Having shade trees on your property offers many benefits, including improving your property’s value. There’s also the cooling function such trees offer to your surroundings.

Best Texas Fast-Growing Shade Trees

Do you have any kids? If you do, a shaded yard will serve as a haven for them.

Given the importance of such trees, we’ll be looking at fast-growing shade trees in Texas. Regarding shade trees, certain species tend to perform better than others.

In other words, you tend to get more shade from some trees than others. Here, the focus is on shade trees that grow fast.

Why Texas?

You might wonder why this article is specifically about the state of Texas.

Considering the weather conditions in this region, it isn’t easy to see why. Texas is primarily hot. This is why fast-growing shade trees are a big deal, as they offer some respite from the burning sun.

Generally, trees serve to beautify and improve the look of your surroundings. What more? The value of your property improves with trees around it.

With this said, it’s time to focus on the topic: fast-growing shade trees in Texas.

Best Shade Trees For Texas

When it comes to fast-growing shade trees that can be grown in Texas, there are several.

The most popular include Chinese Pistachio, Cherry Laurel, Chinquapin Oak, Live Oak, Bald Cypress, Pecan, and Monterrey Oak. Others like Cedar Elm, Green Ash, and Shumard Red Oak exist.

You can also find excellent shade trees like Bur Oak and American Elm in Texas. Now that you know, let’s briefly discuss each of these fast-growing trees for more clarity on their unique features.

i. Chinese Pistachio

The Chinese Pistachio is an excellent fast-growing tree that grows in Texas.

Although found in Texas, it’s a non-native tree that grows to a maximum height of 40″ to 50.” A fully mature Chinese Pistachio tree will have a width of approximately 30″.

Professional consultations will be necessary if this sounds like a tree you’ll like to have on your property. Consider contacting your nearest arborist for professional tips on how to proceed.

ii. Cherry Laurel

Another fast-growing shade tree you might find interesting is the Cherry Laurel. The height of this tree at full maturity is around 40 feet, with yearly growth of about 2 feet.

This evergreen gives off a pleasing smell and is the perfect tree for bird lovers due to the attraction of birds to its cherry fruits.

Generally, cherry laurels aren’t difficult to grow in Texas. So, if you’re looking for a drought-resistant, fast-growing tree variety to grow, this should be among your pick.

iii. Chinquapin Oak

Easily identified by its deep green color in summer, Chinquapin Oaks grow to a height of around 50 ft. You get the much-desired shade you seek by increasing it.

Plus, it easily blends into your landscape, thus improving the value of your property. This tree species isn’t quite ordinary compared to the other trees on the list.

iv. Live Oak

Another excellent shade tree that grows fast in Texas is the Live Oak.

These drought-resistant tree species are among the most popular in Texas. Another benefit you get by growing Live Oaks is the ease of maintenance.

Regarding height, maximum growth can reach as much as 100 ft.

Due to the size of the growth, it’s essential to take note of such when planting the tree(s). Packing them too close won’t allow for proper development.

v. Bald Cypress

This is a native tree common in Texas that thrives in moist soils. In other words, it’s one tree you shouldn’t consider when looking for drought-resistant shade trees.

The average growth range for Bald Cypresses is between 50 and 70 ft. However, some have been known to grow way beyond this range to around 120 ft.

vi. Pecan

Pecan trees are native to Texas and are great for looking for excellent shade and a faster growth rate. Due to its popularity, the Pecan tree is designated as the state tree of Texas.

This nut-producing tree is considered a cash crop.

By growing Pecan trees, specific challenges you might deal with include diseases. You’ll need to seek the opinion of an arborist to guide you on how to proceed.

vii. Monterrey Oak

The Monterrey oak is another tree you should consider for your Texas property. This medium tree with deep green leaves measures an average of 40 feet when fully grown.

Your landscape could benefit a lot by adding this tree to it.

viii. Cedar Elm

The cedar elm is a large, fast-growing shade tree found in Texas. This tree produces dense shade and grows to a maximum average height of 90 inches.

You could improve the value of your property by adding the Cedar Elm with any of the other fast-growing trees mentioned.

ix. Green Ash

To show how fast this tree grows, the annual growth rate of Green Ashes is around 2 feet or more every year. At full maturity, the tree measures between 60 to 70 feet.

Green Ash trees are also known for their ornamental value due to the flowers they produce.

x. Shumard Red Oak

Shumard Red Oaks grow to an average maximum height and width of 50 ft. Extra caution is necessary when buying this Red Oak species from your nursery.

This is because there are multiple variations. You’ll need the guidance of an arborist or local nursery.

xi. Bur Oak

Bur Oaks are among the most popular tree varieties in Texas. These fast-growing shade trees are low-maintenance and improve your home’s value.

xii. American Elm

American Elm tree species are among the fastest-growing shade trees you can grow. Every year, it grows between 3 to 6 feet and produces a fountain-like shape that extends anywhere from 30 to 60 feet.

These fast-growing shade trees will do excellently well in Texas. These are some of the most popular varieties you can grow. However, some professional advice is needed for the best results.

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