20 Fastest Growing Trees in The World

There is quite an impressive number of fast-growing trees in the world. Some trees can naturally grow very fast, while others will grow very fast by the interference of plant breeders.

It’s pretty amazing to know that some tree grows fast. I mean, so quickly you can notice a change in a week.

Trees are living things, but they don’t talk or walk, and most times, their development appears to be somewhat sluggish.

Therefore, going green for us as individuals might be a good idea; it’s just that we don’t see ourselves engaging in something that might take forever to yield.

Here are some amazing facts about trees in general.

List Of Tree Species That Grow Very Fast

Not all trees grow as slowly as you might think- this is good news.

Do you need a list of trees to plant for privacy? Here is one.

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Owing to the discoveries and developments of plant breeders, we now have breeds and crossbreeds of trees that can grow fast; a single tree can sprout up to 10ft in a year.

Exactly! And within four years, you can have more than 30ft tall trees.

Believe it or not, most famous trees are fast-growing. So now you know that going green is easier than ever. You can plant a tree, and you don’t have to worry.

You might not be around by the time it is ready to serve its purpose because you can have the shade you want in less than a year.

Tree breeders or plant breeders have made a landmark achievement in developing fast-growing trees. They have created several breeds by crossing two different but related species to produce much harder breeds. These breeds are called HYBRID VIGOR.

A typical example of a Hybrid Vigor is the Willow Hybrid- one of the world’s fastest-growing trees. Interestingly, it can sprout up to 10ft a year.

Amazing right?

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It will have grown way above 30ft in four years, depending on your preference, if you choose not to trim it. Interestingly, this particular breed does not lose its leaves in harsh or hoarse weather, not even in winter.

Another typical example of a Hybrid Vigour is the ThUJA GREEN GIANT.

This breed also does not lose its leaves in winter, and it is suitable when there is a need for privacy because it provides the kind of shade that can conceal your building. The Thuja Green Giant can grow 4ft a year.

An exciting feature of this Hybrid Vigour is that it will grow well even if it is not fully exposed to sunlight, and it will keep growing unless you trim it to your desired height and width.

But if you are looking for a narrow tree, then the ITALIAN CYPRESS is the best option. This breed is suitable, especially for those living in a warm environment or housing development areas where houses are so uncomfortably close.

The Italian Cypress proliferates and can endure a scorching and coarse climate.

It can reach 40ft high but 4 -5ft wide untrimmed. With the Italian Cypress, you will have a beautiful view without sweating over trimming the sides because you won’t have to.

Another breed that can provide a beautiful shade for you is the NELLIE STEVENS HOLLY.

This breed produces a broad evergreen leaf, which is serene, but more interesting is that Nellie Stevens Holly is a pest-free tree, so you don’t need to sweat over pest control for trees.

In its first year, the growth process may be somewhat sluggish, but not to worry. After the first year, it will grow to 3ft a year.

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If you love colors and are not okay with just green, try TRI COLOUR WILLOW. This is also another breed with a smaller hedge and dramatic shades.

It is a lovely combination of green, red, and white foliage that comes out beautifully during Spring.

Tri-Colour Willow can grow up to 2-3 ft a year and reach up to 10ft in 4-5years if you want it. Otherwise, you can trim it to the height you want.

Another example of a very fast-growing tree is Bamboo; it produces an entirely different outlook that gives a densely evergreen view that does not require any trimming. This tree is one of the very fast among fast-growing trees.

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Some species of Bamboo are literarily capable of sprouting up to 10cm per day. The fastest-growing Bamboo has made a world record, sprouting up to 35 inches daily.

The Bamboo can take only a few years to attain at least 20ft.

So which are the fastest-growing trees?

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Top 20 Fast-Growing Trees in the World – Reviews

Therefore, the following are among the world’s fastest-growing trees in no particular order.

  1. Royal Empress Tree

This tree has an alluring fragrance, and it is very colorful. It can reach up to 10-15ft in its first year and up to 40-50ft if it is not trimmed.

  1. Hybrid Polar

This is one of the most popular trees used for shades near the home to make it serene and give the house some privacy.

Hybrid Polar can grow up to 8-10 ft in the first year, 30-40ft subsequently, and reach up to 50-70ft if it is not trimmed.

  1. Willow Hybrid

This is the fastest of all willow breeds. It can provide shade when planted in rows and conceal the property or home where it is grown.

Willow Hybrid will grow up to 6-12 ft in the first year, 25-40 feet, and reach a maximum height of 75ft.

  1. Lombardy Poplar

Lombardy Poplar is usually planted in rows. It is a tall, elegant tree with narrow branches like the Italian Cypress.

It will grow up to 8-10 ft in the first year, 30-40ft, and can reach most 60ft.

  1. Eucalyptus Tree

This is an example of trees that produce alluring fragrances throughout the year. Its leaves are bluish-green.

The Eucalyptus tree can grow up to 6-8ft in the first year, 20-30 ft, and reach a maximum height of 40ft- 50ft.

If you need to remove this tree, here is a guide.

  1. Weeping Willow

This tree can do well in any soil or environment, but you must constantly water it.

The Weeping Willow can grow up to 4-8ft in the first year, up to 15-30 ft, and reach up to 50ft.

  1. American Sycamore

This tree spreads fast, providing shade that is hard to trim. It can grow up to 6ft in the first year, 20-25 ft subsequently maximum height of 70ft.

  1. Tulip Poplar

This tree produces beautiful flowers that blossom in Spring and turn bright yellow in Fall.

The Tulip Poplar can grow 6ft in the first year, 15-20 ft, and reach a maximum height of 70ft.

It is one of the fast-growing flowering trees in the world.

  1. Quaking Aspen

This tree can grow up to 5 ft in the first year, 15-20 ft, and reach a maximum height of 40-50ft.

  1. Arapaho Crape Myrtle

This tree is one of the few red crape Myrtles that flourishes in all seasons. It can grow up to 4-5ft in the first year, 15-20ft, and reach a maximum height of 25ft.

  1. Muskogee Crape Myrtle

This tree produces the beautiful lavender flower that flourishes for only four months a year.

The Muskogee Crape Myrtle can reach up to 4-5ft in a year, 15-20 ft, and a maximum height of 15-25ft.

  1. Tuscarora Crape Myrtle

This myrtle breed will do well under any weather. It produces a deep hue of pink bloom- gorgeous.

The Tuscarora Crape Myrtle will grow up to 4-5 ft a year, 15-20 ft subsequently, and reach a maximum height of 15-25 ft.

  1. Thuja Green Giant

This tree is famous for providing shade that conceals the property or home; it gives a home some privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant can grow up to 3-5ft in the first year, 15- 20 ft, and reach a maximum height of 20-40 ft.

  1. Golden Bamboo

This tree is often used to produce eco-friendly materials. Interestingly, the root spreads in a way that allows one rootstock to reproduce several shoots so that the Bamboo has horizontal growth.

The Bamboo can grow up to 4-5ft in the first year and up to 10- 20 ft.

  1. Eastern Cottonwood

This tree is the fasted growing tree in North America. It can grow up to 2-4ft in the first year, up to 10-15ft, and will continue to add 5ft every year for the next 25 years unless trimmed.

  1. Autumn Purple Ash

This tree produces bright-colored leaves, especially in the Fall. They grow up to 3-5ft in the first year, up to 15-20ft, and can attain a maximum height of 50-70 ft.

  1. American Red Maple

This tree turns bright red during the summer. It can grow up to 3-5ft in the first year, up to 15-20 ft, and reach a maximum height of 40 ft.

  1. Leyland Cypress

This is another tree that can help conceal property and provide much-needed privacy. Its leaves are feathers. The Leyland Cypress can grow up to 3-4ft in the first year, 15-20ft, and reach a maximum height of 60-70ft.

  1. Giant Sequoia

This breed is gigantic and also fast-growing. As much as it increases in size, it also continues to pack on girth every year. A giant Sequoia tree- the General Sherman tree- was measured and calculated to have added 3 inches to its circumference for 40 years.

The giant Sequoia can grow up to 4-6ft in the first year and will keep adding 2ft every year for the next 30 years. The Giant Sequoia may be the thickest of all trees and produces a lot of wood.

  1. Acacia

Acacia will do well in tropical climates because of the rain that falls throughout the year. A particular Acacia tree was planted in Sabah, Malaysia, growing to 35ft in just 13 months.

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Nowadays, we have a lot of crossbreds that can grow so fast; their growth is substantial within weeks or months.

So if you are thinking of going green and want a beautiful view or serenity in your environment, planting a tree is now easier than ever.

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