How Much Does Dumpster Rental Cost? [Cheap Prices Near Me]

How much is it to rent a dumpster? Here is how to find cheap and affordable rental options near you.

Dumpster rental businesses provide a vital service for a wide variety of projects. These range from demolition jobs, de-cluttering a home, new construction, yard waste removal, roof tear-off, and kitchen or bath remodeling among others. Basically, dumpsters serve a whole range of functions.

Whatever your needs are, the question of dumpster rental rates easily comes up. You want to have a fair idea of how much it will take to get one for your project.

Whether you’re performing a remodeling job of your home or handling a major demolition project, the need for a dumpster is always crucial. This is important as long as debris or other forms of dirt is being produced.

As a temporary holding container, the dumpster brings convenience to the job.

Outright Dumpster Purchase May Not Be Necessary

Dumpster rental services are quite popular because the outright purchase of a dumpster may not be necessary. In other words, you may only use a dumpster when the need arises.

De-cluttering or clearing out unwanted items is mostly done occasionally. As such, dumpster rental services effectively serve such needs.

How To Know What Dumpster Size I Need

One of the key requirements for renting a dumpster is knowing what best fits your needs.

Dumpsters come in all sorts of sizes measured in cubic yards. Now, you’ll need to understand that cubic yards simply refer to a measurement of the dumpster volume.

So, for example, a 10-yard dumpster can hold about 10 cubic yards of debris or material. A 15-yard dumpster holds 15 cubic yards of materials and so on.

So, the focus will be on the volume of what you need to remove or clear up.

Different dumpster sizes are purposed for varying projects. Details on these and more will be talked about shortly. For now, let’s focus on the main topic being discussed.

What Projects Are Most Suitable For Specific Dumpster Sizes?

Dumpsters are built for handling a wide range of projects. Such projects vary in scope and intensity. Now, there are corresponding dumpster sizes for such. Here, we’ll be providing additional information on the ideal projects for some dumpster sizes.

  • What a 6 Yard Dumpster is Best Used for

To know what dumpster size to rent, you’ll need to consider what functions it best serves.

For a 6 yard dumpster, it can be used for removing or clearing up heavy material. Plus, it can easily fit into narrow alleys or driveways, thus improving accessibility during cleanup.

A 6-yard dumpster is great for the removal of dirt, roofing material, gravel, stone, concrete, plaster, and brick among other similar materials.

  • Uses of a 12 Yard Dumpster

What’s a 12-yard dumpster most ideal for?

This will easily hold about 4 to 6 full pickup truck loads of debris. It can be used for average kitchen demolition jobs, clearing up fencing material and yard cleanup as well as contain some brick and stone.

What more? This dumpster size can be used for deck demolition jobs as well as a medium garage or basement cleanup.

  • Uses of an 18 Yard Dumpster

Major residential and commercial projects can easily be carried out with an 18-yard dumpster. This holds about 7 to 9 full pickup truck loads and is ideal for large kitchen demolition and estate cleanouts.

What more? An 18-yard dumpster will be useful for large garage or basement cleanups as well as for flood and fire restoration projects.

We won’t be exhausting all dumpster sizes in connection with the most ideal uses due to wanting space and time. The few listed above provide a fair idea of what uses can be derived.

Affordable Dumpster Rental Options

We won’t be dwelling on the uses of a dumpster as it’s assumed you fully understand such. Rather, we’ll be focusing on a dumpster rental cost.

However, if you are interested in ownership, here is how much to buy a roll-off dumpster.

If you wish to patronize a dumpster rental service anytime soon, you’ll find this article very helpful.

So how much does it cost to rent a dumpster? Let’s look at some options.

Average Cost of Renting A Roll Off Dumpster

When it comes to renting a dumpster, you’ll have to first consider the national average. This is followed by the size, debris type, and weight of materials among others.

Starting with the national average, dumpster rental cost goes for around $458.66.

To get the exact pricing, you’ll need to decide what dumpster size fits your needs as well as your location. To get a better idea of dumpster rental cost, let’s consider pricing factors such as size, debris type, and weight of materials.

i. Dumpster Rental Prices By Size

Roll-off dumpsters come in multiple sizes; 10 yards, 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpsters. The larger the dumpster, the higher the rental costs are.

  • 10 Yard Dumpster Rental Cost

This is the smallest dumpster size of those listed here. The average cost for a 10-yard dumpster goes for around $366.50. On average, it will cost you around $234 to $529 to rent this roll-off dumpster.

  • 15 Yard Dumpster Rental Cost

If you need something a bit larger than a 10-yard dumpster, this will be among your possible picks. The 15-yard dumpster costs an average of $418.54 with an average cost of $256 to $578.

  • 20 Yard Dumpster Rental Cost

For a 20 yard dumpster, it will cost around $432.07 to rent. This is only the average cost as rental costs fall within the $300 to $633 range. If none of the above sizes fits what you need, something a bit bigger might serve.

  • 30 Yard Dumpster Rental Cost

The average dumpster cost for a 30-yard dumpster is around $501.46. The average price range is around $312 to $787.

  • 40 Yard Dumpster Rental Cost

Renting a 40-yard dumpster attracts an average cost of $571.76. The average price range for the same goes from $378 to $875.

ii. Dumpster Rental Cost by Debris Type

All sorts of debris are emptied into a dumpster. These range from construction debris, roofing materials, yard waste, residential and heavy debris. So, how does debris type affect dumpster rental costs?

It’s simple! The availability of processing facilities plays a major role.

Processing facilities simply refer to landfills. Not all debris will be suitable for emptying into a landfill. Local regulations will need to be followed to ensure the proper disposal of such debris.

  • Construction Debris

During construction, a lot of debris is generated. These consist of cabinetry, drywall, flooring, plaster, and wood. Based on the scope of your project, an appropriate dumpster size will need to be gotten.

  • Roofing Materials

Roofing materials belong to a different category of debris that also needs to be emptied into a dumpster. Such roofing materials consist of roof vents, asphalt, flashing, slate shingles, and underlayment.

  • Yard Waste

Yard waste can also be cleared with the help of a dumpster. In other words, a dumpster will come handy when cleaning yard waste. Yard waste mostly consists of soil & dirt, shrubs, tree, and bushes.

  • Residential

The need to rent a dumpster for residential use or cleanup is also popular. Here, debris such as junk, household debris, general trash, and furniture are emptied or poured into the dumpster.

  • Heavy Debris

As the name implies, these dumpsters are designed for heavy work.

In other words, they hold heavy debris like asphalt, concrete, gravel, and bricks. For all the debris types mentioned, it’s necessary to be aware of prohibited items, local regulations as well as recycling options.

  • Dumpster Rental Cost By Weight of Materials

Here, you’ll need to consider debris weight relative to the dumpster container you’ll rent. Heavier debris costs more to dispose of. In other words, you’re likely to end up paying more in landfill tipping fees.

Can I Extend my Dumpster Rental Period?

Whatever project you’re handling, one thing is sure; there’s never a certainty of the date of project completion. So, when a dumpster is rented for a certain period of time, an extension means added rental fees.

When it comes to adjusting to client needs, most dumpster rental services offer flexible plans. An extension will most likely be provided with an affordable daily rate charge.

Does Location Affect Dumpster Rental Costs?

It absolutely does! Location plays a major role in determining how much you pay in rental fees for dumpsters. Now, the next logical question should border on why location influences rental costs.

To understand why you’ll have to look at fuel costs as well as local disposable fees.

That’s not all! Regional regulations regarding recycling and sorting within a particular location will also affect dumpster rental costs. The cost of living in big cities is usually more expensive when compared to small cities or towns.

So, when renting a dumpster in a small town, you’re likely to pay much lesser rental fees. The opposite is true for larger cities. So, yes! Where you live is likely to impact your dumpster rental costs.

You’ll need to make inquiries from multiple dumpster rental services to have a fair idea of how much fee is charged.

Factors That Impact Dumpster Rental Rates

Dumpster rental rates are quite varied and determined by a lot of factors.

First off, the type of cleanup you need to do will determine what type of dumpster to get. Dumpsters come in varying sizes.  There’s the 6-yard dumpster, 12-yard dumpster, 18-yard dumpster, 20-yard dumpsters, and so on.

It’s easy to see that the bigger your cleanup needs are, the larger the dumpster size required. Having mentioned some dumpster sizes available, it’s necessary to consider the pricing for each of those.

In terms of pricing, we’ll have to look at each dumpster size available.

The average price range for renting a dumpster is around $300 to $420. The minimum rental price is about $75 for a 2-yard dumpster while the maximum rental fee is around $570 for a 40-yard dumpster.

  • Brand Matters a Lot

One of the key determinants of dumpster rental prices is the brand. Some of the big names include Redbox+, Waste Management,, Bin There Dump That, and Republic Services.

There are slight differences in rental prices between these major dumpster rental services.

  • Extended Days Attract Additional Rental Rates

When renting a dumpster, the rental price applies for a specified period of time (mostly a week).

After this period, most dumpster rental services will charge an additional fee for every day the dumpster spends with you. It’s important to have this clarified by asking the right questions when renting a dumpster.

Getting Cheap Dumpster Rental Prices Near Me

While seeking to rent a dumpster, most people will also want to get the best deal possible.

Here, we’re talking about tips on lowering dumpster rental costs. One of the best ways to achieve this is by comparing price quotes from multiple rental services.

You might also want to sell or donate certain items before loading your dumpster. Think about sharing your dumpster space with a neighbor.

That way, you get to split the rental fees.


The rental prices for dumpsters will be affected by several factors such as size, location, type among others discussed above. However, we’ve included the average rental rates for each dumpster size.

What you end up paying as the rental cost will be determined by these. It will be a great idea to pay a visit to your nearest dumpster rental service to have a better idea of how much it will cost.

All you need to know about dumpster rental costs have been provided above. With this knowledge, you’re able to make smart choices and decisions that are cost-effective.

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