as regular heaters and vice versa.

Water Heater Categories

Regarding the subject of water heaters, categories are often confused with types.

While this article will focus on two categories: those for mobile homes and regular water heaters, it will be necessary to mention the different water heater types.

These include condensing water heaters, conventional storage tank water heaters, solar-powered water heaters, tankless water heaters, and heat pump or hybrid water heaters.

We won’t be discussing the types of water heaters as that isn’t our focus.

Points of Comparison

For a more comprehensive discussion, it will be necessary to consider specific points of comparison.

These include the cost difference, durability, energy efficiency, size, HUD approvals, installation cost, tank capacity, location of water connections, and insurance premiums.

i. Cost Difference

For many people, one of the primary considerations when choosing between mobile home water heaters and regular water heaters is the cost.

Mobile home heaters tend to be more costly when compared to regular heaters of the same capacity. Based on this reality, what’s best for you?

It all depends on your budget as well as your unique needs. Homeowners on a tight budget instead go for a cheaper option which regular home heaters represent.

Here, its utility will be the primary focus. In other words, a cheaper, standard heater will be okay to install if it gets the job done.

ii. Durability

Durability is one of the essential features people look for when buying water heaters. So, how do mobile homes and regular water heaters measure up in terms of durability?

Different arguments can be made for both, with the cost difference determined.

Standard water heaters tend to last longer than mobile home water heaters. This makes little sense when considering the cost factor.

However, you’ll need to consider the portability of mobile home water heaters. These tend to be more compact and cost more to install.

iii. Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency factor matters when choosing a water heater.

While that is true, newer designs of both mobile and regular water heaters tend to have high energy efficiency ratings. This is expected due to continuous improvements being made in energy conservation.

One water heater category cannot be considered more energy efficient than the other. Arguments can be made regarding the non-adjustable temperature settings of mobile home water heaters.

Whatever the case is, it’s necessary to look at the energy efficiency of a product before purchasing.

iv. Water Heater Size

People have varying size requirements when it comes to installing a water heater.

While many people will go for more compact designs, others won’t mind having any type installed as long as it serves their needs. Mobile home water heaters tend to be more compact compared to standard types.

So, what buyer category do you belong to? If you don’t mind the water heater size, then any of these could suit your needs. However, the other differences discussed may influence what you go for.

v. HUD Approvals

All major appliances such as water heaters need to be HUD compliant. Here, the energy and safety regulations are mainly looked at.

While that is true, the strictness in regulation may differ for certain heater types hence the need to ensure your water heating appliance meets such constraints.

More specifically, mobile home water heaters tend to have stricter requirements than regular water heaters. This is likely to impact or contribute to the eventual cost of the device.

vi. Cost of Installation

Installation costs for a mobile home or regular water heaters may not be very high.

While that is true, there are slight variations in installation costs. Mobile home water heaters are costly to install due to several factors.

One of these has to do with accessibility during installation. Sometimes, technicians encounter challenges with buildings which could drive up prices.

The more difficult it gets to fix or install a water heater, the more likely it is to cost more.

vii. Tank Capacity

This is another comparison area closely linked to water heater size.

Here, the tank size or capacity is being focused on. Due to their compact dimensions, mobile home water heaters tend to have less carrying capacity.

While this can be advantageous because it can easily fit into a small space, the downside is evident. It holds less water, so that it won’t be suitable for large families.

viii. Location of Water Connections

A clear difference between mobile home water heaters and regular waters is the location of water connections. You’ll mostly find standard water heaters having all connection orifices at the top of the tank.

This is quite different for mobile water heaters as these orifices are likely to be found at the sides. However, it must be said that the location of water connections has no bearing on performance.

ix. Insurance Premiums

You’ll likely find insurance premiums for mobile water heaters higher than those for traditional or regular water heaters. Those for the latter are primarily included in standard underwriting protocols.

x. Adjustable Temperature

Not all water heater categories come with adjustable temperature features.

Such a feature is familiar with standard water heaters, which also come with temperature and pressure valves like mobile home water heaters.

These are the differences between mobile home water heaters and regular water heaters. With this information, you’re better informed to make your pick.


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