Arborists are known to perform a variety of tree & plant functions. These include the maintenance of trees & shrubs through pruning. Such parts may be dead or diseased.

Now, if you have any such needs, not every arborist will do.

You need to find an ISA certified arborist near you for the job.

Who’s An ISA Certified Arborist?

First off, ISA is simply an abbreviation for the International Society of Arboriculture. This is the main body recognized by law to issue certifications to arborists.

As such, anyone having an ISA certification is considered a professional that can be trusted.

In essence, you’re interested in finding a certified arborist nearest to you. This is the best and safest method to adopt when you require tree or shrub pruning services.

So, how do you go about finding one? You’ll find all the necessary guidance right here!

Finding An ISA Certified Arborist Near You

Wherever you live, arborists are always closer than you think. The services of certified arborists are always in high demand as people have more confidence in their ability to offer professional pruning services.

However, finding these professionals will seem impossible without the right tools.

There are tons of online tools you can use to locate the nearest ISA certified arborist. The International Society of Arboriculture has a special tool that enables you to locate ISA certified professionals.

The Online Directory

The online directory or tool made available by the ISA ensures that ISA credential holders or arborists can list themselves. As a client seeking to find an arborist closest to your location, you’ll need to search.

There’s an option to search by name. If you have a name, you can easily input this into the directory. There’s a provision for first and last names before hitting the search button.

Another option you have is by searching by location. This option is most relevant to our discussion.

In the “search by location” option, all countries are listed in the drop-down menu. You only need to scroll down to choose your country. Choosing a location by country isn’t specific enough.

So, having selected your country, you’ll have to choose a state as well as a city before hitting the search bar.

All the states within the U.S are listed as well as cities. You shouldn’t have a problem using the search tool or online directory.

For a more specific search, you can input your postal code. This categorizes numbers between 10 to 100. Having imputed your postal code, hit the search button for results to show up.

  • Can a Search Turn Out Negative?

Whether you search for an arborist using the tool provided on the ISA’s website or not, it’s possible that a search won’t bring up any meaningful results. This doesn’t mean that ISA certified arborists aren’t within your location.

Instead, it could mean that they simply aren’t listed.

You’ll have to use other measures to locate them. One of the ways to do this is by looking at the right places. There are lots of other online directories you could use to search.

You could search by using any of the following;

Georgia Arborist Association

Consulting Arborist Society

Climbing Arborist

Arboricultural Association

You can also find an ISA certified arborist by asking friends who have recently called for tree maintenance services.

This way, you’re referred to such services with much ease.

Importance of Hiring An ISA Certified Arborist

There are several advantages to hiring an ISA certified arborist.

These include placing round pegs in round holes, following the right pruning procedure, excellent pruning practices, and tangible results.

There’s also proof of credentials, as well as confidence in the person’s ability to handle your pruning tasks.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these points.

  • Placing Round Pegs in Round Holes

What does this mean exactly? It simply means getting the right person for the job. More often than not, a lot of persons parade themselves as arborists. In reality, these could be pesticide applicators or the likes.

Such persons have no clue or understanding of arboriculture. As such, hiring them would only prove problematic.

Anyone can become a pest applicator as it requires minimal certification. Finding an ISA certified arborist is a much safer option and similar to placing round pegs in round holes.

  • Following the Right Pruning Procedure

An ISA certified arborist is trained to follow the most acceptable procedure for tree pruning or maintenance.

For instance, certified arborists won’t use climbing spurs on a tree that won’t be removed as such action may result in stem cankers. Such problems have been common in the past.

  • Adoption of Excellent Tree Pruning Practices

Improper treatment of certain trees may result in the infection of many others.

This is why you need an ISA certified arborist. Doing otherwise will result in losses and damage to your trees.

  • Tangible Results

Certified arborists observe the problem and proffer far-reaching measures that bring tangible results.

This is much different when compared to non-professionals who recommend wrong treatments for disease and pests. Their actions end up worsening the problem.

  • Proof of Credentials

You should never be moved by titles. A lot of times, uncertified technicians brandish convincing names like “tree experts”, “tree specialists” or “arborists.” The reality is, a lot of people have been deceived.

Finding an ISA-certified arborist using any of the methods mentioned above is a much better way to safeguard against making the same mistakes.

  • Added Layer of Confidence in their Ability to Get the Job Done

More often than not, ISA certified arborists will carry their credentials along. This is a way to prove their expertise.

It’s totally okay to enquire about these credentials. The contract should only be signed after confirming their credentials.

For tree maintenance services to be reliable, it’s best to stick with reliable options.

Here, we’ve been discussing how to find an ISA certified arborist closest to you. Whether you use online directories or ask from friends or use other options, the aim is to find a reliable professional to get the job done.


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