Here is how much it cost to dry clean drapes.

If you seek to have your curtains cleaned anytime soon, part of the things you should be interested in includes the nature of prices. This article focuses on all things pricing.

Curtains come in different materials ranging from polyester, silk, cotton, and linen, etc.

Does this affect pricing?

It’s important to know all the cost details as well as factors influencing major house cleaning costs among other things. You only need to relax and read on for details of various aspects of the cleaning process.

Curtain Dry Cleaning Cost Depends on Multiple Factors

When it comes to curtain cleaning, a number of factors need to be considered. These include the type of cleaning to be performed, and also the type of material to be cleaned. What more?

Curtain cleaning prices will be influenced by the type of curtain, its size, and whether this is to be performed off-site or on-site.

These factors and more will be discussed shortly. Before then, let’s provide the basic cost details for curtain cleaning.

So how much does it cost to dry clean drapes?

Average Cost Of Dry Cleaning Drapes

Whether you have curtains, drapes or blinds, the typical range for having such cleaning is around $144 to $354.

Drape cleaning is mostly charged per square foot. However, prices can be lower or higher than the range provided depending on the type of job.

For example, at the low end, cleaning costs for curtains will be around $79. High end jobs will normally cost much more and will go for around $600.

Basically, a per-square-foot pricing model will likely be used. This should cost around $1 to $5 per square foot.

Factors Determining Curtain Cleaning Costs

We’ve mentioned earlier that curtain cleaning costs are influenced by several factors among which are; type of material, type of curtain and so on.

Here, we’ll be discussing on each of these price determining factors as follows;

i. Curtain Cleaning Prices By Material

Curtains are made from different materials and each of these materials presents a certain level of difficulty cleaning. Some materials are more delicate to clean than others.

The different curtain materials include chiffon, cotton, wool & cashmere, and chenille.

Other materials include velvet, linen, polyester, silk, voile and lace. Here, a uniform cleaning fee does not apply.

Curtains made from chiffon materials typically cost around $100 to $150. For cotton materials, expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $95. Wool & cashmere materials will attract a cleaning fee of about $80 to $130.

Cleaning prices are slightly different for curtains made from chenille material costing between $60 and $120.

Do you have velvet curtains? Such would attract a cleaning fee between $60 and $120. For linen curtains, cleaning cost will around $60 to $95, while polyester curtain cleaning also ranges between $60 and $95.

Silk curtains normally attract a cleaning fee between $100 & $150.

For voile materials, expect a fee around $100 & $150. The same applies to lacey curtain materials.

ii. Drape Cleaning Prices by Type

Having discussed cleaning prices by material, we’ll shift our focus to cleaning prices by type of curtain. Some of the most popular curtain types include grommet, rod pocket, hobbled roman, tab top, pleated, and flat roman.

  • Grommet

Also called eyelet curtains, these curtain types tend to be more difficult to clean as they aren’t purely fabric. In other words, hardware is incorporated into its design in the form of rings for easy placement.

So, instead of faster cleaning methods like machine cleaning, hand cleaning is preferred.

If you have this type of curtain, expect a cleaning fee within the $100 to $150 range. This cost applies to a set of curtains.

  • Rod Pocket

Rod pocket curtain types require standard dry cleaning methods.

Also known as casement curtains, the lower cleaning prices per set reflect its ease of cleaning. Starting from a low of $60, prices could climb to around $120 depending on size.

  • Hobbled Roman

This is another type of curtain that’s best cleaned by standard dry cleaning. Due to its several folds, it’s common to find dust accumulating around such areas.

So, why is this detail important?

It is because such areas are focused on more than others. Cleaning prices for these types of curtains range between $80 and $130.

  • Tab Top

Tab top curtains mostly require the specialized dry cleaning approach.

These curtains do not attract high cleaning fees as the procedure can be done for a fee of around $60 to $120 per curtain set. This cost range takes curtain size into consideration.

  • Pleated

Specialized dry cleaning tends to be the most popular cleaning method used for most curtain types. The pleats easily gather dust. This makes pleated curtains to have more frequent need for cleaning.

The cleaning cost per set for this curtain type is around $80 to $130.

  • Flat Roman

Due to the simple design of flat roman curtains, the most preferred cleaning method adopted by a lot of curtain cleaning services is the on-site cleaning method. This method also tends to be faster to complete than others.

You’re likely to incur a cleaning fee between $75 and $125.

  • Cleaning Method Used

Another cost determining factor you’ll need to know is the cleaning method used. Before now, we’ve discussed several types of cleaning methods in relation to the curtain material being cleaned.

These include specialized dry cleaning, hand cleaning, machine cleaning, and standard dry cleaning.

Which is best among these methods? Actually there isn’t a better method than the other. Each cleaning method serves a purpose which is to get rid of dirt.

So, it’s more about getting desired results than looking at it from an angle of which is best or not.

iii. Cleaning Service Hired

To a large extent, the cleaning service or company hired for a curtain cleaning job will determine how much you pay in cleaning costs. It’s a highly competitive industry with pricing reflecting the number of value-added services included.

iv. Location Matters

Your location is likely to impact your curtain cleaning prices in a significant way. Certain locations such as big cities have higher living costs than others.

Here, such economic conditions are reflected in all aspects of daily life including curtain cleaning costs.

You can take advantage of this information to plan better for your curtain cleaning procedure. Each curtain cleaning job will differ from the other.

So, only an actual quote of your curtain cleaning needs will provide an exact price for cleaning.

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