Sample End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist Template

End of tenancy cleaning isn’t a task a lot of people enjoy doing because they are moving out. However, the fact remains that such properties must be cleaned up in readiness for the next tenants.

Now, some readers may wonder if such a cleaning task is similar to the ones they have handled before. You’ll need to read through this checklist to find answers to your question.

Can I Call A Cleaning Company to Get the Job Done?

It’s entirely up to you. You have the option of either getting the house cleaned or calling a residential cleaning service. If you decide to call for professional cleaning, you may not be needing this checklist that much.

However, if you intend to cut down on the cost of cleaning at the end of your tenancy, then this checklist will prove invaluable.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Doing a great job of cleaning your home requires using the right cleaning tools and supplies.

These range from scourers, spray bottles, proprietary cleaning foods, cloths, and rags as well as upholstery shampoo just to mention a few.

The cleaning process included here begins with specific tasks. These cleaning tasks are divided into a section by section basis.

In other words, cleaning is carried out according to the different areas of your home. These include the kitchen area, the bathroom, bedrooms and hallway, and stair areas.

There are also general cleaning tasks that cover the entire property.

General Cleaning

General cleaning typically covers your entire home. It includes specific cleaning tasks relating to doors, windows, walls, and more. We’ll begin with the following;


During the end of tenancy cleaning, all walls will need to be properly cleaned. While cleaning, you’ll be dealing with different things that include dust, spots, cobwebs, or stains. Begin the process by removing all cobwebs.

Walls should also be dusted and cleaned of all spots or stains. Stubborn stains can be ignored depending on the severity. Large stubborn stain patches will require professional help.


All doors within the property should be cleaned and dusted. This should be free of all forms of dirt. Those with glass parts should be cleaned using a glass cleaner.

Try to ensure that the glass areas are well cleaned up.

Door Handles

During the end of tenancy cleaning, one of the most overlooked cleaning tasks involves door handles. Door handles should be wiped clean and polished.

Try to ensure that all stains, smudges, and fingerprint marks are wiped off.


Windows should also be wiped clean from top to bottom. Most windows have glasses.

As such, using your glass cleaner, spray on the glass parts, and scrub clean using a clean towel. All marks and spots on the windows should be wiped clean.

Window Sills

You can use your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from window sills This should be further dusted with a damp cloth until the window sill is free of all dirt and spots.

Window Ledges

Still, on windows, ledges aren’t left out of the cleaning task. These require simple cleaning tasks that include wiping and cleaning all window ledges.

Window Handles

Whenever windows are opened or closed, their handles are always grabbed. This deposits dirt that needs to be cleaned. Wipe all window handles clean and polish them.


More often than not, ceilings will hold cobwebs that will need to be gotten rid of. Clean the ceiling of such cobwebs and dust ceiling fans.

Wall Pictures and Hangings

Wall pictures and hangings accumulate dust over time. Picture frames should plus should be dusted clean. This includes other wall hangings such as artworks or other similar pieces.


Wall corners are likely to hold cobwebs. Inspect such corners to find and remove all such cobwebs.

Light Fittings and Shades

All light fittings and shades should be well cleaned and dusted too. The easier they are to remove the better. Be careful when removing such for cleaning.


All mirrors should be dusted and wiped clean. A good cleaning job will get rid of fingerprints and smudges as well as spots.


All skirting must be wiped clean and dusted. This may require moving furniture away from walls to easily clean such. Spindles and banisters should also be cleaned.

Curtain Rails

Curtain rails should be removed and cleaned. Cleaning will involve wiping and dusting them using a damp and clean cloth.

Fire Place and Surroundings

Part of the end of tenancy cleaning tasks includes wiping your fireplace and surroundings clean. The same applies to your radiator.

The Floors

All floors within your house should be well vacuumed. Carpets will need to be raised for effective vacuuming. Also vacuum beneath chairs, tables, beds, and sofas.

What more? Vacuuming will need to include upholstery and carpets.

Clean out Cupboards, Chairs and Wooden Furniture

All cupboards, chairs, and wooden furniture should be cleaned cleared out and cleaned. This should be followed by dusting and polishing.

Kitchen Area

Cleaning tasks to be performed in this area of the home include clearing out and wiping kitchen cupboards clean, cleaning off all stains, grease, and mold from wall tiles as well as washing and sanitizing all work surfaces.

Additional tasks include the descaling of sinks and taps followed by washing, sanitizing, and polishing them. Clear out all rubbish bins, clean both the insides and out of fridge and freezers and wipe microwave from the inside to the outside.

Dishwashers should also be cleaned both within and outside. Polish hobs & grill and degrease your oven.

Bedroom Area

Beds should be cleaned with wooden, metal, and glass parts polished. Next clean all reading lamps and vacuum all mattresses. Both sides of the mattress should be vacuumed.

Wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, and night tables should be cleaned and polished. Empty waste paper baskets and return them.


When cleaning the bathrooms, wall tiles should be cleaned and descaled. These should be mold-free. Next, clean the radiator and towel rail and descale taps and tap fittings. The basin should be cleaned and descaled and dried. Polishing the basin may be done as well.

Keep your soap dispenser clean, the same applies to your toothbrush glass. Cupboards and shelves should be emptied and cleaned. Descale and sanitize the bathtub too. The shower screen, shower head, and the toilet areas should be cleaned and disinfected.

Sweep and mop the floor and dispose of the rubbish bin. By performing the above cleaning tasks, you’ll have succeeded in carrying out your end of tenancy cleaning.

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