Fire Suppression – Products, Automatic Systems, Components & Methods

What does fire suppression mean? How do fire suppression systems work? Read on to find out more. Fire outbreaks are usually deadly and destructive especially when adequate fire protection measures aren’t provided. Now, there are tons of provisions that help contain a fire situation and this article will be discussing such. Fire suppression techniques are … Read more

Foam Fire Suppression System – Principles, Application & Types

Foam fire suppression is one of those being widely used with great results in firefighting today. We will be discussing extensively what it’s really about and how it’s being used. The science of firefighting has seen significant improvements through newer innovations and discoveries. This has birthed more efficient fire suppression techniques and systems. The use … Read more

Sample Fire Marshal Safety Inspection Checklist For Homes & Businesses

Here is a sample fire safety inspection checklist. Fire hazards are ever-present threats that have caused the loss of lives and property. Such disasters occur when people least expect and require adequate safety measures and response measures put in place to forestall and combat any eventualities. To make this possible, a fire safety inspection checklist … Read more

Fire Protection System – Active And Passive Prevention Plans In Buildings

During fire outbreaks, a lot is at stake. This is why you should put in place a fire protection system. The greatest risk involves the loss of lives while other forms include the loss of property. Raging fires can sweep a house, property, or facility within a short period, thus leaving heavy losses in its … Read more