End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist For Scheduling Tasks

Developing an end-of-lease cleaning checklist is quite challenging for persons doing it without guidance. In other words, people cleaning up after their lease expires are likely to be faced with difficulties tidying up without the help of a checklist.

This tool has proven to be very useful in helping people meet their cleaning targets.

We’ll be making this checklist available to you to carry out your cleaning tasks with the most ease. We begin as follows;

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist Sample

To carry out a thorough cleanup of your home or residence, the following tools and supplies will be needed. You’ll need to get a bucket, mop, protective gloves, broom, a brush, and a dustpan.

Others include a vacuum machine, a steam cleaner for carpets, an oven scraper & a cleaner.

Additional tools and supplies include a ladder, towels, squeegee, sponges, your preferred cleaning products, paper towels, and detergents.

The disinfectant must also be used for cleaning (especially for toilets and floors).

Areas Covered

An end-of-lease cleaning covers all areas of the property. These include the living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. Others are the laundry, balcony area, and garage.

How to clean all of these areas will be discussed in detail.

Bedroom Cleaning

A home might have single or multiple rooms. In any case, the cleaning tasks performed are much the same.

Basic tasks include the following

  • Removing Cobwebs

Cleaning of bedrooms, as well as any other area of the house, should be done from the top down. Start by inspecting for cobwebs and get rid of them.

  • Dust Ceiling Fans

Dust collects on ceiling fans and gradually builds up. This makes it look unsightly and also circulates dirt when switched on. Dust fans should be dusted clean to prevent this from happening.

  • Clean Wardrobes, Cupboards, and Drawers

Wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers should be targeted during the deep cleaning. For effective cleaning, these should be emptied of their contents and cleaned thoroughly. Return these items in a tidy manner and dispose of items you no longer have use for.

  • Clean Windows and Doors

Bedroom windows and doors will need some cleaning both from within and without. Doors should be wiped down and doorknobs sanitized. Window glasses should be wiped clean including frames, sills, and ledges.

  • Wipe Down Walls

Walls harbor dirt in the form of dust which builds up over time. As such, walls should be wiped clean and stains spot cleaned to remove them.

  • Dust Light Fittings and Wall Hangings

Light fittings and wall hangings also collect dust and should be well dusted to get rid of such dirt. You’ll need to be patient when performing this task. Get rid of such dirt from each piece and return them.

  • Remove and Wash Curtains and Blinds

If you’ve not washed your curtains and blinds for some time, the need to have these cleaned will be very necessary. Wash these and hang them back.

  • Wipe Down Air Conditioning Units and Wash Filters

Cleaning your air conditioning units does a whole lot in maintaining them. First, wipe down each unit and remove filters for washing. These filters should be dried and replaced before using or switching on the units again.

Bathrooms and Laundry

The bathroom and laundry areas of your home should be properly cleaned too. This involves several specific cleaning tasks that include the following;

  • Clean Ceiling Fans and Mirrors

Dust should be wiped off ceiling fans until they are clean. Next, focus on giving your mirror a thorough clean. Spray your preferred cleaning product and wipe it off clean with a towel. Mirror frames should also be cleaned too.

  • Clean Towel Rails and Toilet Roll Holders

Towel rails and toilet roll holders accumulate dirt over time. These should be cleaned and polished before the next use.

  • Wash All Surfaces

All surfaces will need to be washed and wiped clean. This includes all tiled areas as well as benchtops. Soap stains and residues should be gotten rid of from all surfaces including bathtubs and shower areas.

  • Scrub and Disinfect the Toilet Seat

Toilets should be thoroughly scrubbed clean and disinfected include toilet seats and back. Also, clean difficult reach areas such as behind toilets.

  • Drains and Sinks Should be Cleaned

Taps, sinks, drain holes, and plugs should all be cleaned and disinfected. Also, unclog such drains if they are blocked or partly blocked.

  • Clean Walls and Floors

Walls and floors must be kept free of dirt. Cleaning tasks to be performed include;

  • Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

Carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed and steam cleaned where necessary. This form of deep cleaning helps get rid of accumulated dirt on the carpet. Another option is to wash such carpets.

  • Clean Walls and Floor Areas

When cleaning or wiping down your walls, heavy appliances and furniture should be moved to create more room for cleaning.

  • Clean Windows and Sliding Door Tracks

While cleaning walls, you’ll need to clear or clean sliding tracks. This can be done through vacuuming.

  • Sweep and Mop Tiled Floors

Tiled floors should be swept clean and followed with thorough mopping.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen area is among the busiest area of the house and needs thorough cleaning to get rid of dirt and stains.

Cleaning tasks include; cleaning stove stains off. All food and debris should be cleared of plugs and sinkholes. Clean the sink areas as well as countertops among other surfaces and wipe clean.

Cupboards and cabinets should be emptied and wiped clean before arranging back the items removed. Your refrigerator should also be cleaned and disinfected. Remove the contents and wipe the insides clean.

Also, clean the outside area and top of refrigerators.

Wipe all kitchen gadgets clean including cookers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and freezers among others. Also, clean the extractor fan. Dishes should be loaded into the dishwasher for cleaning. Lastly, empty the trashcan and replace it with new liners.

These are simple tasks you must perform during the end-of-lease cleaning. By using this as a guide, you can provide comprehensive cleaning more efficiently.

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