Dogwood Trees for Sale Near Me – 10 Great Nurseries to Buy From

If you’re reading this, you probably know a lot about dogwood trees and how to grow them. The goal is to find where to buy them.

Here, we’ve included all the relevant information you seek. As you read on, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to go about shopping for dogwood trees.

Where to Buy Dogwood Trees

Homeowners always look for ways to improve their landscape. One of the common strategies used is the inclusion of ornamental trees.

These trees enhance the visual appeal of properties and increase their value. In this article, we look at one such ornamental tree; dogwood.

Choose Only Reputable Nurseries

Shopping for such trees is crucial for the tree species you seek to grow.

Many offline and online nurseries sell all kinds of plants, including trees, shrubs, and flowers. You’ll need to pick a reputable nursery, as this is the starting point for getting healthy trees.

First, choosing a nursery from which to buy your plants is essential. Most times, an actual visit to the nursery may be necessary.

Take as much time as possible to walk through the nursery while observing the tree species they have.

Although you’re more interested in buying dogwood tree trees, look at other plants too. The larger a nursery plant stock, the better or more reputable it’s likely to be.

Are trees adequately tagged? What information accompanies these trees?

Basic planting details like the spacing required, the size of the plant at maturity, and USDA growing zones are essential. Overall, a good nursery should have quality plants in addition to quick restocking whenever these are out of stock.

Great Nurseries to Buy Dogwood Trees

Your desire to buy dogwood trees from the best sources should be non-negotiable.

Good nurseries have a reputation for protecting and collecting quality trees and seeds. Thankfully there are lots of these reputable nurseries to shop from.

Some great sources include Etsy, Home Depot, Fast Growing Trees, Planting Tree, Great Garden Plants, Wayside Gardens, and Nature Hills Nursery.

Others include Burpee, Spring Hills Nurseries, Peony’s Envy, Nearly Native Nursery, Lowe’s, the Tree Center, and Wilson Bros. Gardens.

While there are many other reputable nurseries, these are the few we’ll discuss due to time constraints. If none of these nurseries appeals to you, you can easily find many others by simply searching online.

i. Etsy

Etsy is a trusted name when it comes to the supply of a variety of plant types. Ornamental trees like dogwood are also being sold.

Apart from perennials, you can buy a wide range of other kinds, from seeds, fruit trees, annuals, and vegetables. You’ll need to explore to make your pick.

ii. Home Depot

You can also order your dogwood trees online at Home Depot. Now, most of your needs can be met by quickly searching its product collection.

Home Depot tends to have a wider plant variety online. The delivery time for these goods takes about a day or two.

iii. Fast-Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees is another online store that sells all kinds of plants, including dogwood.

With the varieties being offered, buyers can make their pick from the different options available. Several trees, sizes, and other specifics can be included to refine your search.

iv. Planting Tree

Quality dogwood trees can be bought at Planting Tree, an online nursery with a vast collection of tree species.

This nursery has an online-only presence and ships trees in containers. When buying planting trees, you benefit from a volume discount.

v. Great Garden Plants

Located in Michigan, Great Garden Plants is a nursery with an online presence of dogwoods and other plant species available for sale.

If you’re in doubt about the hardiness zone of your preferred tree (dogwoods), this nursery has a valuable tool to help narrow down your search for plants suitable to your area.

vi. Wayside Gardens

Wayside Gardens is a reputable nursery based in South Carolina that sells all kinds of plants, including trees, perennials, and shrubs.

Dogwood trees are part of their plant collections and are shipped wherever you live within the United States. Wayside Garden’s end-of-season sales are one event where you get highly discounted products.

vii. Nature Hills Nursery

This nursery provides the necessary tools to quickly narrow your search for preferred tree products.

To buy dogwood trees, you must search using its online tools quickly. Search options include growing conditions, zone, bloom time, bloom color, the type of plant, etc.

viii. Burpee

Burpee is among the oldest nurseries still in business to this day.

Established in 1876, this family-owned business has established itself as a force in the market with a rich collection of trees, including dogwood.

You only need to go through its online catalogs to explore and find your tree type.

ix. Spring Hills Nursery

This is another option to shop for your trees. Spring Hills Nursery serves a wide range of buyer needs, including the sale of ornamental trees like dogwood.

Like other nurseries mentioned, you only need to search for your tree to start. This is shipped to your location wherever you live in the States

x. Nearly Native Nursery

Nearly Native Nursery has the reputation of having a wide variety of native trees and plants. This is another place to shop from.

To find your tree type, you’ll need to refine your search. Dogwoods, like other trees or plants sold, are shipped to all locations and arrive within two days.

xi. Lowes

Lowes is a reputable brand when it comes to buying your plants. Not only are dogwoods being sold, but a variety of different plant types are also found here.

After making your order, the nursery ships your products to your location. Visit its site to find out details on these and more.

These are reliable sources to buy dogwood from.

With these nurseries, you can visit your preferred nursery if it’s close by or place your order online to have your trees delivered to you.

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