Fireplace Restoration – Rebuild Options & Concerns

Fireplace restoration or refurbishment is common in situations where a fireplace has been dormant or is old and worn-out. Fireplace refurbishment is a thing that continues to grow in popularity.

People are ever so willing to add that rustic feel by fixing antique fireplaces.

Whatever your motivations are, restoring an old fireplace is something you can easily do. Plus, chimney services are always ready to help you get things done the right way.

However, for persons who are more inclined towards DIY restorations, the solution above won’t seem encouraging.

The good thing is you can get your old fireplace refurbished using the DIY approach. All of these and more will be discussed shortly.

Rebuilding A Fireplace

A fireplace may not really be dormant or unused to need restoration.

Sometimes, a lot of issues affecting its smooth operation may be the reason. An inspection helps detect what the real issues are and appropriate action taken.

As the name implies, restoration seeks to bring it back to full and normal functioning. How good a job is performed is largely determined by who gets the job done.

This has to do with the level of experience or skill in fixing the fireplace.

Salient Questions On Restoring A Fireplace

Fireplace restorations will naturally raise several questions.

Such questions will border on how much work is involved, the cost, DIY alternatives to getting the job done as well as whom to call for such service. Quite a lot of questions will come up concerning these key points listed.

The natural expectation when reading this will be to get hints on these points. That’s what we’ll set out to do right away!

Here are some questions to ask on how to rebuild a fireplace.

  • How Much Work Is Involved?

The volume of work involved in getting your old fireplace back in shape entirely depends on existing conditions.

By this, we’re simply referring to the degree of damage or disrepair to be fixed. Some dormant fireplaces may only need little brush-ups or cleaning to get back in shape.

For others, certain components may have to be replaced to ensure they return to normal function. The lesser the amount of work needed to restore a fireplace the lesser the costs will be. The opposite applies to extensive repairs.

There’s no way of knowing what’s involved in bringing a fireplace to life without calling a restoration specialist.

They come around to assess the condition of the fireplace and your unique needs before giving you an idea of the work required.

For homeowners seeking to adopt the DIY approach, figuring out the volume of work to be done shouldn’t be much of a problem. Persons interested in DIY repairs love to get things fixed themselves.

It’s possible such a person must have handled similar or related tasks in the past.

  • Cost Implications For Fireplace Restoration

The cost implication for fireplace restoration is crucial for a lot of homeowners.

One of the first questions that may be raised when a fireplace restoration expert comes around is the cost. This is understandable because homeowners need to have an idea of the cost to know how to work their budget.

Now, the actual cost of a fireplace restoration project can’t be mentioned right off the bat without an actual assessment. Costing for different fireplace restoration jobs will vary widely by the degree of damage, the time of year, as well as where you reside.

So, the most pressing reliable way to know about costs is by calling a fireplace restoration specialist. When they come around, such technicians will examine the state or condition of the fireplace.

Your unique needs must be voiced out too. With all areas captured, the full estimates are worked and disclosed to you.

  • What DIY Alternatives Are There?

We’ve earlier mentioned that the only alternative to having a professional perform fireplace restoration for you is to handle the job yourself. Of course, this approach won’t be considered by everyone.

However, if you feel you have what it takes in terms of know-how and skill, then the DIY option will sound attractive to you.

However, it’s important to note that there are limitations to this alternative. DIY fireplace repair may seem attractive and doable but problems are bound to be encountered when moving beyond the fireplace.

In other words, related chimney components like masonry, chimney liner, chimney flashing issues, and several others could arise. These aren’t jobs to be performed using DIY techniques.

It’s best to call a chimney expert for any issues beyond fireplace restorations.

That way, you get a better and more professional service. The result is a full restoration of both chimney and fireplace back to normal functioning.

  • Who To Call For Your Fireplace Restoration

Fireplace restoration experts are always on hand to provide any related assistance you need.

One of the easiest ways to get things started is by first calling a chimney sweep for inspection. If you’re lucky enough, such a chimney sweep may also double as a restoration specialist.

There needs to be proof of such skills.

In situations where the chimney sweep isn’t skilled in fireplace restoration, you may have to call different technicians for inspection and repairs. An online search is one of the easiest places to get your search started.

You’re likely to find fireplace restoration services listed in online directories. Such services may also have social media handles you can easily engage with. Never underestimate what your friends know or can help you with.

Friends with old fireplaces still functioning may know some technician or fireplace restoration service that could be of help.

Areas Covered When Restoring An Old Fireplace

A fireplace has several components each of which is necessary for its smooth operation.

Restoration jobs may be targeted at any of those components such as fireplace surround & mantel as well as smoke chamber and firebox repair.

Fireplace inserts may need to be replaced or fixed. Also, there could be issues with the hearth, or brickwork among other possible issues.

Fireplace restoration will be needed at some point when a fireplace develops faults or when dormant fireplaces need to be resurrected. Anyone seeking to have their fireplace fixed or restored will find this article informative.

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