Our discussion will mainly dwell on cleaning up stump grindings. We’ve discussed the easiest ways to clean up sump grindings after completing a tree removal job.

You’ll need to follow the tips discussed below for more efficient cleanup. So, are you ready? Let’s jump right into details.

Removing Stump Grindings

Tree removal involves several processes: planning, checking the felling direction, pruning the trunk, choosing the cutting technique, cutting the tree, and grinding its stump.

As part of the clearing or cleanup action, all debris, including stump grindings, will need to be removed,

  • How to Get Rid of Stump Grindings

Before getting into specifics about cleanup methods, it’s necessary to point out that stump grindings can have many benefits. These only need to be identified and applied accordingly.

Stump grindings can be used for the creation of garden pathways and also as mulch.

You can also have stump grindings spread on snowy sidewalks, use them as compost material, and serve as fire starters.

Here, instead of disposing of your stump grindings, you can have them stored for any of the above uses.

Let’s have a brief look at each use.

  • Using Stump Grinding for Garden Pathways

A creative way to use your stump grinding is to use them as garden pathways.

Apart from giving your garden that natural look, these slowly decompose, thus enriching garden soil. It gives you an easy way to repurpose stump grindings while helping to improve the surroundings.

  • Stump Grindings as Mulch Material

Another practical use of stump grindings is by deploying such as mulch material.

Mulch material obtained this way has several benefits, including helping balance soil temperature, moisture retention, suppressing weed growth, and promoting the presence of beneficial organisms, amongst others.

  • Spreading Stump Grindings on Snowy Sidewalks

In winter, one of several problems encountered by people is having a snowy sidewalk.

Materials like stump grindings promote traction, allowing more effortless movement over slippery surfaces. You can store your stump grindings for this purpose.

This helps prevent accidents due to slippery surfaces.

  • Using Stump Grindings as Compost Material

Stump grindings can come in handy as compost materials. If you plan on making some compost and have stump grindings lying around, you can use such to make your natural fertilizer.

You’ll need to have the compost turned in every few days to achieve desired results.

  • Stump Grindings Serving as Fire Starter

Because stump grindings come in flakes, they can efficiently serve as fire starters. The size of these grindings makes them easily combustible.

All you have to do is store your stump grindings for your camping needs in winter. You’d also be saving money that would have been used to buy fire starters.

Easiest Ways to Clean Up Stump Grindings

There are easy ways to go about clearing your surroundings of stump grindings.

The first and most accessible of all involves calling for professional help. If this option doesn’t excite you, then handling things yourself via DIY might be a more agreeable alternative.

  • Professional Cleanup of Stump Grindings

Here, immediate action can be taken when a stump is a ground. If the stump was ground by the same company that removed the tree, then the removal of stump grindings is likely to be done.

However, estimates might cover cleanup costs if you’ve called for a different stump grinding job.

A cleaning service helps eliminate all dirt and debris around your yard. Not only are stump grindings cleared, but these are also hauled off and properly disposed of.

Here, you have no worries about how the job will be performed, as all you need to do is point to the heap.

Of course, you’ll have to incur a fee for the job. The volume of stump grindings to be cleared will determine the cost incurred. Cases involving large stump grinds will produce a lot of debris.

Also, the time spent on the job will determine cleaning costs. This is the easiest way to clean up stump grindings.

  • Getting the Job Done Yourself

To have your yard cleared of stump grindings, you first need to get the necessary tools for the job.

These include gloves, boots, hand-push garbage trolley, rake, and shovel. With these, you’re ready to get the job done. This is necessary if you wish to get the job done yourself.

It’s necessary to state that the DIY approach can be physically tasking. You will get the job done faster if you have any machinery like a tractor with a box blade.

With such, stump grindings can be scraped off, gathered, and disposed of.

A significant part would have decomposed for stump grindings that have spent a long time (months or years) lying around. Clearing such would require digging or loosening the heap for easy scooping with the shovel.

Before cleanup, you should have decided whether to dispose of or use the grindings.

To get the job done faster, consider asking for help. This will be necessary where extensive stump grinding jobs have been done. Here, multiple heaps will need to be cleared.

This cleanup can be expedited by having professionals handle the job or asking for help from friends.

Easy Stump Grindings Removal

The ease of cleaning up stump grindings largely depends on what steps you take.

After completing the job, you can use the experience to ensure that future jobs are done more effectively. As stated earlier, this may require leaving tree removal services to handle all aspects of the job.

Comprehensive tree removal service will cover most of these aspects. Aside from removing and hauling off the tree, stump grinding is done, followed by clearing all debris left behind.

Getting the job done is much easier but will cost you more.

This won’t be a problem if you’ve prepared for the job. Here, you save yourself the stress of going through the detailed cleanup process, which can be time-consuming.

These are some of the easiest ways to clean up stump grindings. We’ve seen how the job can be simplified when handed to professional cleaning or tree removal companies.

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