Does Febreze Kill Dust Mites?

Will Febreze kill dust mites? Let’s find out in this article.

Certain pests aren’t parasitic because they don’t stink, bite or burrow into the human body.

However, these can become a nuisance when their numbers increase or escalate. Dust mites belong to this category and feed on human skin, house dust, and other items.

Increased presence and activity of these mites will result in various symptoms.

These signs include nasal congestion, watery eyes, wheezing, chest pain, itchy nose, mouth & eyes, difficulty breathing, cough, and pain or pressure in the face. For these symptoms, a solution has to be found.

There are tons of products designed to eliminate dust mites.

Out of these, we’ll be discussing one of such products used. There have been claims and counterclaims about the efficacy of Febreze as a dust mite killer.

Does it eliminate these mites, or is it ineffective?

You’ll find information on that and more. In this article, we discuss what Febreze is about, the active ingredients contained, how it works and how to apply, amongst other things.

You only need to read along for all the details.

About Febreze

Febreze is a famous air freshener brand that produces various odor-eliminating products.

These come in multiple variants that include wax melts, car, candles, antimicrobial, fabric touch, air, pet, small spaces, air, and plug.

Although Febreze is designed for odor elimination, it has also been found to have other uses, including shoe treatment, car freshening, and application on shower curtains and bathmat.

There are several other uses we won’t be getting into. However, our primary focus is finding out if it does kill dust mites.

Does Febreze Kill Dust Mites?

It does! Certain products manufactured by this brand have been designed to eliminate up to 95% of allergens, including dust mites.

While such products have been largely discontinued, some can still be bought on Amazon and other online stores.

The efficacy of Febreze on dust mites isn’t 100% confirmed. That is because of the absence of third-party research about its effectiveness.

That notwithstanding, the Asthmatic and Allergy Foundation of America certifies Febreze products as asthma and allergy friendly.

What more? There are many positive reviews about Febreze effectively addressing dust mite problems.

Two of its (Frebreze’s) allergen-reducing products that have gone out of product include Febreze Fabric Allergen Reducer and Febreze Air Effects Allergen Reducer.

i. Febreze Fabric Allergen Reducer

This is another product known to combat allergen problems.

It also eliminates all kinds of odors, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh. Allergen issues don’t have to be endured. Dust mites are eliminated when applied as instructed on the product label.

Now it’s important to mention that Febreze Fabric Allergen Reducer is no more in production. While that is true, several alternatives will serve this function.

Plus, there’s no harm in trying out any of its products to see if you’ll get the much-needed relief from dust mite problems.

ii. Febreze Air Effects Allergen Reducer

According to the manufacturer, Febreze Air Effects Allergen Reducer contains several ingredients that include alcohol, water, fragrance, odor eliminator derived from corn, and an organic polymer.

It helps deal with all kinds of allergens, including dust mites from soft surfaces.

Febreze is Air Effects Allergen Reducer that uses a Trap & Lock technology that penetrates or gets to the allergen source, including pet dander and dust mites.

Not only will it kill dust mites, but it also helps with odor control by leaving behind a freshening scent.

Febreze Air Effects Allergen Reducer is dermatologist tested. To use, you only need to follow the exact instructions on the product label.

Where to Apply Febreze for Mite Control

It’s essential to figure out where to apply Febreze to get the most results.

The directions for use for most of its products tend to be quite similar. However, you’ll always do well to check the product label to see if the instructions differ from those provided here.

Febreze is designed for hard-to-wash fabrics throughout your home, including items like upholstery, gym bags, bedding, and toys. However, dust mite treatment using this product should avoid certain fabric types, especially those that water spot.

Items in this category will include leather, silk, and suede. To be safe, it’s best to have a small patch test first before applying it on surfaces.

Are there Alternatives to Using Febreze for Dust Mite Elimination?

Having provided relevant information about Febreze and its effect on dust mites, you might wonder if other known alternatives can be used to combat dust mite problems.

Luckily there are several such alternatives. These include natural dust mite sprays and essential oils.

Treating Dust Mite Allergies

It’s not enough to eliminate dust mites using Febreze or alternative measures.

Allergies arising from their presence need to be treated. The process of treatment isn’t complex. There are different ways to go about this. They include taking decongestants to help break up mucus.

Other treatment strategies include taking prescription allergy medications, over-the-counter antihistamines, and allergy shots.

These measures will help assuage the allergy effects due to increased dust mite presence. More important is the need to adopt preventive control.

Dust Mite Prevention is the Best Control Strategy

Prevention tends to be the best way to avoid dust mite problems.

After the initial treatment, you’ll need to perform more frequent wet mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and washing fabric items. Here, there’s no need for any specially formulated product.

Adopting basic hygiene practices should reduce your dust mite problem without stress. Sustain the course to keep them at bay. One of the ways to enhance your results includes washing your bedding in hot water.

This action ensures that dust mites won’t be able to escape. Plus, you need as much dust trapped when cleaning or dusting furniture.

There you have it. Febreze kills dust mites because it’s designed for common allergies. We’ve listed specific Febreze products that help get the job done.

Also included are alternative measures you may find helpful.

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