Electric Fireplace Repair – Troubleshooting Guide & Steps To Fix

This article takes a look at the different repair methods for electric fireplaces.

When it comes to fireplace types by fuel, three broad categories include wood-burning, gas, and electric fireplaces. Each has varying methods of operation and maintenance.

The cleanest of these in terms of combustion is the electric fireplace.

This has many benefits in addition to being easy to operate.

However, such fireplaces will eventually develop one type of fault or the other. When this happens, fixes have to be made. So, how does one go about repairing a faulty electric fireplace?

Even if you’re not interested in carrying out such fixes yourself, the knowledge you get from reading through this article won’t be wasted.

Let’s Make some Clarifications

If you’re confused about the terminology used in describing the topic under discussion, getting some clarity will be in order. In the topic, “repair methods” are being mentioned.

For this article, this will be the same as the steps involved in electric fireplace repairs.

Any other related area will be covered in detail as you read through to the end. So, what repair steps are involved? How can one go about fixing a faulty fireplace?

You’ll want to stick with us as we touch on the different aspects of maintenance.

Is Your Electric Fireplace Light Not Working?

If you just found out that your electric fireplace just stopped working, that isn’t a nice feeling at all. However, most electric fireplace faults can be fixed. So, what do you do when this happens?

There are several approaches or steps you can take to overcome the problem.

  • I’m Not an Electrician so, How Can I fix my Electric Fireplace?

This is in no way a tutorial on how to fix a faulty electric fireplace. First off, the issue can be from anywhere.

You’ll need to first troubleshoot the problem before anything else is done. Possible faults or anomalies include the fireplace not turning on, constantly goes off, and no heat when switched on.

Other possible issues you might experience include the fireplace turning on automatically, producing a clicking noise, squeaks for no reason, and continuous beeping. These are clear signs of trouble that need to be resolved.

In such cases, there’s no need to loosen the device if you have no idea.

At least, there are things you can do such as troubleshooting the problem. If the issue isn’t fixed after troubleshooting, you can call an electronic technician to perform an in-depth assessment.

With the problem identified, a quick fix is administered.

What Type of Electric Fireplace Do You Have?

The type of electric fireplace you have determines how a problem is tackled or fixed.

All types have the same working principles. However, they may differ in designs as well as construction. There are also differences in the way these heating appliances are being installed.

So, without further ado, let’s get right in.

There are electric fireplace log sets, electric fireplace stoves, as well as built-in electric fireplaces.

Other variants include electric fireplace mantels, electric fireplace inserts, electric fireplace TV stands, and recessed or wall-mounted electric fireplaces.

Each type has its benefits and advantages. Nevertheless, all are known for their clean combustion or heating and efficiency. Now, any of these could develop faults.

An electric fireplace that gets little maintenance always develops many faults.

Troubleshooting Your Electric Fireplace

Before it’s determined that an electric fireplace needs repairs, some troubleshooting will have to be done to get to the root cause(s) of seeming malfunction. Many areas need to be looked at.

These include the breaker, the power supply, and the fuses.

Other points to focus on include the light bulb, the manual as well as cleaning the fan. Any of these troubleshooting actions might reveal what the problem is.

If none of these actions seems to make it work, then an experienced electrician should be called upon to provide the needed fixes.

  • Checking the Breaker

There are times when your electric fireplace won’t come on simply because the breaker is flipped. Under such situations, there are no problems whatsoever with your electric fireplace.

You’ll have to look out for the breaker that operates your electric fireplace to ensure it’s in the right position.

  • Inspecting Power Supply

One of the first things you need to inspect when your fireplace doesn’t come on is the power supply.

However, you can’t simply place your hands on naked wires or terminals to test whether electricity is being supplied or not.

Instead, get the right testing tool; a voltage tester for this procedure.

First, check the outlet to ensure power is being supplied. This can be done by trying out another power outlet. If power is confirmed but the electric fireplace doesn’t still come up, then the issue is likely to be internal.

This is where you need to further probe by taking additional troubleshooting actions.

  • Checking the Fuses

What’s the condition of your fuses? Are they in good working condition?

An electric fireplace that won’t come on may have burned-out fuses that need to be replaced. These have to be checked before trying to change the costlier parts of the heating appliance.

To check the fuses, you must know where the fuse box is located in your particular model. First, turn off the power and ensure it’s cool before trying to check for basic components.

A broken filament is a sign that the fuse is damaged and needs replacement.

  • See that the Light Bulb is Still Working

In a situation where the fuse isn’t the problem, consider inspecting the light bulb.

This creates the special glowing effect of an electric fireplace. The fireplace may be working while the bulb doesn’t turn on.

So, having it checked and possibly replaced should be your aim.

  • Read through the Manual

A malfunctioning electric fireplace may be due to simple operational procedures not being followed. This is where the manual comes in handy as it enables you to identify vital steps being skipped.

It also pinpoints possible issues that may develop and their likely causes.

  • Clean the Fan

Your electric fireplace may be working but heating isn’t evenly distributed. Such fault could lie within the fan. It may not spin properly due to the accumulation of debris and dirt.

Having it cleaned and you’re good to go.

These are electric fireplace repair methods that are necessary to help figure out developing issues. If all of the steps above fail, it’s time to call an expert to carry out basic fixes.

  1. Our electric fireplace insert has released a black soot-like residue in and under our wood mantle. How do I clean the mantle, which is no longer white!! We have lowered the flame height, but are reluctant to use our insert.

  2. Hello
    I have a wall mounted fireplace, which I have had for quite a few years now.

    I have changed the fuses and the bulb, tried a different socket to plug the unit in, hoping it would work. As to a fan, I do not know where the fan is located.

    I would appreciate if someone could give me the number of a registered electronic technician that deals with this sort of problem?

    Thank you.

  3. Do you come out, inspect and give a free estimate? I do not know where the fuses are. I have checked the light bulbs by putting them in my lamp and they each light up.

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